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DR Ferry Services (DRFS) is an official NatureCon 2022 collaborator and will be offering a special service for the event. From August 18-31, visitors will be able to travel to the convention site by ferry.
The brand new ferry DRFS 22-111 Bellisseria Shuttle will sail several times a day between Bellisseria and the NatureCon 2022 site on Sansara according to a timetable. Departures will be Monday through Sunday from Utopia Point. The Bellisseria Shuttle will sail a route between Utopia Point, Norse Auk Lighthouse, Osmium (convention site), Axel Harbor, Osmium (convention site), Port Scandium and back to Utopia Point.
DRFS - 2
DRFS - 2
On Mondays through Fridays, Naturecon can be reached once a day from Bellisseria Fairgrounds. There will be three feeder trips from Bellisseria Fairgrounds on Saturdays and two on Sundays.
Information on landmark tickets to the departure points and the ferry departure schedule will be available on the DRFS website from August 1st, 2022.
As a souvenir all passengers will receive a special DRFS ferry ticket, valid for an unlimited number of trips throughout NatureCon. As an extra for all BBB and CPCB passport holders, a special travel stamp can be collected from the ferry captain's tablet computer! Don't miss this rare opportunity.
DR Ferry Services is looking both for cooperation partners and for people who want to become a ferry pilot and sail the Linden Seas. If you are interested please contact DRFS in-world by IM to Dariah Raynier at DR Ferry Services HQ, 48081 West Road, Millers Pond, Bellisseria.
Article and photographs by H.E. Dariah Raynier


Last, and hopefully “not least,” I am also a member of the team. So I am sharing my interview with you:

1. How long have you been in SL?

It seems like all my life ... hehe ... but it is actually only been a little over 12 years.

2. How long you lived in Belli?

Since Oct of 2020

3. What is your favorite thing about Bellisseria?

I love the strong sense of community and the overall friendliness of the people who I have met there.

4. What motivated you to join the BBB team?

I was very impressed with what Prudence was doing there, and her work inspired me to want to be a part of the team and start making contributions as well.

5. What are your BBB responsibilities?

That is a good question. I was originally hired to assist one of the scripters with a big secret project... unfortunately other urgent projects and RL got in his way, and that project was more or less abandoned.

So I started filling in where things were needed. I am an avid photographer (trained by Visionaire) so I started doing photography for BBB, and also started assisting the scripters with testing and documentation. They were also looking for writers for the Gazette and Parade of Homes Review, so I started doing that on a regular basis as well.

Then RL demands claimed Ghost (the person who conceptualized the Post Office and originally managed it). So I inherited the post office, where I work closely with North (who scripted it.)

Then some events came up that needed help with builds... I had experience in that department too, so I volunteered to help with the first one and ended up as part of the events build team... building for BBB's Second Anniversary, Belliserria's Third Anniversay and SL19B.

So what are my BBB responsibilities? I guess the answer is that I have my fingers in a lot of pies and try to do whatever is needed at the moment.

6. What is the most fun thing you have ever done as a BBB staff member?

That is a hard one... I can't choose between two things so I will mention both. I had an opportunity to photograph the moles and some of the Lindens for the opening of the Fantasy Community. It was really fun to see all (or at least most) of the moles in a single location. The second thing is using my personal SSID (Stamp giver) at some events and meeting all the nice people who came to collect my stamp.

7. Tell us one thing about yourself that most people do not know.

In real life I am a published author and I enjoy both writing and reading.... I can't spell worth Jelly beans and I typo a lot... that is what Editors are for... to fix those mistakes.

8. Do you have anything else you would like to share?

This ‘Meet the team’ series has been a lot of fun for me. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Article & Photograph by Teresa Firelight


Although an SL'er for over fifteen years, your editor only recently discovered the community forums. There's usually lively chat going on there and some fun posts too. Our esteemed talpidae (the scientific name for moles) participate from time to time. They seem to find our speculations about what they are doing quite entertaining.

In this thread for example, Diamond Marchant posted a photo of herself by a parked LDPW car in an SSP region under development and asked if there was going to be a drive-in movie theatre. Abnor Mole promptly responded Sure. Why not? and posted a Gyazo with a screen wedged into the landscape!

In another recent thread a new game has begun in which residents who find Abnor's lost wallet are rewarded with Mole Trading Cards - new collectables that (according to Abnor);

...are a thing and they are something new. Each Mole makes their own (keep in mind not everyone has done one yet). Some Moles will make multiple ones or special ones or seasonal ones, and we can give them to residents. Think of them like Mole Bears, just easier to rez or wear (and lower LI).

Leora Greenwood was kind enough to share an image of one of Abnor's trading cards with the group. 

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 23.26.25
Photograph © Leora Greenwood

It's not all frivolity though. Abnor also posts public works updates such as this one; 

For those of you who enjoy driving on the mainland roads, the bridge that was "out" in Davros/Fenric at the southern end of Route 8 has been fixed. 

506433351c235d2dc9bf4a2e53680c4bSo there's interesting information to be found among the joshing and teasing.

Browsing the Linden Homes section of the forums, I discovered the original discussion about Bellisseria when it was first in development. People were speculating about the new SSP regions and what they might be for. As SSP originally stood for "Super Secret Project", the Lindens and Moles were not giving any clues. Garnet Psaltery broke the news with the question;

There's a new group of regions, possibly a new continent, it seems, with regions named SSPn.  I only know about this from seeing a Flickr photo by Daniel Voyager.  Does anyone know what it's for? 

Fionalein commented; 

Wow looks like the start of a new continent ... 80 sims. Either the Lindens are up to something or there is a new giant private investor...

Which elicited a response from Patch Linden; 

What's a "sim"? I am TOTALLY up to something!

It's great that these historical discussions are still online. We can look back and smile now we know exactly what Patch was up to!

If you come across interesting discussions in the forums that you'd like to share with readers of The Gazette, please email the Editor using the link in the sidebar or drop a notecard in his mailbox at our office.


No action is required on your part but your Stamp Finder (StaFi) HUD has been updated with new features. They are all explained in this photo, courtesy of our very own Robert Rhodan.



We opened a new post office at Jeogeot last week, for which a new stamp was designed. We have now decided to make stamps for all post office locations with passport terminals in the same new style, so as to give the BBB Postal Service a consistent brand. The older locations have been in the Gazette Online Travel Guide (and now the StaFi HUD) for a while and many of you will already have the old stamps. If you'd like to collect the new ones however, you are welcome to present your passport again!

Bellisseria Main PO Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 23.01.46 Horizons Post Office #1 Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 23.02.45
Sansara Post Office #1 Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 23.03.58 Satori Post Office #1 Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 23.06.01

Devil Ray Distribution is a practical working location but not without its charm. It's a GTFO! marine and aviation hub in Nautilus, accepting medium watercraft, large helicopters and medium seaplanes.  It is in the South-East corner of the region and the easiest access is travelling North from Gunnel. Fuel is available.

You'll see working freight ships, float planes and helicopters coming and going to the docks and landing pads but you'll also see people using it as a place to relax and enjoy a spot of fishing! 

Her Excellency Dariah wrote in last weeks' edition of The Gazette about Mount Campion National Forest in Heterocera. It's long been a favourite location for landscape photographers and hikers in SL. Now the peak of Mount Campion itself has a passport stamp, in addition to the stamp already available at the park information point

Our very own Amanda – artist and stamp designer – has built a new café at her art gallery and has designed a new stamp to go with it. So this is NOT the café that she formerly had in the guide. It's a new café and a new stamp. 

Finally, not a new stamp but a new location, the Dreamland Cheese Shop has moved. The cheese is just as delicious as before and the stamp is unchanged, so do be careful not to get a duplicate! 

Devil Ray Distribution 30 July 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.001 Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 11.56.17
Mount Campion National Forest

Aug 6 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.003

Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 11.53.38
AmandaT Tamatzui Gallery Café

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 10.51.51

Dreamland - Cheese Shop (relocated)

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00 copy.001

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 11.04.20



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