Fenella's Bellisserian Quest; From Millers Pond to completion
Special passport stamps available for a limited time

The Blues at the Bureau

We were delighted by Patch Linden's endorsement of the Bellissarian Bureau of Bureaucracy during his interview with Saffia Widdershins at the RFL Home & Garden Expo 2021 . Following on from that, and the successful Rally to launch the first passport terminals placed on LDPW land in Bellisseria by the Moles, Patch, Derrick Linden and Abnor Mole visited the BBB on 31st March. The meeting was chaired by our founder and CEO BÓÒ Rojyo and we discussed the roll out of more passport stamp terminals around Bellisseria and other ideas for the future. 

The BBB members present were North Crannock who writes our scripts, Bel (Jezebel.bailey) who is our onsite manager, Sun (Dark Sunflower) who designs and makes the unique passport stamps and distributes the terminals and (very happy to meet her first "Blues" on her 5,000th day in SL), Fenella Allen. 

A bureaucracy needs a government to serve and now we have one. It opens new possibilities for bureaucratic fun around the grid and we look forward to lots of that!


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I would like to suggest a substitute passport for non-Bellisserians to be able to collect the stamps as well. I live in Bellisseria but many of my friends don't; some of them don't have a home at all because they cannot afford it, and others have already one elsewhere. They all were excited when I told them about exploring and discovering places around the grid while collecting stamps with the passport, to have a nice and lasting souvenir for their SL memories. But can you guess the sad faces when I had to tell them that it is for Bellisserians only? Yes, they would desperately love to join the fun! With that in mind, I think that a substitute passport for non-Bellisserians would be very benefiting to the community of all SL because it helps to make residents aware of community places and projects in and outside of Bellisseria through stamps collecting, and also it would be a contribution to the overall community spirit of SL. I hope my suggestion finds your approval :-)


Selene, thank you for your comment. We are, after all, a bureaucracy so really you should submit this request in triplicate, pay a substantial fee and expect to wait for years being scowled at in a succession of shabby offices. :-)

However I am pleased to be able to report that your idea was already under consideration and was discussed at the meeting with the Blues.

Of course non-Bellisserians can't have a Belli Passport as such. They should really expect (after a painstaking application process under constant bureaucratic review) a Green Card, at best. Even then until our staffing levels have substantially increased (and bear in mind that our bureaucracy is not funded from taxation) any passport-substitute to collect stamps may have to be restricted to *potential* Bellisserians; i.e Premium Members.

In the meantime, each time a new set of terminals is placed on Linden Land, we will be issuing a special HUD to collect those new stamps as we did for the first set. Anyone, even Mainlanders or the SL homeless, can join in that fun.

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