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BBB Logo (1)People often ask What is the BBB? There are two answers. The first is literal; it stands for Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy, which still means little to most SL'ers.

The second answer is about our mission and purpose. We are a team of people from the Linden Homes Continent of Bellisseria who are committed to help build community in SL and to give residents fun things to do.

We are unpaid volunteers. Many of us put in several hours a week working towards our goal of connecting people and helping them to enjoy fun activities. Why do we do it? Because we are passionate about the SL community in general and Bellisseria in particular. We get a personal sense of satisfaction from helping others enjoy their Second Life®.

I should probably explain that our name – Bureau of Bureaucracy – is playful. In RL several of the jobs we do are done by bureaucracies; issuing drivers licences, passports, etc. We just do it for fun and don’t really think of ourselves as bureaucrats or take that title seriously. However we do take our volunteer work seriously and do it with pride and enjoyment.

At the moment there are 14 active members of the team. Over the next 14 weeks, we will highlight each of them briefly for you. and give you an opportunity to meet them.

Article by Teresa Firelight of the BBB


You may encounter posters for DR Ferry Services around our offices and embassies and wonder what it's all about. DRFS has its HQ at Miller's Pond in Bellisseria and is led by Dariah Raynier – the "DR" of the company's name.

DRFS PosterDariah has been in SL since 2009. Her first home was in Second Norway. She told The Gazette;

Second Norway was an isolated private estate. I developed the idea of connecting it to the Blake Sea and proposed that to the former owner. I had my first ferry service and travel agency there.

Now her current company runs long distance ferries;

I always liked sailing and public transport. Now I have worked out 24 routes on and between the continents. Most are long-distance with sailing times of 1-3 hours. For example, one runs from Peleliu Field in Nautilus to Second Norway on the Blake Sea. Others connect Corsica and the Blake Sea or sail around Gaeta etc.

When creating a route I explore the area first with a small boat, looking for good stops, docks, harbours and marinas. I collect the SLURLs and put them into a sailing hud. Then I start a sailing test with a ferry and use the measured sailing times for creating a schedule.

DRFS uses two types of ferry boat. The first is the Feral Marine Catamaran, which is  to be found operating from the company's ports in Sansara, Second Norway, Satori, Corsica, Gaeta and Nautilus as well as at the Light of Aurelia lighthouse in Bellisseria. The second is the Michie Marine Trawler, which operates from ports in Heterocera, Sansara, Second Norway and Bellisseria. 

You can pick up the details of DRFS's 24 routes (a 25th is in the planning stage) by clicking on the poster illustrated here at our various BBB and CPCB locations and embassies. Dariah told us;

I have rented docks in Peleliu Field, Marina Kuna, Paradise Marina and Arimto Marina. I also have free parking in Second Norway. On Bellisseria I start my routes from Light of Aurelia or Red Hook.

I sail by schedule and stop at all scheduled stops. I also develop leisure tours, e.g. a "Lighthouse route" on Bellisseria or an expedition route to Mount Cooper in Sailors Cove South.

People can IM me or click on the boards at my docks to contact me to arrange a tour.

All services are free. My maximum speed is about 10 knots, so people experience travelling, feel the distance and relax. I will not cross Blake Sea in 2 minutes. Sailing from Bellisseria to the Satori south coast takes 2 hours 45 minutes.

Dariah is making a great contribution to SL transport so why not give your teleporters a rest? Exploring Second Life® by sea is fun!


There are four new locations this week, all of them on Mainland. There's a café and an airport in Satori, and a rail works and an amphitheatre in Heterocera. Both of the Heterocera builds are by our old friend Cranston Yordstorm, who seems determined to connect the whole mainland with his quirky railways!

Enjoy visiting these fascinating new builds!

Connie BlahBlah Cafe ST BBB Stamp Locations 30 Apr 2022.002 Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 02.00.42
The Lunalis Sponsa Railworx HE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Apr 2022.003 Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 02.19.19
The Unity Amphitheatre HE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Apr 2022.004 Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 02.19.39
Unity Airlines ST BBB Stamp Locations 30 Apr 2022.005 Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 02.20.01


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Boo Rojyo

Look forward to Teresa's series on the BBB team. I hope it's not too revealing!


She's going to be doing interviews, Boo, so it will only be as revealing as the interviewees permit. For the avoidance of indiscretion, I shall be abstaining from alcohol until after mine!

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