This week's new stamp locations and some exciting news
Rally report and New Locations

BBB: The Movie – a trailer – and this week's news

As we at the BBB continue our preparations for SL18B (Second Life's 18th Birthday), our very own Prudence Anton and her team at Pring Productions have been working on a movie about us. It is not due for release until its premiere on June 17th but here is the most teaserish of short trailers. Enjoy!

The movie features the BBB staff in action at our headquarters and other locations. It explains what we do and how to apply for your Bellisseria Passport, driving licence or licence plate. It breaks yet more news of technical innovations, including a clever (and bureaucratic!) solution to the SL problem of BBBug group invitations going astray when users are offline.

That's not the only news coming down the BBB turnpike. We are always being asked by non-Bellisserians if they can have passports too. We have even had asylum-seekers asking to be taken into Belli as refugees, so they can get in on the fun of collecting passport stamps. We can't tell you how, but for at least some residents of mainland SL, there is hope. Watch the Gazette for further details as this top secret project progresses.

Don't forget that our joint stamp rally with Drivers of SL is today – May 22nd. It will run twice. Firstly at 11-30am and then at midnight SLT. If you are a member of DSL you'll have received your information and navigation HUD in the usual way by group notice. Anyone else who wants to take part should stop by the BBB head office to pick up the pack with everything you need. 

Becca Ordinary was kind enough to send this note to all BBB officials:

I just started with the Passport and the Travel Advice List and LOVE them. I'm a huge fan of Bellisseria and love that people are exploring. So... A while ago I made a series of travel posters and want you to have them as my thanks for this wonderful thing you've made.

That's sweet and we appreciate it, Becca! We're all volunteers but put a lot of time and effort into the BBB's work, so your "thank you" means a lot. You're welcome! Becca's writing about her adventures with her passport at her blog. Her latest post is here, in which she complains about the difficulty of finding the stamp terminal at SL SciFi Con; 

message to the BBB- it's a passport not a hunt. Don't hide the thing please or rename it. I've traveled all around the real world and never had to hunt down someone to look at my passport, they are usually right there when you land.

We're glad to have this chance to clarify. We don't dictate where landowners place their terminal. We do ask they don't modify, rename or locate it outside the published parcel. Those rules ensure it's not too hard to find.

Of course some landowners encourage visitors to look around by placing the terminal out of the way and that's fine. We don't allow terminals at commercial locations (SciFi Con is a charity event) so every parcel you visit is made for love at somebody's (often considerable) expense. Owners just want you to enjoy their builds. As long as they've observed our basic rules, they run the risk that if they frustrate visitors by being a little too tricky with terminal placement, they'll resort to an area search. We don't recommend that but, landowner or visitor, it's your Second Life. Unlike RL bureaucracies, we don't try to tell you how to live it. We are unique among bureaucracies in that we only exist for fun – yours and ours!

BBB Stamp Locations – Slenderman.001
click to enlarge

Meanwhile back in Bellisseria, a new passport stamp is offered by our continent's most terrifying resident; the Slenderman. It's available at his very scary gallery so collecting it is a badge of valour! It's also a badge of persistence and ingenuity. Fenella met some very frustrated visitors trying to find the stamp terminal, who were beginning to think it wasn't there at all. As the picture shows – it really is.

It complies with applicable regulations. It's on the parcel. It is not renamed and (though it's in a special form designed by our very own ever-creative Sun) it is not disguised. We won't spoil it for those of you who enjoy solving a mystery, but if you IM our Fenella, she'll give you a clue. She couldn't find it herself without one. 


Also briefly available this week is a new recurring event stamp from a Pickle Party. For a while these were a regular event at the original Squishy Pickle itself. They became so popular they affected local residents' ability to get to their houseboats so were discontinued. The new idea is to hold them in different places around Bellisseria. The Moles have agreed to place the iconic Squishy Pickle build at each party location.

The first will be at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds on May 23rd (i.e tomorrow!) as a celebration of the second anniversary of the first Pickle Party (the one in the video). For those of us who live on its atoll this also gives hope that the original Squishy Pickle will see action again. Music this time will be provided by DJ's Doc, Far, Miss Hammy, Bela and Usagi. The stamp terminal will be set out on Saturday (today!) as soon as the Moles have placed the Squishy Pickle itself and will remain until the party is over. If you can't make this first party, which will be at 10 am - 3pm SLT, don't despair as the same stamp will be available at future ones.

Finally, just to prove they're out there – here's Fenella's passport with a stamp each from Patch and Abnor. No BBB strings were pulled in obtaining them. She acted on a tip in BBBug chat, as any member could. Congratulations to BBBug member, Becca Ordinary, who succeeded in getting all three stamps from each of them! Don't ask us how (no-one from the BBB has achieved it yet) but it obviously can be done in a single session!


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