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Licensed publication #004, Passport to Bellisseria, has been active in the past week. Blogger, Bluesman and general good egg Cranston Yorkstorm has visited Glastonbelli, Zoo-Palooza 2/the Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary and the renovated and relaunched Airship Limoncello. Please follow the links, have a read and leave some encouragement in the comments for one of the BBB’s best boosters.

There are five new stamp locations this week. Full details and pictures are to be found in the online Travel Guide but here are the locations for you.

Cohiba Cay Surf Sim leisure/activities 
Eulennest leisure/activities 
Galleria Amano at La Perla leisure/activities 
PIER 7 - restaurant - bar bars/cafés
SLINFO.DE german SL-Forum leisure/activities 

image from visited all five to photograph them for the Travel Guide and the slideshows running at our head office and Embassy to Corsica. As the curator of an art gallery herself, she was familiar with Eulennest (German for "Owl's Nest") — one of several artistic ventures by SL-art celeb and all-round good sort Owl Dragonash. The others, however, were new to her — though two are just a short sail (or flight if you're showing off) from her office in Campbell Coast. That illustrates just how useful the Bellisseria Passport can be for finding interesting new SL destinations.

Fenella got to practise her rusty German language skills at the location for the German SL-Forum. She was rewarded with the offer of a "second breakfast" at Pier 7 restaurant nearby. She has no Italian skills but also had a nice chat with a friendly local at La Perla while photographing the Galeria Amano. That location – and a conversation about Italy's most iconic product; the Ferrari – made her nostalgic for travel. As did her visit to an ideal destination for those who like pixellated sand between their virtual toes – Cohiba Cay Surf Sim. Let's hope we can all travel again soon in RL, but remember there's no pandemic in SL – so pull on your leisurewear and explore!

Sadly one of Fenella's favourite locations — Cathedral at Isle of Wyrms — was retired this week. If you don’t have the stamp, it’s already too late! Let that encourage you never to delay your visits to collect a stamp and savour what our locations have to offer.


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