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SL18B continues / Three new stamp-issuing locations in Bellisseria

Interim Bulletin: SL18B Edition

The BBB Gazette is usually published at 00.01 SLT every Saturday. This ties in with Sun's weekly notecard to BBBug members about locations issuing passport stamps. We received information about HopeFest and SL18B so late however, that waiting until Saturday for the last two editions would have meant the events were already in progress. So we published early.

We now want to get back to our usual schedule and are publishing this interim bulletin just so you won't have to wait ten days between issues! It consists only of useful links to use during SL18B. The permanent ones will later be available in the sidebar to the BBB Gazette for your reference.

The BBB Stand at SL18B - Follow the dirt path from the Landing Spot

The BBB Movie (Premiered at SL18B, this is a great guide to our services featuring our lovely staff with guest appearances by BBBug members).

Adwyn Applies for her Bellisseria Passport (a "how to" tutorial video to share with your BBB-curious friends).

The Online Travel Guide (where to find all the available stamps for your Bellisseria Passport).

The Meet the Lindens talks, hosted by Saffia Widdershins, are a traditional part of the SLB celebrations. We feature this one here because – once again – Patch gave what he called "a shameless plug” to the BBB. The whole talk is interesting and you’ll find the plug at 34 minutes in. Thank you, Patch. We love you too!

Some of you have already collected all ten of the personal stamps available from BBB Staff at the SL18B stand. Many of you have picked up one or two. You are welcome to visit as often as you like to get more and/or just to chat with us. We are really enjoying meeting so many of you and our "manor garden" style stand is a calm and peaceful spot to take a break from the bustle of the event. Enjoy SL18B! Enjoy your travels around our grown-up grid. Happy Birthday Second Life®. 


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