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BBB Travel Advice List

BBB Stamp Locations 29 Apr 2021.006
Historic Da Boom - one of this week's new locations

Every week BBB sends out a new Travel Advice List notecard to members of the Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy user group (BBBug). It has details of all the locations where you can collect stamps for your Bellisseria Passport, including new additions.

If you are not a member of BBBug, please IM one of the BBB Officials whose names are in the sidebar and request membership. SL has issues at present with group invitations received when avatars are offline, so many have gone awry. We can only apologise for that. All we can do is reissue your invitation when you are online. There's a board in the BBB Office showing which BBB Officials are online to help you find someone who can assist there and then.

BBB Stamp Location_055
Get your Travel Advice here

If you haven't received the Travel Advice List notecard, you can get your copy from the BBB Office.

You can now also access all the info in the new BBB Online Travel Guide. It has photographs of all the locations, a SLURL to get you there and an image of the stamp you'll be adding to your passport. 

You can see all the photos in the Travel Guide in-world on the slideshows running continuously both at the BBB Office and at the Bellisserian Embassy to Corsica.

Safe travels, BBBuggers!


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