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Time travelling with a Bellisseria Passport

Not everywhere in Second Life® is set in the modern age. The BBB's sleek passport stamp terminals can look a bit anachronistic. Licensed BBB blogger (holder of Permit 004) Cranston Yordstorm has come up with a solution in his medieval tavern in Bellisseria – The Toothsome Wench.  He's modded the terminal into a more suitable form. 

image from Toothsome - 1
Now he just needs his Flickr sign redone by a monk as an illuminated manuscript!


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I found it, thank you very much.


The location has changed since this article was written, Marina. Please look up the current location in the Online Travel Guide. The link – – is in the side-bar to the left under the heading "Information & Resources". That's where the up-to-date information will always be.

Happy travels!


I landed in a home, which isnt a tavern at all, is it normal?


Nicely done. And here's a link to your latest post;

Cranston Yordstorm

As for a less anachronistic flickr logo ... ask and you shall receive.

Cranston Yordstorm

For the record, this is what the notecard says:

- You may replace the texture on the SCREEN of the Terminal, but please leave the rest of the textures AND colors untouched !
(even though the rest of the terminal was made transparent, the textures and colors remain intact)
- Please DONOT rename the Terminal ! (My terminal has not been renamed)
- Please DONOT resize the Terminal ! (MY terminal has not been resized)
- Please DONOT link items to the Terminal or link the Terminal to your build, the scripts will break ! (There are been nothing linked or relinked to the terminal)
- Also DO NOT add any scripts or other things to its contents, this to ensure proper working of our terminal and update scripts ! (No scripts were added to my terminal)


Thanks for your comment Lucifer. I agree the notecard is explicit on the subject, but (while I am PR and not Operations) I think there might be scope for flexibility. There's an undersea version of the terminal for Mer locations, for example. In future such cases, I would suggest you request a variance to allow you to mod for period. I would hope my colleagues would agree.

Lucifer Morningstar

I would have done similar at the Bellishire build, but the notecard that comes with the vendor was *very* explicit about not modding the vendor or textures except the screen. If I had known a mod like this was permissible for period locations, I would have made the vendor fit in better.

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