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Previously on Beeb Metamorphosis: Chief Passport Inspector Eustace Beeb suffered a transformation following unwise experiments. 

The day wore on with Beeb, in weaker moments, almost blaming himself for his predicament. It was starting to get dark. He'd have to face Mrs Beeb at some point. Somehow the cover of darkness set him more at ease, as he scuttled through the streets of Bellisseria towards home. He walked through the door, his scratchy legs clattering noisily on the freshly polished hall tiles. 

“You're late Beeb” called a familiar voice from the kitchen “You're never late!”

“I..I..didn't have my watch dear” Beeb squeaked  back. At least this was true, his timepiece being most unsuitable for spiny thin wrists.

With a huff Mrs Beeb stepped into the hall. She stopped dead in her tracks. Her naturally loose jaw now loosened somewhat further at the sight that met her.


'What has the fool done this time?' she thought. She was furious. Worse still it was Beeb's turn to do the washing up tonight. No way was she entrusting her best china to those most improper claws. She quizzed Beeb on the cause of this calamity. Fortunately his newly acquired beetle essence prevented the act of blushing, or he would have flushed furiously at his humiliation.

Having discounted the Scotch Egg as the cause, or some evil plot by his BBB colleagues, under the thorough interrogation of Mrs Beeb, Eustace Beeb was forced to confess the extent of his experimentations. He'd always feared his dear wife wouldn't approve.

Having identified the root cause, Mrs Beeb formulated a plan. She dismissed her husband to the best lounge. In the meantime she descended to the cellar to glean what information she could from Beeb's impromptu laboratory amongst the jars of home made pickled quince chutney and her late mother's Hummel ornaments. 


Beeb crawled under the sofa and awaited his fate, now in a state of total dejection. A rather tasty long discarded mouldy cream cracker distracted him for a moment at least. Meanwhile Mrs Beeb sat on a tea chest in the cellar poring over Beeb's copious journals. Occasionally she tutted over his spelling mistakes, and guffawed at his schoolboy miscalculations. 

In less than an hour she returned to fetch her errant husband. Meekly, Beeb scuttled after his wife down the cellar steps. She sat him down on a box and attached the fine threads to his scalp. Beeb sat in glum compliance.

Mrs Beeb sternly warned her husband not to look at the specimen at the other end of these thread like tubes. Whilst not looking Beeb glanced at the tiny man with a beetle head trapped in a recently emptied chutney jar. That puny body could only have been a smaller version of his own. The creature was distracted licking the remains of the rather overripe chutney from the sides of the jar, seemingly unaware of the threads attached to it's huge grotesque head.

Slowly Beeb felt his body restore. Claws became hands. Black armour became flesh, and light didn't make him fearful any more. Mrs Beeb had saved the day, and Beeb resigned himself to being reminded of that on a constant basis. His laboratory was packed away and taken to the goodwill the very next day.

The beetle was restored to its terrarium. Now one hundred per cent beetle again. The only after effect was an obsession to order every stone, pebble, and twig in rows by order of size, shape, or age. This was generally annoying to his fellow beetles.

Other than a new predilection for consumables past their best by date Beeb was also fully restored to his former self. He also annoyed and vexed all he came into contact with, but as we all know this wasn't exactly a new character flaw.

So the moral of the story is....


You may not be as lucky as Eustace Beeb, the BBB Inspector of Passports and part time beetle enthusiast.

Also if a collection of used laboratory kit and journals turns up at your local goodwill, maybe pass on that. Second hand head wear is a much safer buy. 

Article by Boo Rojyo, as recounted to him by Mr. Beeb | photographs by Boo Rojyo | Mr Beeb's beetle collection was on show at NatureCon 2022, now sadly ended.


YouTube user Spritle Racer (SL resident Angie Xenga) has been streaming live videos of her explorations in search of passport stamps under the title Bellisseria Passport Trips, with the strapline;

Got the Bellisseria what? 

We enjoy her approach to the venture. She doesn't just TP in, she drives, sails or flies. Nor does she edit out her many mishaps! These are not polished productions; they're real time recordings of live videos. 

They're steadily building into a library of SL travelogues; each featuring a passport stamp collected. Check them out here


Duo_tone_woman_2Bijoux Barr, Honorary Ambassador to Satori, is taking part in an exhibition which opened on September 1st in the Galerie Principale at United Artists of SL – a major art complex in Satori.

An interesting selection of her original artworks is on show. Your editor's personal favourites were her duotone portraits. 

292956467_1374001706338835_1876796416470413680_nWe congratulate Her Excellency on the exhibition and commend it to you. 


Rental Office Waterfall
Our very own Teresa Firelight is also enjoying artistic success at present. She entered the NatureCon 2022 photography contest and won first prize! She said;

I had a lot of fun with this contest. I had recently discovered and fallen in love with Mount Campion National Forest; so when the contest was announced, I knew that was where I wanted to take my picture. That park has so many beautiful areas, it is a wonderful place to go when you want to do some SL photography.

Congratulations Teresa!


The Firestorm Viewer celebrates its 12th Anniversary today (September 3rd). Spokesperson Teresa Firelight told The Gazette;
We consider 12 years a major milestone and are responding with a major celebration. Also a Limited Edition Event stamp is provided for those who collect passport stamps. The party will start at 4 PM with an amazing 2 hour show from Euphonius Productions—4 singers in quad streaming: Ryeshure, Ruvi Gatchie, Coco Geddins, and Mae Loved + Dancers! Then we will have an hour of DJ entertainment from Firestorm's own DJ: DJ Trick spinning his ULTIMATE MIX of New Music by great Indie Bands
There will also be gifts ... more than there has ever been before at any Firestorm celebration. Gift creators include: ABC Awesome Breed Creations, Addams, !!Firelight!!, Kreatures, Teegle, Teule, Versov, Wild Kajaera and Firestorm itself. The party only lasts for 2 hours, but the gifts will be available at the party location through the end of September.
For more information, including the location, please see Jess Lyon's Blog. The location is embargoed until later today, but we will update the Gazette Online Travel Guide and the StaFi HUD as soon as it's released. 
Our other new location this week is the largest airport in the Sansara snowlands; Chamonix City. It makes an excellent launching point for some of the most adventurous flying in SL. 
Firestorm 12th Anniversary, PE Happy 12th BirthdayFirestorm Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 00.34.24
Chamonix City Regional Airport, SN 03 Sep 22 BBB Stamp Locations.001 Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 00.47.47


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