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BBB Travel Advice List

New locations now available, watery activities, SL history, art and Free Stuff

It's Saturday and the weekly travel advisory notice is due to be issued to members of the BBB user group – BBBug. Five new locations are now issuing stamps.

Name Category SLURL
Fen's Mer Home Nature Click here 
Islands of New England Other Click here
The Dirty Oar - Marina Bay Airports / Ports Click here
Da Boom Infohub and Pod Station Airports / Ports Click here
GALERIA 56 Leisure / Activities Click here

Our editor Fenella has opened her home at Haven of Mermaids to visitors. Take your scuba gear if not tailed and scaled! Continuing the watery theme, the Islands of New England and Marina Bay are both seaside locations with scope for sailing.

The Da Boom Infohub is part of SL history. It dates back to the era before the anywhere-to-anywhere teleports we now take for granted. When Fenella visited to take the photo for the Travel Guide, there was a resident historian present to tell visitors about those times.

Finally, GALERIA 56 is an art gallery. If you "stamp and run", you'll not only miss out on the art exhibits but a generous free gift of artworks to adorn your home. Make sure to have a good look around.


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