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Another special stamp to collect

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The number of locations issuing stamps for your Bellisseria passport continues to grow. More and more interesting and attractive locations in Second Life want you to have an official Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy record of your visit. We at the BBB are ready to oblige. Provided always – of course – that the appropriate forms are filled out and all our regulations are observed.

Watch out every Saturday for in-world updates issued to the BBB User Group (BBBug) as to new locations. If you're not a member of BBBug, shame on you. Head over to the BBB Head Office immediately and sign up. 

We've had a spate of special event stamps recently and there's yet another coming soon for you to collect. This time it will be available from the Bellisseria Spring Festival to be held in the village of Bellishire at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. The festival runs from Saturday 24th to Friday 30th April and the opening festivities will be from 11am to 7pm SLT on Sunday 25th.

The Festival's organisers say that: 

The event is a nod to the the spring festivals of old and takes place in a recreation of a Medieval-Renaissance English village in the May Festival season. The village itself is not a one-to-one recreation, but rather a microcosm of what a Tudor village would have. It's designed to give a small taste of that time period and the May Festivals.

Bellisseria Spring Festival
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Here's a sneak peak at the special stamp but the only way you can have one in your own passport is to "go back to the Renaissance" to collect it. Don't miss out!

Final Warning: You have just two days left to collect the special stamp from the "pop up" art exhibition Mirages on the Mother Road. Head over there now if you don't want to miss it.


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Jezebel Bailey

very nice


That's a great stamp!

Owl Dragonash

oooh Styling!


We loved this charming Village at the Fairgrounds. We sat and [N-O] fished near the fountain and met some great people who also visited. I sent a note to the Builders with a gif of us fishing beside the fountain and today they responded with an IM saying they had set out chairs near the pond for fishing we took them up on that kind gesture ♥ and met an adorable Dinkie cat who really loves fish!

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