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Regular readers will know that the BBB Gazette is published weekly at one minute past midnight SLT on Saturday. The copy deadline is midnight on Thursday. As there's so much to tell you during BBB2B however, we are publishing this special BBB2B Supplement. Enjoy.

The pictures feature Zoe and Dave  holding their SSiDs – the tablet computers that apply their personal stamps to your passport when you click them. Nineteen Belli diplomats and bureaucrats are carrying them at BBB2B so say hi when you see us and collect all the stamps!


Picture the scene. A cold January evening on a Houseboat with the Light of Aurelia Lighthouse flashing across the cold water. Boo was pondering the opportunities created by the fresh little community of Bellisseria. His previous exploit in Bellisseria, contraband, was a dismal failure. His creaking inventory was full of unused 'House for Sale' signs. Similarly his store of 'illegal house colour paints', his 'terraforming bulldozers', and 'Low Lying Skyboxes', all gathered dust. In a moment of epiphany he decided to leave the dark side.


One day these Bellisserians will leave their happy homes and travel. Why should they have all the fun, and no consequences, why should they escape bureaucracy? So in an atypical frenzy of activity Boo produced the very first Bellisserian passport, number BE100000101! The paper was cheap, it was clunky, it was ugly, but it was a green shoot of Bureaucracy! What better name than the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy to oversee this new venture? Such a snappy name.

Surprisingly folks liked it. Very soon Boo was joined by Bel, Sun, and North in this shared madness. North made the passport more than an ornament; you could actually collect stamps. Sun made terminals and stamps. Bel made passports, and told everyone about it whether they were interested or not! Gingir let the madness creep into the Citizens of Bellisseria group where it gained momentum. Happy days, little did they foresee the monster it was to become.

Soon driver licenses and plates were added to the offerings. Stamp terminals turned up everywhere. Even Patch and the Moles got in on the act. The weirdest thing was that the most talented folks actually joined this crazy band of bureaucrats. Fenella (since sadly deceased but with us in spirit), the awesome Prudence with her Parade Of Homes, the industrious Zoe, the enigmatic Ghost, Teresa our photographer and 'all rounder', and then Dave, who took the reins of the BBB Gazette almost seamlessly from the departed Fenella.

Boo's beloved Fiona too, thought why suffer his meaningless ramblings about the BBB all day, I might as well join him! Coal arrived, with awesome scripting talents, and brought us over to Discord, which is in equal measure our slave and master! Then Syvalin arrived to focus Coal! Sceneris came with those unprecedented video skills, Lilla became our mesh designer, and most recently Amanda arrived to give Sun her talented assistance.

Then came the embassies. A tiny embassy in Corsica had been our refuge in the wilder Mainland for some time. Today though we are spread through seven continents, with the assistance of our talented Honorary Ambassadors, Jack, Freddie, Charley, Yukiko, Bijoux, Ghost, and Fiona. If they can cross-fertilise the community spirit in Mainland with that in Bellisseria then they will be a success!

Then there's Mr Beeb. The less said about him the better! What next after two years? Well there's still no shortage of ambition. We have both technical, and exciting practical plans, and the enthusiasm to carry them out. Stay around for the ride!

Article by Boo Rojyo, founder & CEE


Pring Productions – the production company of our very own Pru and Sceneris – premiered their movie of BBB2B yesterday at the Fairgrounds. Here is the link to it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. We hope you enjoy as much as those involved in building the BBB2B venue, for whom it is a fantastic souvenir of a lot of hard work! Work that was worth it though – it looks fantastic in the movie!


BBB2B got off to a wonderful start with the Boat Rally from Springhurst Gulf to the Fairgrounds last Sunday, the opening day. There was a great turn out and much fun was had. Thanks to all who took part and in particular to Yuki, who organised it all so well. Here are some pictures Yuki sent us to give you a flavour of the occasion. Many thanks to Gemma Cleanslate for additional photos in the gallery. 

Don't forget that you can do this trip and collect the six special stamps from the magic buoys until 31st January. After that, the buoys will self-destruct! You can pick up the navigation HUD to guide you around the course from the BBB2B noticeboards at the Belli Fairgrounds. 

The opening ball was great fun and also well-attended. There were over fifty avatars present at one point! The fireworks were amazing too!

Opening ball 2
Opening ball 2


The full schedule is below and can also be found on noticeboards around the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. Today DJ Giselle will be bringing the music to a dance event at the event space in front of the Bellisseria Fairgrounds Embassy. Come dance with a diplomat or a bureaucrat (or with each other, if you prefer) from 3.30 to 5.30pm SLT! 

Tomorrow is Ambassador Day. The final Bellisserian Embassy – to your editor's home continent of Satori – will open and the post-ceremony dance will take place at the Fairgrounds Event Space, hosted by new Ambassador Bijoux Barr. There will be live music by SLebrity musician Bsukmet Stormcrow and the fun will be (as we bureaucrats love to say) mandatory.

Postcard_stand_at_BBB2BDon't forget the BBB2B Fringe events either. Teresa Firelight's Send Your Friends a Postcard workshops, for example, take place at the deck next to the BBB2B post office. They will be on Thursday from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM SLT and on Friday from 11 AM - 12 Noon SLT. 

Another fringe event is Freddie's Pop Party, hosted by H.E. Freddie Harrington on Saturday 29th January. It runs from 10AM - 12PM SLT at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. Come dressed in retro clothing or formal or come as you are for two hours of fun music and dancing with your diplomatic host, Freddeh! 

Finally, Michiel Bechir whose travel images feature in our Art of Travel exhibition at BBB2B will be available for a meet and greet at our art gallery in the cave at the fairgrounds to discuss his work at 11:30 SLT today. 



There are so many stamps to collect for your Belli Passport during BBB2B. Here's your handy cut out and keep checklist to use as you roam the oceans of Bellissieria and the Fairgrounds in search of stamp terminals and buoys, and as you stalk our diplomats and bureacurats with their SSiD tablets. Enjoy your quest. 

BBB2B event stamp Stamp Terminal at the Info Centre, Bellisseria Fairgrounds  
Boo SSiD Personal Stamp  
Beeb SSiD Personal Stamp   
Dave SSiD Personal Stamp  
Fi SSiD Personal Stamp  
Ghost SSiD Personal Stamp  
Midnight SSiD Personal Stamp  
North SSiD Personal Stamp  
Pru SSiD Personal Stamp  
Sun SSiD Personal Stamp  
Zoe SSiD Personal Stamp  
Yukiko SSiD Personal Stamp  
Freddie SSiD Personal Stamp  
Charley SSiD Personal Stamp  
Sylvalin SSiD Personal Stamp  
Bijoux SSiD Personal Stamp  
Coal SSiD Personal Stamp  
Jack SSiD Personal Stamp  
Teresa SSiD Personal Stamp  
Amanda SSiD Personal Stamp  
Winters Elm Dog Park Stamp-issuing buoy  
Boat Bar Stamp-issuing buoy  
Bellisseria Drift Ice Stamp-issuing buoy  
Mermaid Shoal Grotto Stamp-issuing buoy  
Light of Aurelia Stamp-issuing buoy  
Java Sprockets Stamp-issuing buoy  

BBB2B at the Belli Fairgrounds | Sansara Embassy opens | Satori Embassy will open next week | New Locations


BBB2B Poster
The BBB2B celebrations begin tomorrow. Work is underway at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds to put in place horse rezzers, bike rezzers and a narrow gauge railway to transport our guests around the events and attractions. There will be a BBB information centre, a special Embassy, a working BBB post office with BBB2B postcards to collect and send, an outdoor art gallery and other delights.

Here is the full final programme for the event, which continues through January 31st. 


Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 16.14.10As you can see, the programme begins with a boat rally led by H.E. 

In an exciting innovation for such a boat rally, the Moles have kindly agreed to place temporary stamp terminals in special buoys along the route. You will be able to pick up unique stamps for your passport as you sail by! These buoys will self-delete at the end of BBB2B so don't miss your chance to collect these rarities!

Visa Buoys
Click to enlarge

Don't worry if you can't make the rally itself. We know that time differences get in the way sometimes. You can pick up a navigation HUD at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds from the Information Centre or the temporary Embassy. You can then sail the route at any time before the buoys self-delete on January 31st when BBB2B ends.

The stamp locations will not appear in the Online Travel Guide, so sailing the route is the only way to obtain them. 

Here are a couple of examples of the special stamps by way of a taster. 

Mermaid Shoal
click to enlarge
Ice Floes
click to enlarge

During the tour you will learn some interesting facts about the history and background of the places en route as you sail towards the opening party at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds.

Your editor is particularly looking forward to hearing an explanation of the fascinating phenomenon of the Bellisserian drift ice! However many times he sails by, he is always surprised to see it in what seem to be mild weather latitudes.

Another special attraction at BBB2B is an exhibition called The Art of Travel, which features works by well-known SL artists Michiel Bechir, Sisi Biedermann, Melu, Bif Mopp & Amanda Tomasoa (aka AmandaT Tamatzui in SL). The exhibition is curated by AmandaT and your friendly Gazette Editor Dave. It is set in a snowscape so wrap up warm! If you are an SL Time Lord, you'll find that the art of time travel is also possible. Set your Tardis's navigation coordinates to "BBB2B Art Exhibit" to land at the exhibition. 

In addition to the scheduled programme there will be "fringe" events popping up from time to time. For example our own dear Teresa Firelight will organise two Send Your Friends a Postcard workshops at the deck next to the BBB2B post office. They will be on Thursday from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM SLT and on Friday from 11 AM - 12 Noon SLT. If you're not yet familiar with the BBB Postal Service, this will be a great opportunity to get to know how it works. 

We are excited about all of the events at BBB2B. It's an ambitious programme and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. We plan to party hard to celebrate two years in which we have issued hundreds of passports, licences and registrations and issued visa stamps for 300 SL locations in Bellisseria and beyond. The 300th stamp, in fact, is the one you can collect at BBB2B itself! To be honest, that took some bureaucratic planning to achieve, but it's an index of our success that we originally intended to issue the 200th stamp at the event!

You can also collect stamps from personal passport controls by BBB Bureaucrats and Bellisseria Diplomats at the event. Watch out for us carrying our SSiDs – Single Stamp Issuing Devices – in the form of tablet computers. Click on them while wearing your Passport HUD and we will apply a personal stamp with our own logo and signature. These are ONLY available at BBB2B so be sure to collect them all.

There are nineteen personal stamps to collect from: Boo, Beeb, Dave, Fi, Ghost, Midnight, North, Pru, Sun, Zoe, Yukiko, Freddie, Charley, Sylvalin, Bijoux, Coal, Jack, Teresa and AmandaT. If you're shy, you can click and run, but we hope to get to chat to as many of you as possible. It's nice to get to know the citizens we serve for their fun - and ours!

Screenshot 2022-01-21 at 17.58.29By the way, if you don't have a Bellisseria Passport, you don't need to miss out on the fun of collecting the special stamps available at BBB2B. A special HUD will be available for you to use.

If you are a Bellisseria resident (or the officially-registered partner of a resident) you can later trade the special HUD in for the real thing. Our staff will transfer the stamps on it to your shiny new passport when your application has been approved!

You can pick up the special HUD from the info centre and embassy notice boards at the Fairgrounds. 


Bellisseria is finally represented on the old continent, Sansara, where Second Life® began. On Wednesday 19th January at 12 noon SLT Abnor Mole presented the keys of the embassy to Her Excellency Yukiko Yeshto, saying;

Welcome to Sansara.... the cradle of our virtual civilisation. Nearly two decades have passed since shock waves from Da Boom echoed across the grid and we have spent much of that time watching and riding the tsunami it initiated. We've watched the grid grow and evolve and we have grown and evolved with it. Many things have changed since those early days. That's what happens as things evolve. But as much as they change they also stay the same. The lessons of that evolution seem to prove something very important.  "Build it and they will come?" Yes... but how will they get there and why will they stay?

We built roads and bridges to connect a continent.  We built Bellisseria to connect those continents. And now we build these embassies to connect the communities on those continents. For the truth of the matter is (whether you like it or not) we are all ONE community.... one big, scary, sometimes dysfunctional community. Exploration leads to connections. Connections lead to friendships. Friendships lead to community. No one knows more about the importance of exploring than Yukiko. We wish her the best of luck on her new expedition into the stormy seas and uncharted waters of intercontinental diplomacy.

She is going to need it... for here there be dragons. (no, really... actual dragons). And with that I declare this Embassy open.

Accepting the key from Abnor, the new Honorary Ambassador responded with a speech in which she announced that one of her main focuses will be organising tours to encourage community connections and build friendships.

I am happy to announce that such tour events are not only already planned but actually scheduled. In the context of the grand BBB anniversary festivities, we will host a boat rally tour this Sunday, January 23. Today's Embassy Opening has a special twist. Instead of a ballroom dance, I decided that I wanted to give you a little idea what awaits you in regard of hosted tours. I invite you to follow me over to the entrance to hop on the bus that will bring us to the Snowlands of Sansara. We will also be able to collect some of the recently released stamps. I hope, you didn't forget to bring your passports! -- And as soon as I turn the bus keys, this marks my official declaration that the embassy is opened!

After inviting her guests to add the new Sansara entry visa stamp to their passports, she led them to the bus park outside. Acting as both driver and guide and with two other buses in convoy, she took her passengers to Cape Blanco Truck Stop & Café, the Bridge of Light, Chalet Linden and the Kanin Chairlift – pausing at each for them to stamp their passports! It was a fun, funny and delightfully sociable experience.

Good friend of the BBB – all-round good egg Becca Ordinary – wrote about the trip at her BBB-licensed publication, The SLuggle. Gemma Cleanslate of long-running virtual newspaper the SL Newser published a more comprehensive account, which really gives a good "feel" for what fun it all was! 

The tour was a good taste of the many delights the Old Continent has to offer and we look forward to many more in future. 

Additional Photos © Margo Heartsong


Bellissaria's final embassy to Mainland SL will open as part of the Ambassadors Day programme during BBB2B. The formal event will be at 12 noon SLT on Wednesday, January 26th day . Watch out for the official invitation in BBBug, Bellisseria Citizens and our other usual group channels. Alternatively you can pick one up at the temporary embassy building at BBB2B itself.

The key ceremony will be preceded at 11am SLT by a Meet & Greet at the Satori Embassy with H.E. Bijoux Barr. H.E. Yuki will be organising a Bus Tour to arrive at that time. After the Embassy Opening at 12 noon SLT,  there will be a short tour around the embassy and then guests will be directed to a teleporter to the Dance Garden at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds for an After-Party featuring a special performance by famed SL composer and musician Bsukmet. If you don't know his music already, you are in for a treat! Your editor is both his friend and his fan.

Her Excellency Bijoux looks forward to welcoming you to her embassy, which completes our diplomatic representation to the rest of SL. Our still-new continent now connects the mainland continents geographically and we at the BBB hope our corps diplomatique can help bring SL together in other ways too. 


The newest member of our staff is artist AmandaT Tamatzui, who will be assisting Sun in the design of future passport stamps and other art/design endeavours. We welcome her to our shiny-trousered, paper-pushing band of virtual apparatchiks! Please make a point of saying "hi" to her if you see her around BBB2B. 


There are many new stamps to collect as from tomorrow, but they're not all at locations. They are mobile stamps issued by Bellisseria's diplomats and the BBB's bureaucrats from SSiDs. These are tablet computers we will be carrying during BBB2B at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds that will apply a personal, signed passport control stamp when you click on them.

You can also collect the event stamp from BBB2B, which is the 300th passport stamp we've issued. You can get your entry visa to the Old Continent, Sansara, from our new embassy there. 

Finally, there's a wonderful build to explore at No Excuses. Check it out and collect the new stamp. 

BBB2B Event Stamp (January 23rd to January 31st) BBB2B Poster Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 13.03.08
No Excuses, PE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 16.32.16
Sansara Embassy, SN BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 13.02.04

Jeogeot Embassy Open | Final two embassy openings soon | BBB2B | New Visa Stamps


The official opening of Bellisseria's Embassy to the mainland SL contintent of Jeogeot (sometimes called "the Korean Continent") took place on Wednesday 12th Jan at 11:50 PM SLT. Abnor Mole was unable to attend at that hour, so Boo Rojyo, Founder and CEO of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy presented the keys to the embassy to Her Excellency Charley Mayne, saying;

I know Abnor Mole would have liked to have been with us today but even Moles need their sleep. I know he wishes Charley well in her duties as the Honorary Ambassador for Jeogeot. 

Jeogeot, at the furthest South of SL, is a starting and an end point for many in their travels through our continents. As a direct neighbour of Bellisseria I do encourage Bellisserians to see more of this large and varied continent, and likewise the residents of Jeogeot to visit their recent neighbour too. 

I myself have lived in Jeogeot and was surprised to find that my home on the northern tip of the continent was actually further North than some parts of Bellisseria! For the intrepid amongst you there's possibly some point in Tully Low to begin that epic journey to the Western reaches of Gaeta. The BBB really must make a medal for that feat!

After Boo declared the Embassy open and presented the key, H.E. Charley responded;

It is a delight and an honour to receive this key and formally begin my service as Ambassador to the continent of Jeogeot. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to bring people together, whoever and whatever they are, wherever they live: when all's said and done, we are all Residents.

Much like northern neighbour Bellisseria, people of all descriptions have thrived here, and I have seen first-hand what a dazzling array of places have been created. From the urbanisation of the north to the vast open plains of the south, there is room for every kind of Resident to find somewhere they can call home.

In fact, when I first came to Jeogeot a year ago to ride on a narrow-gauge railway, I didn't even know where I was. But since then, I've found myself coming back, riding the pod cars, driving along Wellington Road, visiting airports, finding something else to see every time I've been here.

But, as we all know, speeches should be short. So, ladies, gentlemen, and friends beyond the binary, let's head inside and start the party!

As has become the custom for these events, the ceremony was followed by a formal but fun Grand Ball at which the assembled dignitaries celebrated the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two continents with dance and lively conversation. The formal portraits of H.E. Charley in the photo gallery below were taken by one of our staff photographers, but we are grateful to H.E. Fiona Jogiches, AmandaT Tamatzui and our CEO himself, for their photos from the event itself. AmandaT took many more photographs of the event and you can see them in her Flickr Photostream.


Poster_mainland_tour_sansara_embassyBellisseria's Embassy to the Old Continent, Sansara, officially opens on the 19th of January and the Embassy to Satori – the Japanese Continent – will open on January 26th.

Both of those events begin at noon SLT. The key to each of those embassies will be presented by Abnor Mole.

There will be the usual formal ball after the opening of the Satori embassy, but the Sansara opening ceremony will be followed instead by a one hour bus tour beginning outside the embassy gates. Your driver and guide will be the Honorary Ambassador herself, Her Excellency Yuki Yeshto. Details can be seen on the poster above (as usual, click to see full-size). 

Please watch out for your official invitations to both of these events from the BBBug and other groups. We hope to see you all there!


Preparations continue apace for the celebrations of the BBB's second birthday (BBB2B) at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. The party will run from January 23rd to February 1st and will open on the 23rd with a boat rally and DJ dance event, followed by a grand Opening Ball and fireworks. The full schedule of events will be published in the next edition of the Gazette and will include (among many other things) an art exhibition on the theme of travel.


There are only three new locations this week where you can collect visa stamps for your Bellisserian Passport. This is the calm before the BBB2B storm, where you will able to collect not just the event stamp, but personal stamps from all BBB staff and Bellisserian Ambassadors! Also, to be honest, we are holding a few stamps back so that the Event Stamp for BBB2B can be the 300th issued!

The entry visa for Jeogeot is now available from the newly-opened embassy. There's also a new addition to our list of many travel hubs - an airport and marina. Finally there's a limited-edition stamp for the Winter Wonderland Ice Skating event, which runs from January 20th to March 3rd

Jeogeot Embassy BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 15.49.55
Branwen Airport & Marina BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 15.50.34
Winter Wonderland Ice Skating BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.003 Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 16.42.32

Happy New Year from the BBB | BBB2B | Reach out and Touch | Gaeta Embassy Opens | All other embassies to open soon | New Locations


2022 Graphic - 1We are back from our break to wish all our readers a very happy New Year. We have big plans for 2022 and look forward to involving as many of you as possible.

If you have qualifying friends without a Bellisseria Passport, we hope it will be one of your New Year Resolutions to take them to our HQ. All they have to do is fill out the simple form. This movie, shot at our previous HQ, will guide them through the process.

It's all just for fun of course. You don't need our passports to travel or our driving licences (and vehicle registrations) to drive but users seem to love the concept. Many say it encourages them to explore and find places they'd never otherwise see – not just in our home continent of Bellisseria, but across the whole SL Grid.

If you enjoy it, please encourage your Belli friends to share the fun. 

Image © Hanna Zasimova


The Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy was founded two years ago this month, when the first passport was issued by our founder to our founder! This month, at the Bellisserian Fairgrounds, we will celebrate that second birthday - BBB2B. Of course, the event will be commemorated with a special visa stamp for your Bellisserian Passport. By happy coincidence (not) it will be the 300th stamp. How many of them do you have?

All our staff and all members of Bellisseria's Diplomatic Corps will be carrying SSiDs (single stamp issuing devices) in the form of tablet computers. Visitors to BBB2B will be able to collect individual signed stamps via a personal passport inspection. We've been having fun devising suitable images to feature on our personal stamps. They will be revealed at BBB2B and will only be available there.

We thought you'd be amused by this behind-the-scenes image from the photo-shoot for your editor's stamp!MercuryDave thought Mercury - wing-footed messenger of the Ancient Roman Gods - would be a suitable emblem for his role in BBB communication!

BBB2B will run from January 23rd to February 1st, 2022. It will open on the 23rd with a boat rally and DJ dance event, followed by a grand Opening Ball and fireworks. Watch the Gazette in the coming weeks for more details of the planned events.

Make sure you have room for all the stamps! If you haven't obtained the latest HUD for your passport, now would be a good time to go to our headquarters to pick it up! 


AT&TRemember the old AT&T jingle that goes Reach Out and Touch Someone? Well, let's make this our motto in Bellisseria for 2022. It is amazingly easy to do. 

When you are at your Belli home, if you see someone on the Nearby tab (People window), try IMing them and saying “hi”. It is really simple to do and most people love to get this type of IM.

For example, the other day I was at my Trad home and saw someone on nearby. I cammed to them and discovered they were only 2 houses away. So I sent them a simple IM:

Howdy. I am your neighbor (two houses down) and I just wanted to say Hello. I think we have both lived here for a while, but this is the first time that we have happened to both be online at the same time. I’m glad that our paths finally crossed.

Or if someone new moves to the neighbourhood and I see them on nearby chat, I say something like this:

Hi there, my name is Teresa and I am one of your neighbors. I see that you have just moved here and I wanted to welcome you to the neighbourhood.

In case you did not know this, you can do an About Land on their parcel and look at the General tab. Near the bottom, it will tell you when the home was claimed, which gives you an idea if they are new or have been there a long time. If the date is near today’s date, they are newish. If the date is from 2019, they have been there for a very long time.

Most people love to get this type of friendly greeting and usually respond in kind. Often it leads to interesting chats. Sometimes they want to friend you. Sometimes it leads to long term lasting friendships. I met one of my best friends in SL this way. We were immediate neighbours on Pier Stilts and I happened to greet her. We started chatting and found we had a lot in common. We continued chatting and got to know each other very well and our friendship grew.

Sometimes you run into people who really want to connect to others in SL but have no clue how to do that. That is when you can tell them about the BBB and all the fun activities it offers. Also tell them about the Bellisseria Citizens because their friendly group chats are another awesome way to meet people.

Anyhow, I encourage you to be proactive – make 2022 the year we Bellisserians reach out and touch our neighbours.

Article by Teresa Firelight. Image © AT&T published under fair use rules. 


The Key Handover Ceremony at Bellisseria's new embassy to the mainland continent of Gaeta took place last Wednesday. Abnor Mole did the honours, handing the key to our new Honorary Ambassador Fiona Jogiches, after making this speech; 

What can we say about Gaeta? The kidney bean of mainland. I once had a home in Gaeta and one of my fondest memories was sailing and being able to circumnavigate the entire continent with lovely wide beaches and sandy green hills in the interior reminding me of a tropical island.

At the furthest point of the contiguous mainland, it is the starting point of the adventurous wishing to embark on a challenge to go from the one end of SL to the other.

Fiona is embarking on her own challenge of sorts, to be a beacon guiding residents of Bellisseria and Gaeta to one another and avoid the rocky shoals of drama, bringing them together in the spirit of mutual understanding and admiration. It is no small task indeed, and we wish her the best. And so... I declare this embassy open and, Fiona, I present you with the key.

Her Excellency Fiona responded;

Firstly I would like to thank Abnor Mole for opening the fourth Bellisserian Embassy here today. I will be honored to be the Honorary Ambassador here on Gaeta V and Gaeta I and look forward to meeting and working with the community. Gaeta is one of the lesser known continents and it will be my pleasure to do what I can to raise its profile in Bellisseria and SL generally.. When not working here you can find me in my deep sea diving suit at Squall Public Beach (free suits provided by a well known celebrity.

Secondly I would like to thank you all for coming and welcome you to look around the Embassy and collect the latest Passport Stamp. We have dancing and champagne in our separate Embassy Ballroom to the rear of the Embassy. 

After the speeches were over, the assembled dignitaries retired to the embassy's splendid separate ballroom, where much virtual booze and a classic music playlist animated much virtual dancing. There was a lot of sparkling conversation to which the Bellisseria Slenderman contributed – as usual – only by his stimulating presence. Your editor was more than usually un-nerved by the Slenderman's appearance at the ball as he's working on his tax returns at present and Slendie always reminds him of his tax inspector. Brrrr. 

Don't forget to click and scroll through our photo galleries. There are more images than you see in the previews. If you would like to see all of our own dear Teresa's splendid photographs of the occasion, you can find her galleries on Flickr here and here

The new Ambassador told the Gazette afterwards; 

I am really looking forward to mixing with the local community and chatting with them about the Gaeta Embassy, its purpose, the BBB and Bellisseria.

If you couldn't make the event, we hope you'll visit the new embassy soon and get to know this continent better. 


Mark your diaries, get your evening wear dry cleaned and bag yourself a glamorous date! Following on from this week's opening of our embassy to Gaeta, all remaining Bellisserian Embassies to SL's Mainland continents will open this month. Given that BBB2B and its many events are also in January, we hope you will agree that the BBB is getting 2022 off to a highly-sociable start!

Mr. Beeb remarked that we'd save a fortune on alcohol as so many people have a Dry January detox after the holidays. Such cynicism! We assure you that the pixellated bubbly will flow freely so prepare for a virtual hangover. Don't forget that all SL food is not only meat-free but calorie-free. To be fair, SL dancing doesn't burn any calories either, but you can't have everything.

Her Excellency Charley Mayne will welcome her first guests to the new Embassy to Jeogeot at Midnight SLT on Wednesday 12th Jan. We hope this will allow some people from different time zones to attend. H.E. Yukiko Yeshto's Embassy to the Old Continent, Sansara, officially opens on the 19th of January. H.E. Bijoux Barr's duties as Hon. Ambassador to Satori will begin with the opening of our embassy to the Japanese Continent on January 26th – actually during BBB2B. Both of those events start at noon SLT. 

Abnor Mole will attend all three events [STOP PRESS: correction — he won’t be able to come to the Jeogeot opening after all because of the time zone issue] to present the keys of the new embassies on behalf of our dear Moles. We hope to see as many of you there as possible. As usual, evening wear (tuxes/DJs, ballgowns/national dress/dress uniforms) are recommended but not required.

The Gazette interviewed H.E. Bijoux Barr, Hon. Ambassador to his home continent of Satori, in advance of her opening and she said;

In my SL exploring, Satori is the continent I spent most time. Driving along its roads and discovering wonderful builds is very relaxing. Sailing along the coast and seeing so many hubs, airports and seaports brings a whole new sense of adventure. It has many RP, art and music communities and even our very own Mole Village! It's an honour and a privilege to represent this vibrantly rich continent to our beloved Bellisseria and vice-versa.

Please watch out in the BBBug group for your official invitations. We hope to see you all there. Even if we do say so ourselves, for a bureaucracy the BBB throws a pretty good party!


We have three new LDPW locations this week. To hell with Dry January - two of them are inns. In the Meauxle Bureau complex in Satori is Ye Olde Abnor Mole Pub. We assume that Ye Olde refers to the pub, rather than the gent himself. As you will have seen at recent embassy openings, Abnor is quite a youthful-looking chap!

In Nautilus, there is the End of the Line Inn. There's a sign outside that will give you its interesting back story before coming into LDPW ownership. The third location is a beach, which – along with End of the Line Inn (above), Seven Chickens Bridge and Dead Moles Curve – completes all the Route 14 Landmarks in Nautilus

Our fourth location is a Sansaran roadside facility: The Cape Blanco Truck Stop & Café, which bills itself as;

The gateway to the Sea of Fables, which includes diving, swimming & exploration of nearby Linden islands and structures

Finally, of course, the new Bellisserian Embassy to Gaeta began issuing entry visa stamps to that fine continent this week. Enjoy!

Ye Olde Abnor Mole Pub ST BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 23.23.50
End of the Line Inn NA BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 23.25.13
Cape Blanco Truck Stop & Café SN BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.003 Screenshot 2021-12-29 at 16.56.37
Sandy Trunks Beach- Start route 14 NA
BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-29 at 16.55.47
Gaeta Embassy GV BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 18.09.37

Happy Holidays | 2022 Calendar | It's a Wonderful Life BBB | Tech Upgrades | Nautilus Embassy Opening | New Stamp Locations


BBB Calendar 2022We wouldn't usually publish on a public holiday. Instead, we'd give our journalists and photographers a break and let them spend time with their loved ones. This year, however, we decided to celebrate the Gazette's very first holiday season with a special edition. We hope you enjoy it!

All of us at the BBB would like to wish you and your families the happiest of holidays and the most fortunate of New Years.

Speaking of the new year, H.E. Ghost has made a BBB 2022 calendar for you all to enjoy. It is available (for free) at BBB HQ and at Bellisserian Embassies and Post Offices.


We all know the story of George Bailey. He was shown what the world would have been like without him and how (unbeknownst to him) his life had actually ended up touching and enriching countless others around him.

Well let’s apply that same storyline to the BBB. What would the Bellisserian world would be like if the BBB was never “born.”

For starters, there would be no place to issue Driver’s Licences or vehicle registration plates. “Not a big loss,” you say? Well it is to those of us who love to explore by vehicle and who enjoy having their licences and their number plates. 

1- No Stamp Machine

But that is not all that would be missing, not by a long shot. There would also be no passport stamp machines, and no passports to collect visa stamps from them. Residents would not know about many exciting places to explore, both in and out of Bellisseria.

And without the stamp machines, there would be no stamp collection tours, such as the bus tours that Yukiko Yeshto offers. There would be no stamp collection rallies, visiting Linden placed stamp machines along scenic paths. There would not be any of those little hand-held machines for collecting personal stamps from Patch and Abnor at Linden-sponsored events.

2- No Bus TourThere would be no post offices. There would be no embassies. There wouldn’t be any of those interesting videos that Pring Productions creates for the BBB.

There would also be no BBB Gazette, sharing important information and interesting stories. There would also be no interesting blogs from BBB fans. There would be no BBB activities and socials… and some of the friendships made at these events would not exist.

3- No Post OfficeThat is a lot of stuff that we would be missing.

Fortunately the BBB does exist. It is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers – all of whom are motivated to build community in Bellisseria, and to to provide you (and other SL residents) with interesting and fun things to do. 

On behalf of the entire BBB staff, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season.4- BBB Merry ChristmasArticle and Photographs by Teresa Firelight


Admiring the New Slide Viewers | Click to enlarge
The BBB has replaced the slide viewers in our offices and Bellisserian Embassies with new versions specially scripted by our talented tech team. They are now networked and all images come directly from the BBB's server, rather than being painstakingly updated manually each week.
The scripted viewers work more quickly and with less lag. They will also, as we roll out more embassies and (coming Soon®) sub-offices, save your Editor a huge amount of work. He's very grateful to colleague Coal Edge for writing the script and setting up the system, which will not only support the slide viewers but other BBB services.
The slides featured are the same ones featured in the Online Travel Guide. They are of all the locations where you can currently pick up visa stamps for your Bellisseria Passport.
All the slides are made by your Editor. Once he's reported new locations in the Gazette and added them to the Online Travel Guide, he can now just add them to the server and they will appear on all the slide viewers.


Abnor Mole presented the keys of  Bellisseria's new permanent embassy to the Continent of Bellisseria at a simple ceremony last Wednesday at 12 noon SLT. Abnor said:

I remember building some of the roads here many many years ago, including the road just below us in fact, and how much I enjoyed this continent with its hills and inlets. So I can understand the affinity many residents have for this land. I have no doubt that Freddie will do an amazing job as an honorary representative of Bellisseria acting as a conduit between residents there and residents here, so both may know the particular beauty and nuance unique to each. I declare this Embassy open and I present Freddie with the key. Congratulations.

His Excellency Freddie Harrington, the new Honorary Ambassador accepted the key and invited all inside. A grand ball followed with the great and the good of the two continents represented en masse in their best finery, as can be seen from the pictures below taken by BBB staff photographers Teresa and Dave.


Our two new LDPW locations this week are both in the Snowlands of Sansara. The Bridge of Light in the Durango Region is a major piece of public infrastructure that must have been a chilly build for our hard-working Moles. The Kanin Chairlift will have also been a tough one, but at least they could enjoy downhill skiing and snowboarding when it was finished. Don't beat yourself up looking for the stamp terminal at the landing point, by the way. You'll need to take the chairlift to the top of the slope to find it!

Wwe would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of everyone at the BBB, to wish our beloved Moles the very best for the holiday season. Second Life® is based on resident-made content and of course the Moles are residents. Before they became Moles they were regular SL Joes like you and me. They bring a special contribution to making our virtual world (not least our home continent of Bellisseria) the wonderful place it is for our imaginations to run wild. Thank you, Abnor and Co.

An unusual art venue joins the many in Second Life® that now issue our passport stamps. This "gallery" however is a dumpster that offers a free artwork at random once a day. It's well worth visiting. Art for free. What's not to like?

Of course, following the grand opening reported above, you can now pick up your Nautilus Entry Visa from our new embassy there.

Finally, here's advance warning of a Special Event at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds from December 31st to January 2nd. It's a New Year celebration called Reveillon! and a special stamp will be available. As the organisers explain it:

Réveillon is the Brazilian NYE party traditionally celebrated by the sea shore, wearing white (meaning peace) and making wishes to Yemanjá (a powerful sea goddess from the Brazilian African-based religion known as Umbanda or Candomblé).

It sounds good fun and we hope to see you there. Don't miss this time-limited opportunity to pick up the stamp! 

Bridge Of Light SN BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 20.15.04
Kanin Chairlift SN BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 20.16.39
The Found Art Gallery HE
BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 02.24.08
Bellisseria Embassy Nautilus, NA BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 02.09.48
NYE 2022 - Reveillon!
NYE 2022 - Reveillon FLYER Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 17.49.21

New Ambassador to Satori | BBB2B | Port Emyniad | New Stamp Locations


HE BijouxHer Excellency Bijoux Barr, art aficionado and SL style icon, has been appointed as Bellisseria's Honorary Ambassador to the great mainland continent of Satori (a.k.a. the Japanese continent).

H.E. Bijoux is a friend of H.E. Ghost, Bellisseria's Hon. Ambassador to Heterocera. It was she who first suggested that Bijoux apply for this position. 

Bijoux told the Gazette;

I've always loved exploring mainland continents and this passion grew when I started to play GTFO. It was wonderful to see all the different builds when travelling from one Hub to another. I've spent a lot of time exploring air, sea and land routes from Bellisseria to Corsica (via Satori).

When I became involved with the SL art community, I met awesome gallery owners baed in Satori too. My first exhibition of my family's art was at United Artists of SL, which is also a Satori location.

As a Satorian himself (and a long-time admirer of Bijoux, whose enthusiasm shines through in all her SL endeavours) your editor could not be more delighted by this appointment.

We at the BBB wish our Continent's newest Ambassador all the best in her new role.


In January it will be two years since our founder, Boo Rojyo, established the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy. The first Bellisseria passport was his own and is dated 1st January 2020. In that first month, we issued passports to Fiona Jogiches, Jezebel Bailey, Prudence Anton and Cian Wycliffe. As the news spread, people loved the idea. Before too long it really took off. Patch Linden obtained his passport on 10th April 2020.

Pru leads the meeting
Pru leads the meeting / click to enlarge

The largest meeting in the BBB's bureaucratic history took place last Wednesday at the Bellisserian Embassy to Gaeta. The purpose was to plan for the BBB2B celebrations, which will take place at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds from January 23rd - February 1st next year.

The Mistress of Ceremonies will be our very own Pru (Passport Number BE-100000106). She led the planning discussions from a mock-up of the fairgrounds in the centre of the meeting hall. 

The event will have a winter theme. There will be a light railway connecting the various locations and paths to get around on foot. There will be a replica embassy, a functioning Event Post Office (from which visitors can send the special second anniversary postcards our very own Teresa has made) and a BBB information office. It will be possible to apply for a passport on-site. There will also be a Refreshment Centre and a cinema to screen our videos.

We are also exploring the possibility of staging an art exhibition at the event, with a theme of travel and exploration. 

BBBug members who enjoyed our pavilion at SL18B should enjoy this as much if not more. All our staff will be carrying SSiD tablets as we did during SL18B. Visitors with Bellisserian Passports will be able to get personal passport controls on site, obtaining individual stamps specific to the event. Bellisseria's Honorary Ambassadors will also be carrying SSiDs. We may issue a special HUD (like the one used for our DoSL / BBB Stamp Rally) for those without our passports. That would allow them to collect the event stamps too – and transfer them to a real passport if they apply during the event.

BBB Light Rail - image © Prudence Anton
BBB Light Railway / click to enlarge

A BBB Lag Commission composed of our expert scripters (nicknamed the Laggards) is tasked with ensuring the event runs as smoothly as possible. They will screen all scripts to be used on-site and veto any that would lag the place up. We think this is best practice for SL events and should be more widely adopted.

A full programme of entertainment is being planned, including singers and DJs. The opening event will be a BBB Boat Rally to collect special stamps on the way to a dance party at the Fairgrounds. There will also be several Bus Rally Tours, ending with a transfer to the Fairgrounds by boat or plane.  

Finally, there will be at least one grand formal ball so start polishing your dancing shoes and dry-cleaning your very best tuxedo or ball-gown! 

We look forward to welcoming you all to the celebration!


As your new Bellisserian Honorary Ambassador to Corsica, I have been traveling around this beautiful continent, meeting residents and rediscovering—it has been my home on and off since 2017 — all that it has to offer. Allow me to introduce you to one such place.

Snapshot_720proOff the southern coast of Corsica is where Port Emyniad can be found. This port location has a public rez zone with no auto return. I was able to relax for as long as I liked without losing my vehicle!

The newly-installed BBB passport stamp terminal is against the port wall. Surfboard and Motorboat rezzers are available nearby. To the east there is a fire pit with plenty of seating for visitors to gather. Up the stone stairs is a very charming stage for performances.

There is also a small rest area where you can enjoy various ales, which is perhaps my favorite spot to take in the scenery of this seafaring location.

Snapshot_727proThe port is also home to Samaniego Art, which includes various indoor art galleries and an artwalk. The artworks range from contemporary to animated 3D pieces, as well as photography.

Her Excellency Bijoux Barr, Hon. Ambassador to Satori (see article above) is the founder of the group which owns both this location and the next region over to the east called Majistral Harbor. That harbour also has a rez zone with no auto return. 

Snapshot_729proIf you follow the trails north in back of the galleries they lead to a nice little artist hangout. Or you can walk east and cross the wooden bridge where you will find a horse rezzer. Either way, these trails lead eventually to the other areas of Campbell Coast, which extend well past Circuit La Corse to the north. Campbell Coast's multiple regions are a shining example of what is possible on the mainland when individuals collaborate for its beautification and development. Bellisserians and all residents of Second Life would do well to visit and explore all it has to offer.

Make sure to read the BBB Gazette often for future articles about my travels through the awesome continent of Corsica!

Article/Photographs by H.E. Jack Vincent, Honorary Ambassador to Corsica. 


Located in the chalet regions in Bellisseria, Breathing Space is H.E. Bijoux Barr's quaint boutique gallery with exhibits from various artists. The port of Edge Walker is a gritty, practical environment in Satori and a GTFO hub.

Our two new LDPW locations this week are both in Bellissaria: Fishtail Point and one of our favourite locations to visit when sailing – Springhurst Gulf. The former is a perfect example of the phenomenon we wrote about some weeks ago: a Belli location with a popular place name that's reflected nowhere on the World Map or Land Menu. The latter was also mentioned in our article on place names and is affectionately known (for reasons obvious on landing there) as Crabby Island.

Breathing Space Art Gallery BE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 09.01.48
Port of Edge Walker CA BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 02.06.14
Fishtail Point BE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 01.59.31
Springhurst Gulf BE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 02.01.07

Nautilus Embassy Opening | Using the BBB Post Offices | Horizons and Satori Post Offices Open | New Stamp Locations


H.E. Freddie HarringtonThe latest addition to Bellisseria's Corps Diplomatique – new ambassador for Nautilus, His Excellency Freddie Harrington – will receive the keys to his new embassy on December 22nd at 12 noon SLT.

Here's the SLURL to the embassy (take the elevator/lift!) but watch out in the BBB User Group (BBBug) for your official invitations. Formal wear is encouraged for the grand ball that will follow to celebrate the occasion. 

This is our nearest event to Christmas this year, so feel free to go full glam!


This holiday season I’ve been using the new post box system from the BBB. I picked up a free mailbox from the Bellisseria Post Office some weeks ago and placed it outside my Bellisserian home.


I chose the small wall-mounted version. It suits my Victorian Linden home pretty well, but there are other styles available. These past few days I’ve been using the free greetings card kit kindly supplied. The cards come with readymade Christmas textures, but you can use your own to make them more personal and reflect how you celebrate the holidays. You can also write your own message.

Just like in RL you need to find a post box to mail your gifts and cards. For me that meant a trip to the Smuggler’s Inn PO where I found a very British red post box and simple instructions for mailing goodies.


You might say “Hey I can just send my friends things over chat”. Yes it’s true but it’s nowhere near as fun as arriving home to find you have mail then collecting it by touching your mail box. The system checks all of the post offices, including those on the mainland. 


Today I have a nice card from a friend for my mantelpiece.


I’m an advocate of more “immersion” in Second Life – I’m  a guy who'd rather boat, fly or drive than teleport. I think this simple, fun system adds to that.

Article and photographs by H.E. Freddie Harrington, Hon Ambassador to Nautilus


Two new BBB Post Offices open this week. The first is in Horizons and the second is in Satori. Both offer their own visa stamps. Their locations and images are in this week's "New Stamp Locations" section below. 


You can collect visa stamps from several new locations this week, including the two new post offices mentioned above and two new LDPW locations. In addition you can visit picturesque Port Emyniad on Corsica's Campbell Coast or drop in on a new Pacific-themed lush tropical airfield in Nautilus. 

STOP PRESS: Two new seasonal event locations were added at the last moment – after the Gazette had gone to print. The first is Sense of Snow, a "rustic holiday cabin" in the Snowland of Sansara that you are welcome to visit during the holiday period until January 15th 2022. The second is Snowhaven 2021, a winter event at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds that will run from 10th to 29th December. If you're not in the holiday spirit yet, we recommend a visit to either. It will de-Scrooge you! 

Horizons Post Office #1  BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.004 Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 08.35.48

Satori Post Office #1 ST BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 01.51.49
Spini Reservoir HE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.003 Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 08.36.05
Norse Auk Lighthouse BE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.004 Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 01.52.36
Campbell Coast - Port Emyniad CA
BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 08.11.00
Peleliu Field NA
BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00 copy.001 Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 08.11.47
Sense of Snow SN BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 00.05.51
Snowhaven 2021 (Dec 10-29) BE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00 copy.001 Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 23.06.17

Heterocera Embassy Opening | New Diplomatic Passports | Post Office Locations | Visa HUD #5 | New Locations


Photo © 2021 Prudence Anton

Her Excellency The Ghost (theghostofghost) welcomed Abnor Mole and other distinguished guests to the new embassy in Heterocera at 12 noon SLT last Thursday for its official opening. Abnor presented her with the keys to the building after a speech in which he observed that transport infrastructure had been an important part of the design of Heterocera – on the understanding that connections build community. That had been "a large influence" on the design of Bellisseria too. He added;

Although Bellisseria will always be different from mainland, the lesson of the importance of the connecting influence this type of infrastructure provides was not lost on us. Today we are here to celebrate another connection, connecting the residents of Heterocera to the residents of Bellisseria. Just as roads and bridges connect the residents on a continent, it is our hope that these embassies will act as a bridge to connect communities of residents between continents.

The Hon. Ambassador responded by thanking everyone present, revealing that she had been born in Heterocera and saying;

As I love Bellisseria for its beauty and harmony, so I love Heterocera for its excitement and sense of movement and industry. The main purpose of the BBB has always been community building and human connection, so please, let's go inside, raid the bar and enjoy each others' company!

A delightful party ensued during which the CEO of the BBB revealed that Freddie Harrington had just been appointed as Bellisseria's Hon. Ambassador for Nautilus. 

HE Harrington joins Yukiko Yeshto in Bellisseria's Corps Diplomatique – she having already been appointed as Hon Ambassador to Sansara. Both new embassies are currently under construction so watch the Gazette for details of their grand openings in due course! 


Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 04.01.11The design of Bellisseria's new diplomatic passports has been approved. These will be carried by Bellisseria's Honorary Ambassadors.

Their excellencies Jack Vincent and The Ghost have already taken up their positions in Corsica and Heterocera respectively. Watch out for further announcements here in the Gazette as to future appointments.

Incidentally there was a nice piece by Gemma Cleanslate in the SL Newser on the opening of our embassy in Corsica. 

If you are interested in serving a term as Honorary Ambassador to one of Second Life's mainland continents, please contact our Founder and CEO, BÓÒ (boo.rojyo) in-world.


The BBB Postal Service has been well received and this week's list of new locations – below and in Suη (dark.sunflower's) weekly notecard to our user group BBBug in-world – includes our post offices opened to date. Expect to see more opening soon. 

Each post office now issues its own distinctive visa stamp for the Bellisseria Passport.


BBB Visa HUD 5
Click to enlarge

If you have been diligent in collecting all the visa stamps (including special event stamps and other discontinued ones) you will now have run out of space on Visa HUD 4.

Don't despair – our diligent bureaucrats have the matter in hand. You can get a new HUD from the BBB HQ at Winters Elm. You'll find the sign that issues the HUDs inside the front door (on the wall to the left) as you enter. 


You can collect visa stamps for your Bellisseria Passport at six new locations this week, including three BBB Post Offices.

There are also stamp issuing terminals placed by our esteemed Moles at two new LDPW locations. The first is a cute little island in the Mare Secundus on the Sansara continent, which is home to a flamboyance of flamingos. The second is a secret hangout (we're giving nothing away here - that's in the land description) at the Pump Station of the hydro-electric dam serving the Brighton Power Station. You'll have to find the hangout yourself – and for once our beloved Moles have not placed the stamp terminal near the landing point either. Have fun exploring!

Finally, as reported above, our new embassy to Heterocera is open for business – and there's an entry visa stamp to collect!

Bellisseria PO #1 BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 00.07.32
Bellisseria PO #2 BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 00.08.21
Sansara PO #1 BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.003 Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 00.09.04
Flamingos BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 05.01.27
Pump Station BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 05.01.46
Heterocera Embassy BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 19.24.58

You’ve Got Mail | New Stamp Locations


Just like the start of that movie, those three words can make your day. And now, you can actually send and receive mail almost anywhere in SL.

Main Post Office - Pick Up Mail
Pick Up Mail

The Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy has introduced a mail system – that is right.. you can actually send and receive mail to/from your friends. This includes both objects and notecards – the only caveat is that whatever you send has to be transferable.

You can set up a mailbox on your property and it will indicate when you receive mail. Then you click the box and receive it. Or if you prefer, you can go to your local post office to collect the mail. If you want to send mail to someone else, you will have to go to the post office to send it.

Send Mail
Send Mail from this Post Box

The first release came out on November 12 to serve residents of Bellisseria. More precisely, if you wanted to rez a mailbox at your property, you could only do that in Bellisseria. It was still possible to send mail to non-Bellisserian residents, they would just have to go to the Bellisseria post office to pick it up.

The service was expanded on November 18 to serve all of SL. Two new post offices were added, Horizons Post office and Sansara Post Office. If you obtain a mail box from either of those post offices, you can rez it anywhere in SL to receive Mail.

Main Post Office
Main Post Office

To send mail, you have to go to a post office. Look for the red UK-style post box outside. Touch it and a data entry field pops up. Type in either the person’s Legacy Name (login name) OR their UUID and hit "Enter". Then use the control key and drag the Object or Notecard from inventory into that post box.

If you would like to set up your own mail box at home, you can get a free one from the Post Office. Note: if you are setting it up in any non-Bellissaria parcel, you must NOT use the one from the Main Post Office… that Post Office still only services Bellisseria. You can grab a mail box instead from either the Horizons or Sansara Post Offices. It will work on any valid SL Parcel, as long as the BBB Experience is enabled there. When you first try to use your rez your new mail box, it will ask you to accept the BBB Experience. Be sure to enable that or the mailbox wont work.

Finally if you would like to receive mail but do NOT want to rez a mailbox, you can go to the post office and look for the wall of PO boxes. Click anywhere on that wall to receive your mail.

There is one caveat to this mail system ... if you send a notecard or object to someone, they must claim it within 7 days or the system considers it “stale” and deletes it.

This SL Postal System arrives just in time for the holiday season. It is a bit better than the Real Life Post Office, because you dont have to stand in line for 30 minutes to send your Holiday Packages.

Article and photos by Teresa Firelight


Magellen Linden Bear - 1We have six new locations this week and one revival! The first of two new LDPW locations is Squall Public Beach at the end of Route 7 on Gaeta V. If you go for a wander nearby, you'll find Magellan Linden's Bear in a tent on the LDPW campsite. We've never encountered a randomly-placed Linden Bear before, have you?

Kingpost is a public dock and rez zone on your editor's home continent of Satori and is the home of the Salty Mole Tavern, which features on the stamp.

The first of our privately-owned locations this week is also on Satori, in the region of Willowtail. It is a public airport in the south of the continent with easy access to the Blake Sea and Southern Continents. One of its claims to prominence is "the nicest airport bathroom in SL!" 

Housed in the RPG HQ of the SL Guardian Angels is the office of the Second Life Newser

Your source of news about the people, places, things, and events across Second Life

It's a venerable SL publication with a suitably old school HQ build and – now – a wonderfully old-fashioned stamp!

Next is a limited edition stamp for the Holidazzle Imagination Station charity event to raise money for the Charge Syndrome Foundation. It's an excellent cause so please consider making a donation when you visit to pick up your stamp. The event is already underway and runs until January 31, 2022. 

Haiku's Free Museum is yet another Satori location. It's a philanthropic operation designed to promote art and bring it into the homes of residents who might not otherwise visit galleries. The owner buys the rights to the art from the artists at many times the usual price, on terms that she can place the images on resizeable prims and give them away to visitors! The artists featured include some of the "big names" of SL art. You can pick up as many artworks as you like for no charge! It's her way of giving back to the SL community. Be sure to browse when you visit to collect your stamp. You can have an amazing collection of art in SL for free.

As an SL aviator himself, your editor was delighted to see Abbot's Historical Airport featured this week. It is the oldest active airport in SL (established 2004). It has been dormant for about a year but it's good to see this venerable SL institution back in the guide. If you've already collected it, be aware that the stamp is not new.

Squall Public Beach BBB Stamp Locations 2.001 Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 16.31.33
BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 15.09.10
Willowtail Airfield
BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.005 Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 15.46.19
SL Newser BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.004 Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 15.00.41
Holidazzle Imagination Station BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.005 Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 15.33.50
Haiku's Free Museum BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.006 Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 15.35.23
Abbotts Historical Airport BBB Stamp Locations Abbots Airport Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 16.22.03

Grand Opening Ceremony in Corsica | Ghost Train | Postcard from the Beebs | New Stamp Locations


Abnor Mole presents the key to HE Jack Vincent
Abnor Mole presents the key of the Embassy to His Excellency Jack Vincent, Hon. Ambassador to Corsica  | Photo: © Prudence Anton

Yesterday at 12 noon SLT, His Excellency Jack Vincent, Honorary Ambassador, welcomed Abnor Mole and other distinguished guests to the Grand Opening of Bellisseria's new permanent embassy to the mainland continent of Corsica. Abnor gave a gracious speech before handing over the key to the embassy and the Hon. Ambassador spoke eloquently in response. 

Grand OpeningThe official part of the evening having been dealt with, the assembled guests enjoyed a formal ball – we hope, the first of many! 


Ghost Train SpottedJust as you thought Halloween was over and done with, reports have been pouring in from anonymous sources about the infamous SLRR Ghost Train spotted at Bellisseria's very own Red Hook Station. 

The Gazette`s brave photographers managed to capture one photograph as terrified onlookers fled the scene.

"It was really scary" said one witness "be careful near the railway at midnight! It was luring in innocent passengers and then it sped off very fast towards Pugwash!"

Another witness told us: "actually it was pretty cool but the crew look a bit thin - I think they need a bowl of porridge"

A local hobo was too frightened to give a statement - he just fell down and drank from his bottle of wine.

It seems like the safe and beautiful rail roads of Bellisseria just got a bit more exciting!



We have five new locations to collect visa stamps for your passport this week. Our beloved Moles have placed two at mainland locations. The first is at Lordshore Bridge on the mainland continent of Jeogeot; immediately to the South of Bellisseria. The stamp terminal is actually on a scenic overlook/picnic area with a view of the suspension bridge, which is one of the most impressive public works on mainland. The second LDPW location is the Bay City Municipal Airport, which is in 1930s Art Deco style. Bay City was added to the continent of Sansara in 2008 and described at the time as

the American urban experience, between 1940 and 1965, perhaps best typified by Chicago circa 1950

The airport doubles as an infohub for the area.

Callahan's Place is a new addition to the bars/cafés category. It's an Irish pub, if ever we saw one (though a fancy one with a pool). It describes itself as a "crosstime saloon" however and there's a slight sci-fi vibe. A policy of insisting that time-travellers pay cash suggests it's visited by Gallifreyan time-lords with their loose financial morals!

If you're thinking of moving to a plant-based diet, Vegan HQ on the Gaeta V continent has all the information you could possibly need. It also has vegan topiary. Enigma Hall in Heterocera has a railway station, a stately home and a lighthouse. All are "open to the public on all days with a 'y' in them".

Lordshore Bridge BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 13.30.08
Bay City Municipal Airport BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 13.31.39
Callahan's Place BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00 copy.001 Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 15.45.46
Vegan HQ BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 copy Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 15.46.35
Enigma Hall BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.003 Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 22.10.49