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To NatureCon 2022 by Ferry | Meet the Team: Teresa Firelight | SL Community Forums | StaFi Update | New Stamps & Locations


DR Ferry Services (DRFS) is an official NatureCon 2022 collaborator and will be offering a special service for the event. From August 18-31, visitors will be able to travel to the convention site by ferry.
The brand new ferry DRFS 22-111 Bellisseria Shuttle will sail several times a day between Bellisseria and the NatureCon 2022 site on Sansara according to a timetable. Departures will be Monday through Sunday from Utopia Point. The Bellisseria Shuttle will sail a route between Utopia Point, Norse Auk Lighthouse, Osmium (convention site), Axel Harbor, Osmium (convention site), Port Scandium and back to Utopia Point.
DRFS - 2
DRFS - 2
On Mondays through Fridays, Naturecon can be reached once a day from Bellisseria Fairgrounds. There will be three feeder trips from Bellisseria Fairgrounds on Saturdays and two on Sundays.
Information on landmark tickets to the departure points and the ferry departure schedule will be available on the DRFS website from August 1st, 2022.
As a souvenir all passengers will receive a special DRFS ferry ticket, valid for an unlimited number of trips throughout NatureCon. As an extra for all BBB and CPCB passport holders, a special travel stamp can be collected from the ferry captain's tablet computer! Don't miss this rare opportunity.
DR Ferry Services is looking both for cooperation partners and for people who want to become a ferry pilot and sail the Linden Seas. If you are interested please contact DRFS in-world by IM to Dariah Raynier at DR Ferry Services HQ, 48081 West Road, Millers Pond, Bellisseria.
Article and photographs by H.E. Dariah Raynier


Last, and hopefully “not least,” I am also a member of the team. So I am sharing my interview with you:

1. How long have you been in SL?

It seems like all my life ... hehe ... but it is actually only been a little over 12 years.

2. How long you lived in Belli?

Since Oct of 2020

3. What is your favorite thing about Bellisseria?

I love the strong sense of community and the overall friendliness of the people who I have met there.

4. What motivated you to join the BBB team?

I was very impressed with what Prudence was doing there, and her work inspired me to want to be a part of the team and start making contributions as well.

5. What are your BBB responsibilities?

That is a good question. I was originally hired to assist one of the scripters with a big secret project... unfortunately other urgent projects and RL got in his way, and that project was more or less abandoned.

So I started filling in where things were needed. I am an avid photographer (trained by Visionaire) so I started doing photography for BBB, and also started assisting the scripters with testing and documentation. They were also looking for writers for the Gazette and Parade of Homes Review, so I started doing that on a regular basis as well.

Then RL demands claimed Ghost (the person who conceptualized the Post Office and originally managed it). So I inherited the post office, where I work closely with North (who scripted it.)

Then some events came up that needed help with builds... I had experience in that department too, so I volunteered to help with the first one and ended up as part of the events build team... building for BBB's Second Anniversary, Belliserria's Third Anniversay and SL19B.

So what are my BBB responsibilities? I guess the answer is that I have my fingers in a lot of pies and try to do whatever is needed at the moment.

6. What is the most fun thing you have ever done as a BBB staff member?

That is a hard one... I can't choose between two things so I will mention both. I had an opportunity to photograph the moles and some of the Lindens for the opening of the Fantasy Community. It was really fun to see all (or at least most) of the moles in a single location. The second thing is using my personal SSID (Stamp giver) at some events and meeting all the nice people who came to collect my stamp.

7. Tell us one thing about yourself that most people do not know.

In real life I am a published author and I enjoy both writing and reading.... I can't spell worth Jelly beans and I typo a lot... that is what Editors are for... to fix those mistakes.

8. Do you have anything else you would like to share?

This ‘Meet the team’ series has been a lot of fun for me. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Article & Photograph by Teresa Firelight


Although an SL'er for over fifteen years, your editor only recently discovered the community forums. There's usually lively chat going on there and some fun posts too. Our esteemed talpidae (the scientific name for moles) participate from time to time. They seem to find our speculations about what they are doing quite entertaining.

In this thread for example, Diamond Marchant posted a photo of herself by a parked LDPW car in an SSP region under development and asked if there was going to be a drive-in movie theatre. Abnor Mole promptly responded Sure. Why not? and posted a Gyazo with a screen wedged into the landscape!

In another recent thread a new game has begun in which residents who find Abnor's lost wallet are rewarded with Mole Trading Cards - new collectables that (according to Abnor);

...are a thing and they are something new. Each Mole makes their own (keep in mind not everyone has done one yet). Some Moles will make multiple ones or special ones or seasonal ones, and we can give them to residents. Think of them like Mole Bears, just easier to rez or wear (and lower LI).

Leora Greenwood was kind enough to share an image of one of Abnor's trading cards with the group. 

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 23.26.25
Photograph © Leora Greenwood

It's not all frivolity though. Abnor also posts public works updates such as this one; 

For those of you who enjoy driving on the mainland roads, the bridge that was "out" in Davros/Fenric at the southern end of Route 8 has been fixed. 

506433351c235d2dc9bf4a2e53680c4bSo there's interesting information to be found among the joshing and teasing.

Browsing the Linden Homes section of the forums, I discovered the original discussion about Bellisseria when it was first in development. People were speculating about the new SSP regions and what they might be for. As SSP originally stood for "Super Secret Project", the Lindens and Moles were not giving any clues. Garnet Psaltery broke the news with the question;

There's a new group of regions, possibly a new continent, it seems, with regions named SSPn.  I only know about this from seeing a Flickr photo by Daniel Voyager.  Does anyone know what it's for? 

Fionalein commented; 

Wow looks like the start of a new continent ... 80 sims. Either the Lindens are up to something or there is a new giant private investor...

Which elicited a response from Patch Linden; 

What's a "sim"? I am TOTALLY up to something!

It's great that these historical discussions are still online. We can look back and smile now we know exactly what Patch was up to!

If you come across interesting discussions in the forums that you'd like to share with readers of The Gazette, please email the Editor using the link in the sidebar or drop a notecard in his mailbox at our office.


No action is required on your part but your Stamp Finder (StaFi) HUD has been updated with new features. They are all explained in this photo, courtesy of our very own Robert Rhodan.



We opened a new post office at Jeogeot last week, for which a new stamp was designed. We have now decided to make stamps for all post office locations with passport terminals in the same new style, so as to give the BBB Postal Service a consistent brand. The older locations have been in the Gazette Online Travel Guide (and now the StaFi HUD) for a while and many of you will already have the old stamps. If you'd like to collect the new ones however, you are welcome to present your passport again!

Bellisseria Main PO Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 23.01.46 Horizons Post Office #1 Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 23.02.45
Sansara Post Office #1 Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 23.03.58 Satori Post Office #1 Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 23.06.01

Devil Ray Distribution is a practical working location but not without its charm. It's a GTFO! marine and aviation hub in Nautilus, accepting medium watercraft, large helicopters and medium seaplanes.  It is in the South-East corner of the region and the easiest access is travelling North from Gunnel. Fuel is available.

You'll see working freight ships, float planes and helicopters coming and going to the docks and landing pads but you'll also see people using it as a place to relax and enjoy a spot of fishing! 

Her Excellency Dariah wrote in last weeks' edition of The Gazette about Mount Campion National Forest in Heterocera. It's long been a favourite location for landscape photographers and hikers in SL. Now the peak of Mount Campion itself has a passport stamp, in addition to the stamp already available at the park information point

Our very own Amanda – artist and stamp designer – has built a new café at her art gallery and has designed a new stamp to go with it. So this is NOT the café that she formerly had in the guide. It's a new café and a new stamp. 

Finally, not a new stamp but a new location, the Dreamland Cheese Shop has moved. The cheese is just as delicious as before and the stamp is unchanged, so do be careful not to get a duplicate! 

Devil Ray Distribution 30 July 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.001 Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 11.56.17
Mount Campion National Forest

Aug 6 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.003

Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 11.53.38
AmandaT Tamatzui Gallery Café

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 10.51.51

Dreamland - Cheese Shop (relocated)

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00 copy.001

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 11.04.20


Mount Campion Hiking Tour | Visa HUD #8 is now available | New Post Office on Jeogeot | Wheedle's Video Review of SL19B | Meet the Team: Mr Beeb | A Community Resource | NatureCon 2022 | New Locations


Visit at Mount CampionH.E. Dariah Raynier, Honorary Ambassador to Heterocera, visited the Mount Campion Caves National Forest on Heterocera on 13th July 2022. Dariah met with Mar Scarmon, founder of this famous park in Second Life®.
62F40501-93A3-4278-B0D3-BD2A107D7220Mount Campion is the highest mountain in mainland SL. The park area covers over 166,000 square metres of park land connected over six regions. Below the mountains is the largest natural cave system in SL. Ambassador Raynier hiked through the park, guided by Mar "Marz" Scarmon and community director and ranger Hex Shining North Star (hextar).
Dariah was fascinated by the beauty and details of this natural space on Heterocera. The extensive system of natural caves, miles of scenic trails, meadows, canyons and forests are really worth a visit. After the tour she and Marz agreed to organise a guided tour. She told The Gazette;
I am happy to offer a hiking expedition through the park for all interested SL residents and friends of Nature. We will get a special guided ninety minute tour and I am sure the ranger will show us some most beautiful and relaxing spots and answer our questions. So the motto of this excursion is Hiking - Nature - Learning.
Please, polish your hiking boots, grab your backpack and don't forget your photo equipment and passport.
The event is next Saturday, 30th July 2022 and starts at 9AM SLT. The entrance is at route 3 on Heterocera. Please follow the path up to the office hut, where the tour will start.


HQ Pic by SunWe keep on issuing those stamps and you keep on collecting them. We hope you're all having fun with our pretend- bureaucracy. We certainly are.

If you've been assiduous in your collecting (or if you've picked up any duplicates) you'll be running out of space soon, so Visa HUD #8 has now been issued and is available for collection at BBB HQ – along with the earlier Visa HUDs.

The HUDs are available near both the HQ stamp terminal and the dispenser for the new StaFi HUD announced last week. If you own a qualifying (non-commercial) site and want to get in on the stamp-issuing action, you can get your application form here. 

There's at lot going on at our HQ these days, with a Post Office and editorial offices for the Parade of Homes Review and The Gazette as wall as for the BBB itself. We've improved the signage there to help you find your way around. In a special SL touch, the signs will teleport you directly to the location if you right click and select "teleport".


Jeogeot PO imageWe are pleased to announce that the BBB Postal service has launched a brand new post office location! It serves the continent of Jeogeot and is located here. This post office location also comes with a brand new passport stamp, for those of you who enjoy collecting them.

Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 06.28.58Residents of Jeogeot now have their own local post office, where they can obtain their personal mail box. Then they can rez it on their property, and receive email directly at their house. Or, if they prefer, they can skip putting out a mailbox – instead they can collect their mail directly from the PO Boxes located at the post office.

And, of course, they can mail letters and packages (e.g., transferable notecards and objects) directly from the post office as well.

For those of you who dont know what the BBB Postal Service is, it is a community building mechanism that allows residents to communicate and interact with each other. There is nothing that it does that you could not accomplish in IMs, but this way is a bit more immersive and “fun” that simply sending an IM. You can send or receive letters (e.g., notecards). cards or packages (e.g. SL Objects) to/from anyone else in SL. However there is one limitation – anything sent through the mail must have “Transfer” permission.

Anyone who is an SL resident can send or receive mail through BBB’s postal service. You dont even have to own property, because you can collect your mail directly from one of BBB’s post office locations.

Article and photograph by Teresa Firelight. Stamp design by Sun.


Wheedle Resident (aka in Real Life – Perry McClusky) has a YouTube channel where he has published SL-related videos since 2018. He visited the BBB stand at SL19B and featured it – and our own dear colleague Sun – in the film he made about the event. With his kind permission, here it is. 


Mr Beeb_001
This week we will meet the staff member known for quotes like

I consider myself cruel but fair.

This is the same staff member who sent us post cards from his vacation that said

So glad you are not here! and You must be missing me terribly. Tough!

I guess you might say that our Chief Inspector of Passports is not known for his warmth or interpersonal skills. All the same, he is known and loved (?) by many. Let's learn a bit more about him.

1. How long have you been in SL?

Too long, so many awful people here.

2. How long you lived in Belli?

See response to question one! Some people never even cut their lawns!

3. What is your favorite thing about Bellisseria?

When nobody is around and Mrs Beeb and I can collate my beetle collection in peace.

4. What motivated you to join the BBB team?

Foolishness. What a drunken ill disciplined lot. But luckily they have me to set an example.

5. What are your BBB responsibilities?

The boss said my skills lay more in a roving inspector role. Apparently my amazing skills caused jealously in my colleagues so better if I worked alone.

6. What is the most fun thing you have ever done as a BBB staff member?

When I went on an extended holiday.

7. Tell us one thing about yourself that most people do not know.

I'm not quite as cheery as I am in public.

8. Do you have anything else you would like to share?

I'd like to share discipline and a sense of duty but it's wasted on most of you.

Article and photograph by Teresa Firelight


A stamp-issuing location that has not had much coverage in The Gazette is the BBB headquarters building itself. Maybe you visited long ago, when you applied for your passport, driving licence or registration plate and haven't been back since? You should take another look. Though we say so ourselves, it's a great community resource – and not just for Bellisserians.

In the Events Room on the ground floor of the main building, for example, there's information about what's going on in Bellisseria and beyond. You can pick up LMs and information about ferry services, bus tours and DJ Far's long-running Friday Parties, for example. If you've a not-for-profit event or service you'd like to publicise, why not let us have a poster to place?

On the other side of the ground floor, at the back of the building, is the BBB Office itself. Say "hi" to our receptionist while you're there. She's not very chatty alas.

At the front of the building is the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy User Group (BBBug) Room. Here you can find group gifts and all the resources and information you need to apply for and continue to use our services. There's also information about our sister organisation, the Continental Passport Control Board, which issues the passports for the Mainland continents of Second Life® and generic SL passports for residents of Private Estates and the homeless.

These two rooms are what you'd probably expect, but there is so much more to be found!

Upstairs is our Embassy Room with information about attractions on the Mainland Continents, our Diplomatic Corps and LMs to take you to our embassies. There's a coffee machine and light refreshments. Here, as throughout the building, there's comfortable seating. Unlike in the offices of Real Life bureaucracies – you are very welcome to hang out. 

Also upstairs are the elegant offices of another BBB service; the Bellisseria Parade of Homes (PoH). You'll not have read much about it here at The Gazette, because it has its own publication – the Bellisseria Parade of Homes Review (the Review). PoH publicises open houses around Bellisseria, where proud owners make visitors welcome to check out their interior decor and gardens. They're all in the official listings in the side bar to the Review. If you're decorating your own home anywhere in SL, visiting open houses is a good way to get some ideas. The Review majors in interior design tips and shrewd recommendations for furnishings, decor and gardening.

The third upstairs room is our fully-equipped photo studio - open to all for taking passport photos. 

To the left and right of the main building respectively, are the HQ Post Office and the offices of The Gazette. If you want to deliver copy and/or photographs to our editor in person, you are more than welcome to visit. If he's not in, there's a mailbox for the purpose. Of course you can always pick up the latest edition from the traditional US-style vending machine out front. Also in front of the editorial office is the landing spot where SL time lords are welcome to park their Tardis.

The HQ Post Office has mailboxes for you to post or collect your letters or parcels using the BBB Postal Service. It also has the resources you need to learn about the service, which is a fun way to stay in touch with your SL friends. If you want to receive mail at home, you can get a personal mailbox here. Whether you have one or not, you can always check for mail at any of our post offices. 

There are lovely gardens around our buildings. Not far from the front entrance is a vehicle rez zone. At the rear, you'll find a charming terrace overlooking the gardens. Feel free to make yourselves at home and relax or, if you're ready to leave us, follow the signs to the boat rez zone and sail off to explore this lovely coastal region.

Whether you are a member of BBBug, a customer of the CPCB or not, you are most welcome to visit. We're very proud of our offices and want you all to enjoy them. Please come over and make yourselves at home. 


You'll be hearing more about NatureCon here shortly but in the meantime, here's a link to a blogpost by our old friend Becca Ordinary. 


As reported above, the new Post Office in Jeogeot is opened and issuing – not just virtual postage stamps – but a passport stamp too.

Another new location this week is Buffalo Springs Airfield in the alpine chalet homes area of Bellisseria. This serene sylvan location looks like a simple country airstrip, but is one of the most useful transport hubs on the Linden Continent. It provides not only a place where you can land or rez your aircraft but a boat rez dock and a road vehicle rez zone. From here you can fly, sail or drive around Bellisseria. Even better; you can fly or sail to the nearby mainland continent of Satori. This is one of the places where the Linden Continent is bringing the separated mainland continents together, so if you're serious about your Second Life® exploring, it's an important place to grab an LM that you will use again and again.

Jeogeot Post Office #1 BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 14.52.21
Buffalo Springs Airfield BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 09.40.18

HQ Post Office | Meet the team: Robert | New tech for our users | Belli Blues Café's 3rd Birthday

BBB HQ POST OFFICEBBB Stamp Location Bellisseria PO #1 HQ_001
There is now a post office at our headquarters in Swordfish. Viewed from the road as you approach the front door, you'll see it to the left of our main building.

Unlike our other post offices, this one will not issue a passport stamp. We don't want to issue too many stamps at one of our official locations. The directory of SLURLs in the sidebar to The Gazette has been updated accordingly. 

We can also report that, thanks to a kind offer of space from a BBBug member, there will be a new Post Office opening soon on the mainland continent of Jeogeot. It is under construction even as The Gazette goes to pixels this week. Watch future editions for updates!


Robert_003k (2)
This week we meet one of our newest staff members, who also happens to be a great innovator: Robert Rhodan

1. How long have you been in SL?

I started in 2013, but quit for RL reasons in 2014. Eight years passed. I found myself retired and heart-broken due to the RL loss of the most important person in my life. I decided to try SL again.”

2. How long have you lived in Bellisseria?

I settled in Bellisseria in February 2022, when I upgraded to Premium to obtain a Linden Home.

3. What is your favourite thing about Bellisseria?

Naming just one is a challenge. Well, I will quote from the wonderful verses my dear BBB friend Dave has written for the still unfinished "Ode to Belli" suite:

"Oh Bellisseria, home to you and me. From Norse Auk to Fantasseria, fair lands and crystal seas.

Oh Bellisseria, Mers frolic in your sea, and friends will take good care of ya wherever you may be.

Oh Bellisseria, sociable and free. We dance and drink where'ere we are, happy and neighbourly."

His verses express well what's so loveable about Belli and its citizens.

4. What motivated you to join the BBB team?

I saw the BBB team at the fairgrounds, and was impressed how unselfishly they support the community. So I wanted to contribute too.

5. What are your BBB responsibilities?

I design passport stamps, program stamp terminals, assist with the Online Travel Guide, shoot occasional machinima movies, and get on the nerves of my colleagues with never-ending techno-babble about ideas to improve things in search of the better mouse-trap.

6. What is the most fun thing you have ever done as a BBB staff member?

It was exceptionally fun for me to chat with visitors who came to collect my stamp, both at BBB3B (Belliseria’s 3rdAnniversary) and at BBB’s SL19B booth. I also had a lot of fun helping to organize some of the events at BBB3B.

The most hilarious thing I did ? Well, we had this exceptionally looooong BBB team meeting, and when it ended I wanted to get home really fast. So I flew home in a small plane and landed on the street in front of my house. This ‘stunt’ almost cost me my pilot licence though.

[At this point Robert gave a grin that made this reporter wonder if he really did this or is just inventing a fun story to make the interview more exciting]

7. Tell us one thing about yourself that most people do not know.

Aaahh, now we're digging up deep dark secrets? There are none. But in case you're insisting: My RL name is listed in the NASA Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. This means so much to me.

8. Do you have anything else you would like to share?

Yes, I do. We need to cherish what amazing things SL gives us. Remember that the RL person behind the keyboard can be anything: male, female, young, old, or (like myself) old but young at heart. But none of that matters. We should value the behaviour and the personality they show in SL, not what they are in RL.

Second Life lets people do things they cannot do in real life. It is especially wonderful for anyone handicapped in RL, because they can have fun doing things in SL, such as dancing, hiking, mountain climbing, etc. It provides a place where anyone, regardless of RL limitations, can find wonderful happiness. And I am very glad to be a part of that.

Article and photograph by Teresa Firelight


StaFi beta In world_004
A beta version of StaFi being tested in world

Since first we issued passports, we've also published a weekly notecard, painstakingly produced by hand, containing LMs to all stamp-issuing locations.

For many BBBug users (and for all Mainland Passport users) this has been overtaken by the Gazette Online Travel Guide. Some of you, however, prefer to get your updates in-world and we want to accommodate you.

From today we are replacing the weekly notecard with an automated system we call StaFi. This is a prim you can rez on your screen as a HUD. You don't need a new one each week as it updates automatically. Just click on it and it will show you the latest stamp-issuing locations – neatly categorised.

We are issuing copies to all BBBug and CPCB members today. You'll find it enclosed with the group notifications of this edition of The Gazette. A dispenser will also be set up at BBBHQ.

If you don't get your copy, please just IM Robert Rhodan, the creator of StaFi, in-world. Here's a video he made of how to use the HUD. 

Modest to a fault, Robert has specifically asked that we credit not just him, but his colleagues Sun and Zoe and our Editor Dave, with the creation of this fancy new gizmo.

Robert also has plans for special editions of StaFi to serve as pocket travel guides for other purposes. For example there could be a guide to locations at an SL event or to Rez Zones for boats or planes. Please send Robert your feedback, bug reports and/or suggestions as to special editions.


Belli Blues Cafe turns three years old today – July 16th – and will be celebrating all day long. In case you are not familiar, the cafe is in Bellisseria and has a stamp you can collect – being one of our very earliest stamp locations. Weekly live music performances are staged there and it is very much worth visiting.

The all day celebration party will not be held at the cafe itself because way too many people are anticipated. Instead, it will be hosted at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds, as part of the Big Splash Adventure Oasis Water Park event organised by the Bellisseria Hammies. That event is of course issuing its own special passport stamp.

The all-star Blues lineup includes:

10 AM to Noon SLT DJ Stephanie
Noon to 1 PM SLT Paradorn Ansar (Live Singer)
1-2 PM SLT Missing Lynx Musical Dance Theater
2-3 PM SLT Virtual Live Band
3-4 PM SLT Reality? Maybe Band
4-6 PM SLT DJ Shamu

While every one of the activities is well worth visiting, owner Prudence Anton has shared a short teaser video to entice you to the musical dance theater performance. You can view it on YouTube, by clicking here.

Article by Teresa Firelight. Photograph by Prudence Anton

SL19B ends | Meet the Team: Sceneris | BBB/DoSL Grid Drive Video Review | New Locations


Visitors on final day
visitors on our stand | click to enlarge

If you all enjoyed the SL19B events as much as we did, dear readers, you'll have had a good time. It was wonderful to chat with so many of our users and potential users  

We were not tracking total numbers of visitors at our SL19B stand, but can report that the event passport stamp was issued almost 600 times. We are very happy with that number, which makes it our most issued stamp ever.

The Moles have in fact extended access to the exhibitor stands until the 10th July, so you still have a final chance to visit and collect the event stamp. However the SSiD tablets that issued personal staff and diplomat stamps stopped working on the planned closing date, July 5th. We congratulate those of you who collected them all. We hope you all enjoyed collecting however many you managed to get.

Onwards and upwards to even greater things for SL's 20th birthday this time next year. 


Sceneris | click to enlarge

This week we get to meet the person who shoots most of those amazing videos we see, Sceneris Resident.

1. How long have you been in SL?

I have been in SL around for 3 years now

2. How long you lived in Belli?

I have also lived in Belli for 3 years now.

3. What is your favorite thing about Bellisseria?

I like how Bellisseria is modern, and I find it refreshing to chill with the people there.

4. What motivated you to join the BBB team?

My friend joined the team, and I joined with her.

5. What are your BBB responsibilities?

I am a sideline videographer.

6. What is the most fun thing you have ever done as a BBB staff member?

Filming the Lindens and the Moles.

7. Tell us one thing about yourself that most people do not know.

I live in a different time zone, so most people don't see me online.

8. Do you have anything else you would like to share?

I am probably one of the most stealthy members of the BBB!

Article and photo by Teresa Firelight


Zada Bury took part in last week's stamp rally grid drive organised jointly by the BBB and Drivers of SL (DoSL). She's a Zindra resident and so picked up a generic SL passport from one of our embassies in order to take part. She made this snappy little YouTube video about it. We enjoyed it and thought you would too. So, with Zada's kind permission, here it is.


Firstly, not a new location but a change of location. The Honorary Consulate of Titania has moved to this new location. The new Honorary Consul there is Henry Hutchence. It's issuing the same stamp though, so be careful not to get a duplicate. Our scripts will tell you if you try to add the same stamp to the same Passport or Visa HUD, but can't detect duplicates between different HUDs. So if in doubt check your earlier HUDs before you clickety-click. 

There is another change of location in process. Juliana Dethletter of the New Kadath Lighthouse Art Gallery has informed the BBB that it will be moving to a new full region. The terminal has been removed until the new region is ready, so watch this space and the Online Travel Guide for the new location in due course. 

One of the biggest and most fun events of the Bellisseria social calendar is underway. The Belli Hammies, bless their fur and whiskers, have once more built their famous Big Splash Adventure Oasis Water Park at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. The event is already underway and the special limited edition event stamp is available now! Go get your fur wet and have some fun with H2O!

Our viking friends at Rungardvik have two new permanent stamps on offer. One is at their temple and the other is at the great tree Yggdrasil, which – despite it being the immense tree that contains all the nine worlds in their cosmology, they've somehow managed to contain within Second Life®! 

Check both out but please tread softly on sacred ground. The Norse Gods were not as big on forgiveness as more modern ones and The Gazette cannot be held liable for injuries incurred from thunderbolts or flying hammers. 

Big Splash Adventure Oasis Water Park, BE

July 7th to August 6th, 2022

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2022-07-09 at 08.08.46
Rungardvik - Temple of the Gods PE 9 Jul 22 BBB Stamp Locations.001 Screenshot 2022-07-09 at 08.08.00
Rungardvik - Yggdrasil PE 9 Jul 22 BBB Stamp Locations.002 Screenshot 2022-07-09 at 08.08.18

SL19B Continues | Meet the team: Amanda | Drivers of SL/BBB Stamp Rally | GOTG v2.00 goes live | Events at Stamp Locations | New Locations


Founder & Wife at SL19B
Click to enlarge | Photo by Pru

We at the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy (BBB) and the Continental Passport Control Board (CPCB) are having a good time at SL19B. We hope you are too. The presentations and musical performances are all over now, but the shopping malls and exhibitions remain open until July 5th.

It's amazing to think that metaverses are the "new thing" at the moment and yet our own virtual world is already coming to the end of its second decade.

Sun and Teresa did a wonderful job designing and building our steampunk stand to fit this year's theme. Many visitors have complimented us on it. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can find us here at SLB Electrify. Come and chat! 

The picture above shows Fiona and Boo on the SL19B stand carrying their SSiD (Single Stamp issuing Devices). When you see SSiDs being held by any of our bureaucrats or diplomats, you can touch them to apply their personal stamps to your passport. Already we are hearing occasional shouts of joy from the avid collectors who have bagged all sixteen stamps!

SL19B is fun. Avoid the dreaded FOMO and get over here! 


Amanda | click to enlarge

This week we meet an RL and SL artist who found a way to use her artistic ability in the BBB, AmandaT Tamatzui.

How long have you been in SL?

I discovered SL in 2007, but gave up after a few weeks (because I thought my avi looked hideous and I am too vain*). Then in 2009, I heard about it again and here I am.

How long have you lived in Bellisseria?

I only discovered Belli in August of 2021. This was thanks to Dave, our BBB colleague, who took me there and showed me around.

What is your favourite thing about Bellisseria?

Two things really. First, I love how alive the Belli folks are. I have met many adorable folks since I moved here. Second, I love the famous beauty of Bellisseria!

What motivated you to join the BBB team?

Boo met me at the BBB post office and discovered that I am an artist. He checked out my work, then asked me to do designs with his talented team. I took a look at what they do, and I was inspired. So I accepted his offer and joined the team. It has been a pleasure designing for our passport stamp textures. I also enjoy making posters when needed.

What are your BBB responsibilities?

I design passport stamps, perform customer service and help Belli folks discover our stamp collecting and lovely places to explore.

What is the most fun thing you have ever done as a BBB staff member?

Meeting the visitors at events like BBB2B and SL19B.

Tell us one thing about yourself that most people do not know.

Apart from painting (I am an RL painter), I also like to sing.

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

Belli folks are lovely and they are always welcome to my land on mainland for events etc. No one should feel lonely in SL, so if you see me around, remember that I am happy to chat!

Article and photograph by Teresa Firelight. 

* It seems that Linden Lab's marketing team has now addressed this issue (which we are sure didn't only affect Amanda) with the announcement of new mesh system avatars. Let's hope it helps keep more SL-curious people in-world! Ed.


Saturday 25th June at midnight SLT saw the live run of the revamped joint Drivers of SL (DoSL) and Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy (BBB) Grid Drive. It was the same route as last year's but revised to begin and end at the new BBB HQ at Swordfish. Thank you, Christi Charron, for taking the time and trouble to update the navigation HUD.

You'd have thought a revamped drive might not be so popular, but it was! Both seasoned DoSL drivers and those new to SL vehicles came in huge numbers. In twenty-four hours we had over one hundred and eighty unique visitors at the HQ, most of them there for the drive!

After receiving all the documentation at the BBB HQ the participants were TP'd to the start line at the Red Hook rez point.

Red Hook Start
And they're off! | click to enlarge

The large number of participants severely tested the Red Hook region. Once we set off and spread out a little, the drive was a breeze for most. The excellent and unique DoSL navigation HUD provided free vehicles for those without their own. The drive takes place exclusively within the confines of Bellisseria and includes boat, rail, road, and walking sections.

There was a generous reward for finishing the course, provided by the reward sponsor Dad's Garage.

There are seven passport stamps to collect along the way, either using the mini stamp HUD provided or your own passport. Since last year's drive we now have passports for all of course, so the mini stamp HUD is less important! Some passport holders who already had the stamps used the mini stamp HUD to collect them again as a souvenir of the event. 

The Navigation HUD is available permanently in the event area at the HQ so have a go in your own time and collect the reward at the end! Allow around an hour to complete, or a little longer if you are new to SL vehicles and navigation. The HUD allows you to stop and begin again at another time.

By way of an exclusive heads up for readers of The Gazette, we can reveal that BBB and DoSL staff are in the initial stages of planning a second joint grid drive. It looks pretty exciting. These drives involve a lot of work to create, but we're hoping, if all goes well, the next drive will be in a few months' time. Dare we say, Soon™ ? 

Drivers of SL run weekly drives all over SL every weekend. There's a group joiner at the BBB HQ if you want to keep up to date.

Safe journeys!

Article and photo by Boo Royjo, Founder and CEO of the BBB


Screenshot 2022-07-01 at 10.03.34
We have successfully concluded our beta testing and version 2 of our Online Travel Guide is now live. The link in the Information & Resources section of the sidebar to the left now takes you to the new guide, which is automatically updated from the BBB and CPCB location databases.

We have also added a new feature, which is a link to this week's and last week's new locations. So if you're just looking to catch up on the stamps you haven't collected yet, you don't have to go through the category listings to find them. 

We thank our colleague Robert Rhodan for astutely suggesting and skilfully implementing this innovation. We hope you will enjoy it.


Airport Art_001
Our art correspondent visits | click to enlarge

One of our stamp locations in the Airports/Ports/Railway stations category – Gateway International Airport in Sansara – has opened a huge art gallery, which is currently putting on an exhibition featuring 2D art by Zia Branner and Nils Urqhart and 3D art by Terra Merhyem and Rage Darkstone. 

Screenshot 2022-07-01 at 18.20.56With the delays travellers there are currently experiencing, this might be a good idea for RL airports!

Inara Pey's splendid blog has all the details.

For our part, we'd just recommend you visit. If you haven't already, you can take the opportunity to get the airport's stamp in your passport while you're there. 

Can we also just say, if you have a BBB/CPCB stamp terminal at your location in-world, we at the Gazette will always be happy to report on your events and innovations? You can send your press release and photos to the editor using the email link in the sidebar. You may also want to contact the Bellissarian ambassador to your continent. 

Speaking of events at stamp locations, here's a fun video from our old friend Becca Ordinary. It is a mashup of the last three Far's Friday Parties in Bellisseria. Becca says

DJ FAR has had a party every Friday almost as long as there has been a Bellisseria and they are always fun. I took video at the last three FAR Day Parties and mashed it all into one musical ball here hoping you like them! For more info on the Friday Parties in Bellisseria join his group, Far's

DJ Far also issues stamps from his Sakura home. When the parties are not at his place, they are often (as you'll see if you watch the video carefully) at other stamp-issuing locations. If you haven't been to one of them, you really should.  


Verdant Falls Community Center is, in the words of its owner

Just a quiet place to relax. Sit by the fire, watch a movie. Rez a vehicle to drive if you want. 50 minute return time. Playground in the back.

We always think it's wonderful that people pay for premium membership and then donate their precious Linden Home in Bellisseria to community purposes. Mr S., who owns this location, is an SL philanthropist and we salute him.

Verdant Falls Community Center BE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 09.01.33