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There are many new locations issuing stamps this week. That's partly to do with NatureCon 2022, an event that will run from August 18th - 31st. Its noble mission is;

to inspire connections between related SL communities and organisations through a shared love of exploration and expressions of Nature in SL

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 13.35.19NatureCon 2022 is produced by Soull Starlight and Her Excellency Yukiko Yeshto, Hon Ambassador of Bellisseria to Sansara; two community-minded residents with a background in community management and event planning. They were recently featured on Lab Gab and find joy in bringing unique experiences to the grid. Soull is known for her luxury Mainland experiences and Yuki is famous for her tours, in which many of us have taken part. Yuki explained to us how NatureCon came about; 

During a morning-coffee-chitchat Soull was saying she'd love to see tech conferences in SL. As we talked in IM, we realised we were each at separate forest locations on Mainland. I suggested an event on the theme of Nature and so NatureCon was born. It took us about another hour to plot our main goals and ideas. We both enjoy Mainland and Bellisseria. Soull offers many places on Mainland continents for residents to enjoy. I, as Ambassador for Sansara, have a direct connection to Bellisseria. So it was natural (no pun intended) for us to wonder how to bring them together and support the whole SL community. We originally planned a 3-day-conference around Nature at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds but everyone we asked was so excited to be part of it that we ended up on event regions between Sansara and Bellisseria. Which perfectly matches with our idea of connecting Mainland (and in my case, especially Sansara) with Bellisseria through a shared love for Nature. We started with ten collaborators for a 3-day conference on a quarter region but ended up with more than fifty collaborators for a two week conference in 2 regions!
The BBB, CPCB and The Gazette are happy to be involved with this exciting new project. The BBB will have a stand there, with a surprise nature exhibit so please be sure to visit us and check it out. There will be a time-limited special event stamp for your passport.
BBB at NatureCon 2022
We hope this is going to become one of the regular features of the Second Life® events calendar. 


H.E. Dariah Raynier reports that last week's 90-minute guided tour of Mount Campion National Park was a great success. She kindly  provided these photos of the event. 

If you'd like to get a sense of what it's like to be on such a tour, check out this video from the esteemed SL Newser, made by BBB Bureaucrat Robert Rhodan.


H.E. Yukiko Yeshto, Hon. Ambassador to Sansara, drew our attention to this Flickr Album of photos of SL19B by Wildstar Beaumont. They include several excellent images of the Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy's stand. We thought you might enjoy checking them out too. Well done Wildstar!


We've had occasional problems in the past with users (and recently a landowner) complaining that our stamp terminals don't work for them. The cause has always been the same – the owner of the land where the terminal stands had disabled all scripts but their own. This is an option in the land menu.

If you encounter this problem as a user, please let us know and we'll sort it out with the landowner. As a temporary work-around until that happens, try standing just outside the land in question and reaching in to touch the terminal. Your scripts will then work. In fact you may find they work as soon as you step off the script-disabled land!

Our stamp terminals and our passports are full of clever scripts. If you have a terminal deployed on your land, you need to let those scripts work so please check the settings in your land menu. 


Our new locations this week include one of the prettiest boat rez zones you're ever likely to see. We're always looking for a reason to fly our fae or dragon avatars to Fantasseria but we'll now also have to see what elven watercraft are available on the Marketplace. It would just seem wrong to embark on any less magical craft at such a place! If you do set sail from here, be careful when heading Westwards. We'd hate you to break the Ban of the Valar by sailing to the Undying Lands. Even if you didn't cause the Fall of Second Life®, we'd miss you.

Just as pretty, but less fantastical, is Bellisseria's surf beach at Treeowatoor. Our beloved Moles have made many wonderful hangouts for us, but this is one of the best. Great fun to surf from of course, but also a cool place to spend time with friends on the beach or at the bar. Speaking of the Moles, please don't embarrass them by asking why so many of the houseboats they build seem to come to grief. The one here looks like it was washed ashore in some simulator storm. Just smile and call it landscaping please!

There's more beautiful Bellisserian landscaping at Orion Falls and you'll find charming oriental gardens at the Sakurasseria community centre in Shobu. While you're there, we suggest you take a look around to find the cutest of all SL's railway stations.

Magellan's Secret Hideout is not quite so secret now that a passport terminal marks the spot. You'll still need to explore a little to find the hideout though.

You might like to wear a wetsuit (or tail and scale if you're of the merfolk) before you drop in on Stormy Waters.  Perhaps surprisingly, among all this week's beautiful natural locations, one of the most attractive is a humble neighbourhood dog park. The Moles really went to town on this build. There are rez zones outside the park gates, so you can drive your tired pooch home afterwards. Enjoy! 

Phungissah Mungis 30 July 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.002 Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 22.49.21
Surf Beach Treeowatoor 30 July 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.003 Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 23.45.05
Mountain Spring Orion Falls Aug 6 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.004 Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 14.49.59
Shobu Community Gardens Aug 6 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.005 Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 14.50.44
Magellan's secret hideout Aug 6 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.006 Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 14.51.36
Stormy Waters Aug 6 2022 BBB Stamp Locations.007 Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 14.52.26
Verdant Falls Dog Park
BBB Stamp Location Verdant Falls Dog Park Screenshot 2022-07-31 at 07.25.14


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I agree boss. Very elegant.

I agree boss. Very elegant!

Some really nice stamps this week!

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