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Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 07.28.58Our bureaucratic colleague AmandaT Tamatzui is an artist in RL as well as SL. She deploys her artistic talents for us in designing passport stamps but that's merely a sideline!

She has won a Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA) grant to realise in SL a dream she has long held in RL of turning her paintings into a 3D world in which people can move about. Phase One of  ATG World opens today (September 10th) with a party at 1pm to 3pm SLT. DJ Jewell (Fallen Aurora) will provide the music. 

As Amanda's opening party invitation says; 

Each area will reflect back to the paintings. Visit Indonesia in SL, and drive around mountains textured with paintings from some of her Abstract series. There are bicycle and car rezzers for your enjoyment as you whiz around. Take photos of your visit and share them with Amanda on Flickr or Facebook!

Essentially you can make your own photographic works from within Amanda's art and share it with the world. Or you can just enjoy wandering in her colourful wonderland and finding the hidden spots she's made for you to enjoy. The event runs from today (September 10th) until December 31st.

Of course, as you would expect, there is a special event stamp to be collected for your BBB/CPCB passport too. The stamp has been designed by Amanda herself and will be available until the event closes. 

Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 07.44.00

We wish Amanda every success in this artistic venture and hope you will visit and enjoy her exuberant art. 


Fi at NatureConNatureCon was a great success and the BBB was proud to be a small part of it – and to welcome 700-750 visitors to our build. Mr Beeb's beetles are now all safely back at his home. 

Our old friend Cranston Yordstorm, who modestly describes himself as "part of the build team" at NatureCon has made two videos touring the site, so that you can have a reminder of how wonderful it all was.

Cranston's builds were in fact a big part of the event and we spent a lot of time in that physical manifestation of his whimsical imagination while the event was live. Thanks Cranston. You are an SL philanthropist and we enjoy all your contributions to making our virtual world more fun.


Waterfall_on_drawbridge1Today (September 10th) at 9am SLT there will be a guided tour of Mount Campion National Forest with Ranger Teresa Firelight. The tour will begin here and is expected to last for somewhere between 75-90 minutes. Please arrive ten to fifteen minutes early if possible.  

The tour will visit several parts of Mount Campion National Forest as it traces the migration of the Bearpaw tribe from the flatlands to the higher elevations. It will tell the story of how and why this tribe migrated and it will take you to a number of breathtakingly beautiful locations in the park. If you are a BBB or Continental Passport holder, there are two passport dispensers along the route where you can collect passport stamps.

Mount Campion National Forest is over 240,000 sq meters of park land connected over seven sims. Mount Campion is the highest mountain in SL. Mount Campanula is the second highest and both are in the park, which has miles of trails, caves, canyons, lakes, streams and waterfalls, and an abundance of beautiful scenery.


Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 11.33.09Our clever Head Scripter North Crannock has come up with a new gizmo, which will be of particular interest to Premium Plus residents of Bellisseria. One of the Premium Plus benefits is the ability to request a particular vacant Linden Home, thus circumventing that old (and not particularly noble) Bellisserian tradition of Game of Homes. In the happy community of Bellisseria, Game of Homes sadly brings out the dark side; making every new homes release a metaphorical Red Wedding.

Premium Plus residents however don't need to conspire with like-minded friends and deploy legions of alts to bag the best locations when new homes become available. They can request the Linden Home they want by submitting a support ticket here, choosing the issue type Land & Region and the sub-type Linden Homes. It's a nice perk to be able to find your ideal home, in the ideal spot, or perhaps simply close to friends.

How to find those vacant homes though? The new BBB HomeFinder HUD will do that for you. Wear it, stand somewhere you'd like to live in Bellisseria, and click. It will tell you where there's a vacant home and send you a taxi to take you there! Keep it on and move into another region and it will automatically search there too. Just look in 'nearby chat' and click the location co-ordinates to TP to the location.

Your editorial team is to scripting as Shaq O'Neal is to ballet, so it's all witchcraft to us. It's clever stuff though, whatever dark arts may have been deployed. Congratulations, North, on another good idea well scripted and thanks also to Sun and Boo for the design of the HUD and the instruction notecard respectively. 

It's available now at BBB HQ as a Group Gift for BBBug members. Enjoy!


You can read all about the event behind our new location stamp this week above in our Amanda at the SLEA article. Enjoy!

ATG World at the SLEA (Sep to Dec 2022) 10 Sep 22 BBB Stamp Locations.001 Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 10.46.02


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Good luck on your exhibition Amanda! We have such talented people in the BBB.

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