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This is a relatively new feature and it is still growing and expanding. It is a fun way for SL Residents to communicate with each other by sending transferable notecards and objects to each other. It does nothing that could not be accomplished by IMs, but offers a fun RP aspect.

The first phase was only offered to Bellisseria residents, with a Main Post Office to service Bellisseria. Belli home owners could go to the post office to get their own personal mail box to rez on their property. They had to go to the post office to send mail, but could receive it at their home.

SL Geography_003Shortly after the initial release, the Post Office was expanded to serve all SL residents. We added three further post offices in Horizons, Sansarea and Satori. We also added a second Bellisseria post office, which offers free seasonal cards (Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc).

Now, anyone in SL can use any of our Post Offices. In other words, anyone in SL can get their own personal mailbox and rez it on wherever they call “home.” The mailbox will notify them if they have mail, and deliver it to them.

However, if you want to mail something to another resident, you still have to go to a post office and drop it in the outgoing MailBox. (This is similar to going to a post office in RL to mail a package). Also, each post office has a wall of PO Boxes where anyone can pick up their mail – even if they don't have a mailbox at home. 

We've just added another new feature. It came about because someone asked if they could use their own “cute” mailbox to receive mail from our system. We thought, “What a great idea!" So we started offering scripts that you can drop into your own personal mailbox. Of course, you still have to enable the “BBB Experience” for the script to work.

We also have some Documentation – a book-style Post Office Manual. It is offered at the BBB Headquarters. You can add it as a HUD, or you can rez it. It gives a lot of how-to information about our Post Office service.

There are more exciting plans in the works. There is also the possibility that Linden Lab might send the occasional Official Information/Announcements via the BBB Post Office (in addition to other mechanisms they use to get the word out). Also keep your eyes open for International Friend Appreciation Week. You will hear more about that after the Bellisseria 3rd Anniversary Celebration – coming soon!

Article by Teresa Firelight. Photograph by Dave.


BBB_and_Embassy_Weekend_Tours_FlyerEnhance your passport stamp-collecting experience with the BBB+Embassy Weekend Tours. Or just join them to enjoy exploring and travelling in a group.

Every 1st Saturday each month at 11am SLT, you are invited to join a guided tour around Bellisseria and Mainland continents to visit locations that offer a BBB stamp terminal.
The meeting point is BBB Headquarters

The tours are not just about traveling and collecting stamps: They are to have fun, share an adventure, socialise and, who knows, maybe make some new friends! Also unexpected challenges are to be expected!

We will travel by bus, train, plane, boat, balloon, mini-copters, and more. Subject to alteration, depending on the actual number of tour attendants. The current tour route will be announced in the BBBug and CPCB group notices and chats. Your host is Yukiko Yeshto. It's important for a comfortable trip that you please detach unnecessary attachments and scripts to avoid issues with region crossings.

The next BBB+Embassy Weekend Tour will be today April 2, 11am SLT. We will be visiting the Alpine Regions of  Bellisseria by bus, train and hot air balloon.

Article and photograph by H.E. Yukiko Yeshto, Hon. Ambassador to Sansara


The Gianfar Peaks of Pern is a "3d role-play homage to Anne McCaffrey's Pern." If you love dragons, check it out! 

The Nature Collective is a gateway to exploring other locations and is to be found just off Route 3 in northern Heterocera. It is;

a Second Life group created with the goal of cultivating a community around sims, spaces and projects which share a common focus on nature. It is our hope to foster a movement to help people engage and reconnect with the wonder and joy of nature, in the virtual world and beyond.

As well as picking up a stamp for your Bellisseria or CPCB passport, you can get a notecard with details of all the other locations for SL's nature-lovers in the collective.

Corsica South Coast Airfield is another of our old friend Cranston's builds and part of his growing Corsica South Coast empire. There's so much to do and see when you've landed there, especially if you catch a train from the local station. 

Gianfar Peaks of Pern PE 26 Mar 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.004

Screenshot 2022-04-02 at 10.09.12

The Nature Collective HE 19 Mar 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.001 Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 19.18.04
Corsica South Coast Airfield CA BBB Stamp LocationsCorsica South Coast Airfield Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 13.12.42


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