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Surviving the Slenderman

Screenshot 2021-04-25 at 14.25.47There was a time when, on application to the BBB with photographic evidence of having met the Bellisseria Slenderman, you could have your choice of one of these two stamps for your passport. They have fallen into disuse so any passport holders who have one or the other can consider themselves very lucky.

If you have one, tell us in the comments how you earned it.


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A picture is worth 1000 words ;D https://gyazo.com/62f035fc0e57b7ad3f9710f6130e852c <--- Grand Opening of the BBB

We were horrified to realize SlenderMan was lurking behind Doc as he was spinning tunes for the festivities at the Grand Opening party for the BBB. If Doc was nonplussed, he didn't appear to be phased by the presence of Evil and simply reassured everyone as always "Please Do, Carry Right On"


Thanks for contributing that photograph to the historical archives of the BBB!


I was there, Doc was a rock:)


That place dont exist anymore?


I am afraid so, Martina. It was fun and I am sorry you missed it.

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