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We are continuing our series of Meet the Ambassadors. We interview each of the ambassadors so you can get a bit of a feel for who they are and what they do. And this week we will meet Jezebel (Bel) Bailey, who is our newest ambassador. She has taken a few months to really become familiar with her continent and has become passionate about it.

Jezebel Bailey (2)

What SL Continent are you an Ambassador for? And where can people find your embassy?

I am the ambassador for Jeogeot, and you can find my embassy here

Please share your favorite thing about this continent

There are several areas of Jeogeot that I really enjoy. I particularly like the geometry of how Jeogeot was constructed – it is perfect. We have plains along the coastal waterlines, hills in the center landmass and isolated mountains. The ocean floor provides slopes, sand, and oceanic vegetation. It is like a painter's canvas, and it has so much that can be imagined and completed.

Jeogeot was the 3rd continent built, and is known as being the last in the 'Old World'.

Do you have suggestions for places to visit in your Continent?

Pyri Peaks is a great place to visit. It is like taking a walk down the rabbit hole with Alice. Start your journey going through the train tracks into red pulsing light and follow where it takes you. But be careful, as you may run into Explosives that the moles left from when they were building.

As you explore more thoroughly, be careful of moving objects like drifting stones. Come visit for further exploring. We also have an active (semi) volcano.

How long have you been an ambassador now? And what motivated you to become an ambassador?

I have been an ambassador for 4 months. I was previously associated with the BBB, and recently came back to it. This time I wanted to contribute in a different capacity. And the role of Ambassador was perfect for me.

What was the most special event you either held at your Embassy or sponsored for your continent?

I have started Jeogeot Citizens Group, and recruited one of Jeogeots as a co-owner and co-leader. This will help build community among the Jeogeot residents, and I am looking forward to seeing this unfold.

My favorite embassy event was dancing in a beautiful garden area that Boo built for my inauguration ceremony. We all enjoyed the dance so much we stayed there all day.

What is your favorite thing about Bellisseria that you tell residents of your continent?

I love Bellisseria -- it is what made me continue as a premium member. I love the attractions and sights that Linden Lab has put into Bellisseria. I also love that all SL residents can visit and enjoy them, because you don’t have to be a premium member to visit and enjoy the public Bellisseria areas. I love the community that has been built around Bellisseria. In fact, that community is what originally attracted me to the BBB.

I also love that Bellisseria is an option rather than something forced on premium members – because they can spend their land allowance on mainland if they prefer. So the people who live in Bellisseria live there by choice.

What do you like to do in your spare time (or when you are not busy with your ambassador duties)?

I play cards a lot because my sl partner enjoys that. In my other life, I have been building a new addition to the house. I also help take care of and spend time with an elderly lady who got Covid and Shingles and just needed a little support, I help others around the lake and just LOVE where I live.

Please tell us one thing about yourself that most people do not know.

I may take a long time to get things done but its usually worth the wait.

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

Here is it – a brand new year. I plan to host events in the Jeogeot Garden and learn more and become more active both in Jeogeot and the BBB. Secondlife is an endless experience of changing ideas and creativeness. If you can imagine it, it can be done.

Article & Photo by Teresa Firelight


The BBB recently came into contact with a team of Second Life® residents who are releasing some interesting tools for finding unoccupied Linden Homes, abandoned land, sandboxes etc. Their product is a great addition to the BBB Home Finder HUD, which finds vacant Linden Homes in Bellisseria.

The team is using a special technique they call Bonniebots. As they explained it to me;

The Bonnies are all bots that collectively visit every region at least once per day to gather publicly available information and display it on our website for anyone who is interested. We try not to stick around for too long so we're usually in and out in about 20 seconds!

The data includes popular and trending regions with higher accuracy than the Lindens "dwell" stat offers plus popular and trending attachments, abandoned land on the mainland (to help ordinary users level the playing field with the land barons who have private bots), marketplace purchases, and a text search for profiles of users active within the last few weeks to help find like minded people.

We've recently added a search feature for Linden Homes, which may be of specific interest to residents of Bellisseria, along with a few high level statistics on home ownership for the data nerds out there. You can find the Linden Home search feature here

The idea is that SL is huge, like really huge, and a lot of people joining or returning after being gone a long time might not necessarily know what's up. We hope to alleviate that.

They are keen to stress that, though some people have a knee jerk negative reaction to bots and assume the information gathered will be sold, this is not true.

No information the Bonnies gather is sold, nor is it used for profit in any way. All data gathered is presented on the webpage. It is a completely not for profit project. Some people understandably fear that the Bonnies are stalking them. After all, everywhere you go, there they are. However they have no way of actually doing that. Besides, it would be a waste of the project's resources. If a bot was stalking someone, it wouldn't be able to collect grid-wide data

We see these tools as a valuable resource. We may be able automatically to check whether our stamp terminals are still active, for example. We might even be able to detect relocated terminals, which haven't been notified to us (as sadly sometimes happens). We also plan to apply them to the Parade of Homes Listing in a similar way.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 17.59.01
A Bonniebots search for our editor pulls together all his SL interests

Applied to the StaFi StampFinder (available from the BBB HQ) and the Gazette Online Travel Guide these tools could prevent disappointments in future when our users teleport to out-of-date locations and so improve the quality of StaFi/GOTG and PoH content.

The BBB is very excited to be co-operating with the Bonniebots team. As they said to us,

The reason behind it is to help Second Life thrive by bringing people together.

We couldn't have said it any better. That's pretty much our own mission statement!

Article by Robert Rhodan 


If you have one of our stamp terminals at your place and you're having an event there or would like to make any other announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters or photos.



We love a good travel hub location for our passport terminals. Where better to get your passport stamped than at a port or station? We have two new transport locations this week. The first is Fox's Marina at Yurim on the northern coast of Jeogeot, between Bellisseria's Southern houseboats and Fantasseria. It's a GTFO! hub for small ships, helicopters and seaplanes. The second is Smugglers Bluff; an airport on Ice Bay in the Snowlands of Sansara, which is also the home to SL Coast Guard Station Kania.

Finally we have a new location on Bellisseria. The House of Tea & Tarot is a Victorian tea shop so quaint we were tempted to spell it 'shoppe'. As well as enjoying tea and cakes, those of mystical inclination can gain insight into their future with a fully-automated reading of the tarot cards.

Fox's Marina JE BBB Stamp Locations 21 Jan 23.001 Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 09.31.10
Smugglers Bluff Airport Kania SN BBB Stamp Locations 21 Jan 23.002 Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 23.05.39
House of Tea & Tarot BE
BBB Stamp Location House of Tea & Tarot.001 Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 10.02.49


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