Welcome to our New Headquarters and please welcome Sceneris to our staff.
Mr Beeb makes waves | Change of stamp terminal location | 4 New Stamps

Video tour of the new office | New staff | Many new locations!


Many thanks to Pru and Sceneris, our in-house videography team, for this tour of our new premises.


I'd like to take this opportunity to warn you, or rather advise you, of the arrival of a new member of staff in the BBB fold. Of course the reason I'm writing this article rather than the BBB Gazette Editor Fenella Allen is not because this particular new employee has already antagonised her in some way. What a ridiculous concept.

Mr Beeb Just doing his job
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Our new employee, Mr Beeb (eustacebeeb), will I think bring a little more rigour and rigidity into the BBB ethos. So many times people say we are all too nice and amenable to be bureaucrats. I am confident that Mr Beeb will change that perception.

The role to be filled is Chief Inspector of Passports. This is a roving position, making 'spot checks' on all our passports for the good of the community. The nature of this role is in no way just a means to keep this individual away from everyday BBB affairs, so not further alienating colleagues.

I'd like also to 'nip in the bud' unsubstantiated rumours that this individual's Great Aunt is a major benefactor of the BBB and we are finding employment for him in some disingenuous manner.

We hope you'll have the possible pleasure of meeting our new Chief Inspector of Passports very soon.

Anyway, new blood. Onwards and upwards!

Boo Rojyo, Founder and CEO.


Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 00.13.23Also joining the BBB this week is yet another new team member, Coal Edge. Coal came forward as a volunteer during SL18B. He is a 16 year+ veteran of SL and has a lot of relevant experience in scripting.

The BBB's services require clever code and we have several projects in the pipeline that involve scripting. Coal will help out with those, reporting directly to our Head Scripter, North Crannock. 

Please welcome Coal to the team.


All readers of the BBB Gazette are welcome at Fenella's 14th Rez Day party at 1pm SLT on 21st July. It is a garden party in her own version of the BBB's secret garden at the SL18B celebrations recreated at her dacha in Campbell Coast. Music will be provided by DJ Female. Dress code is smart casual.

An invitation was included with the in-world notices announcing the publication of this week's Gazette. Please RSVP directly to Fenella in-world. 


We have a bumper crop of six (!) new locations for you to visit with your passport this week. There's a special limited edition stamp to be collected from Lido – the second pop-up art gallery in the ART UNBOUND® series from Infinite Productions and the Limoncello Art Gallery.

Two Bellisseria institutions sharing a location are offering one stamp each. They are Bellisseria Life and Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot! We learned from having so many stamps issued close together at SL18B that you need to wait for one stamp to appear before clicking to get another. So be careful not to clickety-click too quickly at this two-stamp location!

The Republic of Titania has opened a consulate in Bellisseria and will stamp your passport on application. Le Messire Airfield provides our aviation fans with a new place to land their 'planes. Finally, you can pick up a stamp with a touch of Southern Style at the modelling agency of that name.

It's a busy week for you passport-toting Bellisserians, so get your travel gear on, pack your camera and get going! Don't get behind with your collecting because there are another four locations already in the pipeline for next week – including an amazing collection of Linden Bears.

If you take photos at these (or any of our) locations, please be so kind as to share them with us at our Flickr Group Page.

Lido - an ART UNBOUND pop up art gallery
BBB Stamp Locations 17 July 2021.006
Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 02.43.13
Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot! BBB Stamp Locations 17 July 2021.001 Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 03.25.38
Bellisseria Life BBB Stamp Locations 17 July 2021.002 Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 03.18.27
Honorary Consulate of Titania BBB Stamp Locations 2.001 Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 03.37.54
Le Messire Airfield BBB Stamp Locations 17 July 2021.007 Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 03.44.02
Southern Style
BBB Stamp Locations 17 July 2021.008 Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 03.48.20


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Mr Beeb is easing his way into his new duties. He's doing really short shifts. They say you can't have too much of a good thing, well you can have too much of Mr Beeb. Perhaps his rough edges will wear off over time, perhaps.

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