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DJ Far (frame 2)
We are continuing our series on “Building Community” in Bellisseria. This week we will look at something that has become an institution – DJ Far’s Friday Parties. I caught up with DJ Far for this interview:

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

So where do I start about myself? Now I'm very old. I started DJ'ing a long, long time ago and I'm famous for my mixes and my mash ups. I use a mic and it's quite hard to stop me from talking over the top of my mash ups

How did you come to be a DJ?

Years ago when I was 14, I ran away in RL to join the circus. I lived in the West End of London. I used to bunk off school and go up to the West End. I would DJ live in the clubs well before I was supposed to. After that, I did lots of different jobs during my life.

Eventually I ended up in Second Life. I realized that what I wanted to do was to be a DJ again. So I did it! Now I'm a DJ, and I haven't looked back. I just love being a DJ.

I understand you hold weekly parties at Bellisseria. Could you please tell us when and where those are at?

The parties are at my Houseboat every Friday from noon until 2:00pm SLT. Everyone is welcome.

How did you come up with the idea of doing weekly parties?

I moved to Bellisseria the first day it “opened,” which was on Monday April 15. That first Friday, April 19, I started my first party at my houseboat. And I have thrown one every Friday since. We haven’t missed a single week, except for two occasions when I was in hospital and I got someone to cover for me. The “Friday Party” had become a bit of a legend in Bellisseria.

Now we also do a Wednesday party which is ‘Bingo and Beans.’ This is more of a ‘chill out’ party. We quite regularly do themes, such as “flexi.” We all love flexi-hair – well, I do. And we play bingo and we just chilled out and chat. It is an awesome Wednesday party.

It became clear that people wanted me to do regular parties, so that's why I do it. That is why my group is called “Fars Friends.” As much as anything, these parties are about the group hug at the end of the evening. I feel loved for doing it and I love being with my friends.”

What is your favorite thing about Bellisseria?

What I love about Bellisseria is that we are slowly but surely opening up more Community zones.

I have a vision of being allowed to DJ at the community zones, and I discussed this with lovely Patch Linden. He has facilitated getting radios put out across the whole of Bellisseria. This will make the community areas more accessible and more fun for people. So far there's loads of them.

I hope that the next step will be to allow us to rez bits and pieces for small events. That would make it possible to have theme parties at the open areas.”

Do you have a favorite type of music? If so, what is it?

My favorite music is probably Mixes and Mash Ups. I love booty Mash Ups. I have a studio setup at home where I dabble a bit. I wouldn't say I'm fantastic at it, but I do dabble and people seem to like what I produce – so it's all good. I can actually play any genre, because I love all music.

I even got asked to do an industrial dance set. When I first started putting it together, I didn't really like industrial dance, but now there are two or three industrial dance tunes, I actually like. So yeah, I I hope that answers the question.

When you are not spinning tunes, what is your favorite thing to do in Second Life?

My favourite thing in Second Life is hugging people -- I just love hugging! That is why every party I do culminates in a group hug. I've got lots of group huggers, and I love everybody.

I think we need to spread the love and pass it forward. Getting in on a group hug and ‘hugging it out’ is one way to do that. So yes, like I say --. Hugging. I love to hug everybody, and at the moment I love to hug.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Yeah, what I'd like to share is as much love as I can for the rest of the world, and the rest of the community. Sometimes the world is definitely lacking love. I like to spread love to everybody. And bring the community together. That's what I aim for, and that's what I've been aiming for ever since I've been in Bellisseria. I'm. And yeah, that's about it really. Thank you for listening to me.

Here is my life’s Mantra: ‘Life is not a battle to win. but a melody to sing.’

Article and photograph by Teresa Firelight


Much fun was had at the celebration of Bellisseria's 4th Anniversary. There was music, dancing and laughter at Bellisseria Fairgrounds as the usual suspects of party life on the Linden Continent came together. Our thanks to Rachel Stardust for allowing us to feature two of the photos of the event from her Flickr feed. You'll find other pictures by our readers over at the BBB Flickr Group photo pool.  


If you have one of our stamp terminals at your place and you're having an event there or would like to make any other announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters or photos.


Opening Party of the Bellisserian Embassy at the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS)
The CDS and the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy are cooperating now and we are proud to announce the opening of the Bellisserian Embassy of CDS in the Rathaus. We have an opening party at the Marktplatz in Neufreistadt on Sunday, April 23rd at noon. Please come to celebrate the occasion with us and DJane Mandry Demonia.

Crowne Heights Sunday Funday

It’s summertime Friends, you're welcome to join us and let loose on Crowne Heights public beach!

Bikinis and Beach Bums, come end your weekend with a bang! DJ Chocolate Sin will be bringing her upbeat variety of tunes to end the weekend on a high note!  See you on Sunday between 5pm to 7pm SLT!


Advance Notice of Opening Party at the Limoncello Gallery

AmandaT @LG Tower Poster 20.11.51

The opening party will be on April 28th at 1pm SLT at the LG Tower. Music will be provided by DJ Frank Atisso.


The first new location this week is for a special event stamp for the opening party of the Bellisserian Embassy to the CDS (see Events & Announcements above).

We have two new stamp-issuing locations this week from Crowne Heights, "the city that time forgot" – a 1950s role-playing community in Gaeta V. There's an rp period shopping mall (where no actual commerce takes place) and a relaxed public beach.

Drishti Yoga Oasis on the continent of Jeogeot is a tiny mainland roadside yoga and meditation garden, where all are welcome. 

Also this week, there's a new place to hang out and get refreshments in the lively area of Avery Hills. Bubble Tea is a new beverage to me, but I'm told it's delicious. Go try it for yourself at Clark's Bubble Tea Café.

Finally, this is a re-announcEment of the stamp at the new Bellisserian Embassy to the CDS in the Rathaus at Neufreistadt. There was a spelling error on the original stamp, so it has now been replaced. If you picked up the misspelled one, you now have a super-rare collectible! You can now also add the correctly-spelled stamp. Our apologies for the error. 

Opening of the Bellisserian Embassy to the CDS

Event: April 23rd / noon SLT

Opening_of_the_Bellissarian_Embassy_20230423 Embassy_opening_stamp
Crowne Heights Beach GV BBB Stamp Locations 22 Apr 23.003 Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 10.44.33

Crowne Heights Shops GV

BBB Stamp Locations 22 Apr 23.002 Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 00.20.06
Drishti Yoga Oasis JE BBB Stamp Locations 22 Apr 23.004 Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 10.45.27
Clarks Bubble Tea Cafe NA BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 10.27.16
Bellisserian Embassy CDS PE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 10.53.11



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You can hope, Dutch, but just as in postage stamp collecting the rare stamps with errors would soon lose their value if they were produced often and on purpose. I think this was our first typo in over 500 stamps and our dedicated team will do its best to maintain or improve that error rate. 😎

"Neufreistadt. There was a spelling error on the original stamp, so it has now been replaced. If you picked up the misspelled one, you now have a super-rare collectible! "

Dare I think this may be the next phase of stamp collecting? Rare, misspelled, mirrored or upside down stamps, quickly corrected?

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