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BBB Stamp Rally in association with Drivers of SL - 22nd May 2021

A new special stamp to collect

SciFi Con 2021 - 1
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Relay for Life (RFL) is a fundraiser for cancer research. It holds five megaevents in SL every year. The next is the last of this year's season: Second Life Sci-Fi Con, which will run from May 13-24. This will be the thirteenth SL Sci-Fi Con and the first to offer visitors a commemorative stamp for their Bellisseria Passport.

There are eight regions arranged in a circle so visitors can walk through them all from the arrival point in the Alien Star System. One of the other regions is Alien Invasion, where a town's defenders are fighting off invading alien spacecraft. Another is The Mainframe, a TRON sim set entirely inside a computer!

Organiser Teresa Firelight told the BBB Gazette:

There are some shops of course and many booths for sci-fi groups and role-players. The decorations of the regions are truly amazing. Visitors arrive inside the Sun of an alien solar system, then step out to see swirling stars, nearby planets, comets and asteroids.

Screenshot 2021-05-08 at 22.38.25Visitors looking for the passport stamp will need to walk down from the arrival point to find it.

There are many events scheduled to take place during SL Sci-Fi Con and all are listed here. Take a careful look and plan to make the most of your visit! This is certainly not a location to grab your stamp and run. We recommend you set aside some serious time to enjoy it. The stamp will be a collector's item only available at the event itself. Don't miss out on what should be a great show for anyone who enjoys Science Fiction!


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