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HE BijouxHer Excellency Bijoux Barr, art aficionado and SL style icon, has been appointed as Bellisseria's Honorary Ambassador to the great mainland continent of Satori (a.k.a. the Japanese continent).

H.E. Bijoux is a friend of H.E. Ghost, Bellisseria's Hon. Ambassador to Heterocera. It was she who first suggested that Bijoux apply for this position. 

Bijoux told the Gazette;

I've always loved exploring mainland continents and this passion grew when I started to play GTFO. It was wonderful to see all the different builds when travelling from one Hub to another. I've spent a lot of time exploring air, sea and land routes from Bellisseria to Corsica (via Satori).

When I became involved with the SL art community, I met awesome gallery owners baed in Satori too. My first exhibition of my family's art was at United Artists of SL, which is also a Satori location.

As a Satorian himself (and a long-time admirer of Bijoux, whose enthusiasm shines through in all her SL endeavours) your editor could not be more delighted by this appointment.

We at the BBB wish our Continent's newest Ambassador all the best in her new role.


In January it will be two years since our founder, Boo Rojyo, established the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy. The first Bellisseria passport was his own and is dated 1st January 2020. In that first month, we issued passports to Fiona Jogiches, Jezebel Bailey, Prudence Anton and Cian Wycliffe. As the news spread, people loved the idea. Before too long it really took off. Patch Linden obtained his passport on 10th April 2020.

Pru leads the meeting
Pru leads the meeting / click to enlarge

The largest meeting in the BBB's bureaucratic history took place last Wednesday at the Bellisserian Embassy to Gaeta. The purpose was to plan for the BBB2B celebrations, which will take place at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds from January 23rd - February 1st next year.

The Mistress of Ceremonies will be our very own Pru (Passport Number BE-100000106). She led the planning discussions from a mock-up of the fairgrounds in the centre of the meeting hall. 

The event will have a winter theme. There will be a light railway connecting the various locations and paths to get around on foot. There will be a replica embassy, a functioning Event Post Office (from which visitors can send the special second anniversary postcards our very own Teresa has made) and a BBB information office. It will be possible to apply for a passport on-site. There will also be a Refreshment Centre and a cinema to screen our videos.

We are also exploring the possibility of staging an art exhibition at the event, with a theme of travel and exploration. 

BBBug members who enjoyed our pavilion at SL18B should enjoy this as much if not more. All our staff will be carrying SSiD tablets as we did during SL18B. Visitors with Bellisserian Passports will be able to get personal passport controls on site, obtaining individual stamps specific to the event. Bellisseria's Honorary Ambassadors will also be carrying SSiDs. We may issue a special HUD (like the one used for our DoSL / BBB Stamp Rally) for those without our passports. That would allow them to collect the event stamps too – and transfer them to a real passport if they apply during the event.

BBB Light Rail - image © Prudence Anton
BBB Light Railway / click to enlarge

A BBB Lag Commission composed of our expert scripters (nicknamed the Laggards) is tasked with ensuring the event runs as smoothly as possible. They will screen all scripts to be used on-site and veto any that would lag the place up. We think this is best practice for SL events and should be more widely adopted.

A full programme of entertainment is being planned, including singers and DJs. The opening event will be a BBB Boat Rally to collect special stamps on the way to a dance party at the Fairgrounds. There will also be several Bus Rally Tours, ending with a transfer to the Fairgrounds by boat or plane.  

Finally, there will be at least one grand formal ball so start polishing your dancing shoes and dry-cleaning your very best tuxedo or ball-gown! 

We look forward to welcoming you all to the celebration!


As your new Bellisserian Honorary Ambassador to Corsica, I have been traveling around this beautiful continent, meeting residents and rediscovering—it has been my home on and off since 2017 — all that it has to offer. Allow me to introduce you to one such place.

Snapshot_720proOff the southern coast of Corsica is where Port Emyniad can be found. This port location has a public rez zone with no auto return. I was able to relax for as long as I liked without losing my vehicle!

The newly-installed BBB passport stamp terminal is against the port wall. Surfboard and Motorboat rezzers are available nearby. To the east there is a fire pit with plenty of seating for visitors to gather. Up the stone stairs is a very charming stage for performances.

There is also a small rest area where you can enjoy various ales, which is perhaps my favorite spot to take in the scenery of this seafaring location.

Snapshot_727proThe port is also home to Samaniego Art, which includes various indoor art galleries and an artwalk. The artworks range from contemporary to animated 3D pieces, as well as photography.

Her Excellency Bijoux Barr, Hon. Ambassador to Satori (see article above) is the founder of the group which owns both this location and the next region over to the east called Majistral Harbor. That harbour also has a rez zone with no auto return. 

Snapshot_729proIf you follow the trails north in back of the galleries they lead to a nice little artist hangout. Or you can walk east and cross the wooden bridge where you will find a horse rezzer. Either way, these trails lead eventually to the other areas of Campbell Coast, which extend well past Circuit La Corse to the north. Campbell Coast's multiple regions are a shining example of what is possible on the mainland when individuals collaborate for its beautification and development. Bellisserians and all residents of Second Life would do well to visit and explore all it has to offer.

Make sure to read the BBB Gazette often for future articles about my travels through the awesome continent of Corsica!

Article/Photographs by H.E. Jack Vincent, Honorary Ambassador to Corsica. 


Located in the chalet regions in Bellisseria, Breathing Space is H.E. Bijoux Barr's quaint boutique gallery with exhibits from various artists. The port of Edge Walker is a gritty, practical environment in Satori and a GTFO hub.

Our two new LDPW locations this week are both in Bellissaria: Fishtail Point and one of our favourite locations to visit when sailing – Springhurst Gulf. The former is a perfect example of the phenomenon we wrote about some weeks ago: a Belli location with a popular place name that's reflected nowhere on the World Map or Land Menu. The latter was also mentioned in our article on place names and is affectionately known (for reasons obvious on landing there) as Crabby Island.

Breathing Space Art Gallery BE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 09.01.48
Port of Edge Walker CA BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 02.06.14
Fishtail Point BE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 01.59.31
Springhurst Gulf BE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 02.01.07


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Boo Rojyo

Really looking forward to the anniversary event. Our talented team will make it awesome I know!


I have every confidence in them too.

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