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Bel NewWe are pleased to announce the appointment of Her Excellency Jezebel Bailey (known to all as Bel) as Honorary Ambassador to the Second Life® Continent of Jeogeot. She takes office immediately.

Bel used to run the offices of the BBB so is well known to many of our readers. Her former colleagues are delighted to see "one of our own" honoured in this way and are happy to have her back among us in her new role.

The Diplomatic List has been updated and the Embassy has been fitted out. Welcome Your Excellency and good luck in all your diplomatic efforts!



The licence plates for SL motor vehicles issued by our Traffic Department (BBBTD) are valid for one calendar year. Please always apply for a new one before year end. We don't want anyone driving  illegally and giving Mr. Beeb the chance to call the police! Please apply in good time as BBBTD has only one employee. 

We also have big news about the plates. We plan to give them a total new look each year, beginning with 2023. The design has been the same for some time now, using the pretty Bellisseria Citizens Group logo. So we decided on a makeover to provide citizens with the chance to collect a new design every year. The new plates will also feature the name of your home region.

We know some of you love to play Game of Homes so must limit you to a maximum of two plates per year, allowing for one change of address. There is no prison in Bellisseria to which we can outsource the production of licence plates and we don't want to over-work our solo bureaucrat. She is, after all, a volunteer. So choose your region of residence carefully!


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