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There have been changes at our HQ since the masthead to The Gazette was made, so we thought it was time for an update. Most noticeable is the addition of a Post Office on site, with all the facilities you need to use our unique postal service. Yes, we know you could just use IMs to mail your stuff, but – trust us – our way is more fun. Come over and get yourself set up in time for Holiday gifting! 

There's almost always something to do or see at our HQ. Not only can you apply for your passports, driving licences and vehicle registration plates, but you can find information about community events or contact those of us showing green on the online indicator boards with your questions.

You'll find the editorial office of The Gazette in the gardens. Our editor is to be found there every Saturday morning at publication time, sending out all the group notices, updating our Facebook Page and adding location images to the in-world slideshows of stamp-issuing venues.

Our gardens are lovely. Our terrace is welcoming. The wine is free. There are group gifts to be had for BBBug members. Come visit and bring friends to hang out with. If you want to come by road, there are two rez zones outside so you can leave the same way. If you want to come by boat, seaplane or float helicopter there's a rez zone at the dock down the stone steps from our gardens. 

Our HQ is a community resource open to all of SL. It's not a fortress of bureaucratic solitude and, while we may RP being bureaucrats, we are (with the exception of Mr Beeb) more welcoming than real ones!

Our location features in the SL Destination Guide and is a Resident-Owned Place of Interest in the Parade of Homes. Please – make yourselves at home in our home and feel free to share any nice photos you take to our Flickr Group.


SL PoH OH welcomesWe are introducing a new regular feature in The Gazette. This comes from our BBB subsidiary – the Parade of Homes– courtesy of some nifty HTML work by PoH's and the BBB's Robert Rhodan. From now on, new additions to their official listings of SL homes and other places of interest open to the public will be announced here first in our Events & Announcements section.

Visiting open houses in SL is fun and can give you great ideas for your own interior design projects. If you're willing to share your own lovely home with the virtual world, you can find the Parade of Homes application form here.


Willow Scout Tour Of Mt Campion
Willow Scout Tour Of Mt Campion | click to enlarge

Mount Campion National Park now provides its celebrated ranger-guided tours on request. If you need an outing for your club, group or large family, you might enjoy a hike through our scenic woods. We have three different tours to choose from:

  1. Our main tour which visits several sights in the park, including a short venture into our massive underground cave system.
  2. Our Bearpaw tour, which traces the migration of the Bearpaw Tribe through the park, visiting several scenic locations and
  3. Our photography tour, which lets you hike to 5 particularly scenic areas and pauses while you take pictures.

Most recently, the Willow Scouts (led by Carline Thistle Studley Moon) took the Bearpaw Tour. There were about eight scouts (mostly small children) and a couple of adult guests. The scouts had a great time learning the story of the Bearpaw Tribe and exploring the park. Most of them were able to move along the steep trails much faster than the adults accompanying them. Ah.. the energy of youth!

If you would like to arrange a private tour of Mount Campion, please contact either Ranger Hex North Shining Star or Ranger Teresa Firelight.

Article and Photo by Ranger Teresa Firelight


If you have one of our stamp terminals at your place and you're having an event there or would like to make any other announcement, just let us know and we'd be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters or photos.

SL PoH OH welcomes

... Cynoir Blanc's Somerville Sips Café @ BE = Bellisseria
Somerville Sips is a cozy camper café. Sit outside to enjoy views of the nearby waterfall and railway. Borrow a bike and ride the trails. Everyone is welcome

exterior interior deco

... Hazel Silvermoon's Silvermoon Café and Hangout @ BE - Bellisseria
A Cozy Little log Café that will change with the seasons. A quiet place to grab a coffee and chat with friends.

exterior interior deco


Park Sign - We Want Your Photos for Art Gallery with SLUrl

Mt. Campion wants your photos

Mount Campion National Forest has an art gallery, which is located here. Our intent is to fill it with pictures of the park taken by park guests. There is a little mailbox just inside the door where you can drop off your park photos. So, what are we looking for? We are looking for nature shots of the park – including trees, plants, waterfalls, steams, statues, caves, or of the wildlife in the park, etc. We are not looking for snapshots of guests, friends or visitors to the park. Photos must be of locations in Mount Campion National Forest.

How does this work? We have 26 picture frames up. Not all of them have park pictures in them yet. For the moment, we are allowing up to 3 pictures per photographer. But when we get enough submissions, we will only display 1 or 2 photos taken by any given person. Over time, we plan to remove some of the older pictures to make room for new ones – but we are not close to there yet. We still don't have enough photos submitted to fill the gallery.

How do you submit pictures? First, upload the photos as 1024x1024 SL textures. Fill out the submission notecard, which asks for the aspect ratio, such as 4:3 or 3:2, etc, the name you want on the “photographed by” tag and attach the photo texture to that card. Then submit it to the mailbox in the art gallery. You will find instructions and the submission box just inside the door, here.

Photographs in the gallery will not be sold, but you are welcome to sell your photos elsewhere.


With Linden Ocean on all four sides, Vicina Island is a special location worthy of a spectacular build. It's also now a useful transport hub for sea and air traffic. Speaking of transport, it has a cute little narrow gauge railway which is the perfect way to explore it – and now a stamp terminal to commemorate your visit. 

The Sea of Fables is a storied location in Second Life® and a great place for SL sailors. There's a new hangout for you to enjoy there that the merfolk of SL will particularly appreciate. As for us "leggers", we had best put on our scuba gear to tp in to collect the new stamp! We love our SL merfolk and hope the feeling is mutual so – tailed or legged – don't forget to exchange a friendly "tala" when you meet. Fans of our special mer stamp terminals will be happy to see another one in world. All praise to our tech guys that they work underwater, but the industrial design still needs some work because they do rust terribly!

We at The Gazette have a special affection for residents who dedicate their Linden Homes to public use. In Bellisseria you can visit art galleries, music venues, pubs and cafés. Because the Bellisseria Covenant forbids commerce, all of them are faux businesses. Everything on offer is free of charge from the kindness of a fellow-resident's heart.

The latest café in this category is a cute little trailer in the Somerville region. Our researcher/photographer didn't click and run and we suggest you don't either. IM a friend, have a chinwag over a brew and then go for a ride together on the free bicycles available out front. You'll need to work off the virtual calories from the cakes on offer!

There's another café to visit this week on the roof of an art gallery in the Soho Contemporary Art Center. The Center is an SL arts and cultural attraction with the look and vibe of the historic iron front district in Soho, NYC. We think you'll enjoy spending time over there. 

Vicina Island HE BBB Stamp Locations 19 NOV 22.001 Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 20.44.26
The Sea of Fables Hangout | Underwater Grotto SN BBB Stamp Locations 19 Nov 2022.003 Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 02.00.03
Somerville Sips Café BE BBB Stamp Locations 19 Nov 2022.004 Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 14.44.24
Infinite Art Café
BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 17.39.17


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