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CranprofileCranston is the author of the BBB-Approved publication Passport to Bellisseria and has been doing a sterling job for some time reporting his adventures exploring Second Life® in pursuit of stamps for his Bellisseria Passport.

Our CEO has now recruited him to combine that exploration with scouting new locations to issue our passport stamps. His job description (to be found in the staff directory headed BBB Officials: Who we are and what we do in the side bar) reads:

I am a Destination Recruiter for the BBB. Using my experience as a travel blogger, it is my job to seek out eye-catching locations for consideration as potential Stamp Destinations and encourage them to apply.

Cranston is a popular performer in SL; singing both at his own club and around the Grid. He says of his new role at the BBB: 

Ever since I discovered the BBB and its passport stamps, I knew I had to be involved.  So I was chuffed when they liked my idea of becoming their "Destination Recruiter." I am looking forward to being part of this talented group.

He is a cheery, helpful, friendly soul and all of us (except Mr Beeb, for whom that is a critique) are delighted to welcome him to our team.


Our editor, Fenella, interviewed Coal – a recent recruit.

F: What’s the ebb and flow of your work? Is there typically a busiest day or is it spread evenly?

55EB48A4-B0A9-4C2C-9233-696CEF1D26EDC: I work on upcoming projects and tech stuff behind the scenes. There isn't a "busiest day" as I spread out the hard and fun work evenly! Not everyone finds coding fun, but I get a sense of wonder when I've made someone's life easier by writing them a little gadget. My goal is to add a little something to anything I work on and have fun!

F: So when you log in on a typical day, what’s the first thing you do?

C: I check if anything new is going on in the community. I don't just jump straight into a script and ignore the world. Just like in any office, you stay connected by starting at the water cooler to catch up on what you missed! I may not always be in the spotlight chatting but I hear what people are saying. The BBB is always hopping – just like Bellisseria itself! Once I am up to speed, I turn up some music and get to typing code like a madman.

F: What then?

C: Depending on how inspired I feel in that moment I keep coding or go exploring for inspiration. Bellisseria residents have creative minds so just picking a random spot to ride a bike can get me feeling ready for anything. I enjoy riding the rails and since most of what a coder does is in our noggin, I just find me a rez zone to put down my train and explore. My world is all about imagination and figuring out how to make something happen. A joy ride before getting back to writing lines of magical code is a good bit of "rinse and repeat".

F: Your work seems not to involve much contact with BBBug members. Would you like more?

C: I would love it. I can chat with a cloud about the weather so random is never a problem! I am not much for the spotlight and my getting too technical can make peoples' eyes glaze over <grin> but I love to help folks and will chat with anyone, even if its about something other than what I usually do. Want to talk about the newest works of the amazing Moles? Hit me up! Want to chat about how to get started in scripting/coding? I am here for that also! I have done just about everything in Second Life and enjoy learning others' tricks and sharing my own.

F: What motivated you to join the BBB? How did it come about?

C: I heard about it from my girl. She said it was an amazing community so I got my passport and started exploring. A quick talk with some of the bureaucrats and I was hooked! After chatting with Boo, I saw ways I could contribute some cool things (even if unseen right now) to help it all grow. Second Life and Bellisseria are nothing without community. I joined to contribute to that.

F: The pay and benefits are non-existent and the boss is sarcastic at best or often plain rude. What’s in this for you?

C: I knew it would be volunteer work and that's fine. I want what I do to make something better for someone and my role with the BBB does just that. Mr. Beeb may wear the judging scowl of the hardcore bureaucrat but even he is ok once you learn to look past that clipboard. I may have a demerit or two, but I think he secretly likes me! I would say there's a lot in it for me because my reward is knowing I made someone smile. The BBB gives me lots of room to find things to tweak and expand. I love it because its a unique, Linden and Mole-fostered, community and we get to make it our own. I joined SL in 2005 and have been scripting pretty much since I joined. I love all things technical and program in multiple languages but I do a bit of role play as well. Second Life is nothing without the amazing people that add in their own stories to the mix. You, the person reading this interview, are why I am here. Anything I can do to make it more enjoyable for you makes my day!

F: Thanks, Coal.


BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001
Speaking of Cranston, his medieval pub in Bellisseria – The Toothsome Wench – has a new location. Its details have been updated in the Online Travel Guide, which as always can be found in the side bar. There is no new stamp as he's simply moved the dispenser to the new premises, but go take a look. It's a nice spot for some mead and a brawl. 

BBB Stamp Locations Platypus 3.001Also at a new location is the Platypus Beach House and once again, the Online Travel Guide has been updated. There's no new stamp but why not check it out anyway?


We have two new locations this week; both in the Other category in the Online Travel Guide. The first is another from the SL Public Land Preserve; a treatment centre for gacha addicts! We assume they're preparing for an influx of new patients when this form of in-world gambling becomes illegal at the end of the month. The second is the headquarters of Operation Mainland, a group committed to making

...a more community-driven and beautiful mainland Second Life grid.

Look out for the photographic gallery of images of mainland locations and for educational materials on subjects ranging from good practice in mainland development to how to be a good mainland neighbour.

Watch out next week for more releases of passport stamps for LDPW locations by our friendly and creative Moles. We have many such locations in the pipeline and – given all the excitement this week about the release of the new Fantasy Homes – are now looking into the possibility of fae or elvish designs for our distinctive stamp-dispenser terminals!

Shaman's Hut Gacha Addiction Treatment Center BBB Stamp Locations 21 and 28 August.001 Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 22.16.19
Operation Mainland HUB BBB Stamp Locations 21 and 28 August.004 Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 23.01.12


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Welcome to the BBB Cranston, and a belated welcome to Coal!

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