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Our preparations for B5B are proceeding well. Our build crew is hard at work setting up the temporary offices there of the BBB, Parade of Homes and The Gazette. With the kind permission of our beloved Moles, we've also placed a Tardis landing spot in a public park near our offices there, so that SL's Time Lords can visit in their preferred style. Just look for "B5B" in your Hands of Omega or Novatech  time ship's navigation menu. Be aware though, that while your ship can already land there, you'll be barred from entering the B5B regions until the event opens.

This annual party to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Bellisseria is always great fun and we look forward to meeting many of you there. 

SLCE Recruitment StandIn breaking news, the BBB has also been invited to participate in the new venture at the Welcome HUB as reported in The Gazette (and many other places!) last week. Visitors to the Second Life Community Exhibition will soon be able to learn all about our in-world bureaucracy-for-fun and be introduced to its wonderful community of users.

They'll even be able to sign up for a passport at SLCE itself! In that respect there'll also be a new product tech-guru Robert Rhodan has been working on in secret. 

No date has yet been fixed, so watch this space for a formal announcement of the opening.


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

SL PoH OH welcomes

...TessaPaige Jupiter's The Jupiter Spa / Jupiter Projects
est. 1/2024
Welcome to Jupiter Spa! Please turn on ADVANCED LIGHTING. Step into Bellisseria's Mediterranean oasis, blending indulgence and relaxation. Enjoy personalized grooming, a Tanning Bed, virtual fitness, medical roleplay, massage and more! Open 24/7 for all your Spa role-play needs.

exterior interior deco

...Daysees's My House
est. 1/2024
My rooms have light and candle switches.

exterior interior deco


A new article in Parade of Homes Review

Our sister publication, Parade of Homes Review, has just published an article called Landscaping a Mediterranean Home (Part 3) - The Natural Look by Teresa Firelight. In it, Teresa looks in detail at how her neighbour Laureen Trueheart landscaped her Mediterranean-style Linden Home.


You can read the full article here.



Here's your taxi.


BBB Stamp Location Black Tulip Women about Women

Here's your taxi


Alone on Valentine's Day?

Come to the Break-Up Room for reading, chocolate, wine and map-watching to see if your ex has a new green dot merge. Seek advice for the lovelorn from Marge, our chatGPT in residence. Special gifts!

LoveLorn Stamp 512 2Here's your taxi.


Valentine's Day event at the Titania Consulate

Pick up a special Love-in-Idleness Potion, look for the Polar Queen and find other Valentine gifts around our new location. Be sure to Ask Bottom anything for amazing Shakespearean rhymes!

14 Feb Titania Event StampHere's your taxi.


The Valentine's Day Celebration in the CDS this year will be at the Thermae on 11th February at 1pm SLT. Amid all the romance, don't forget to collect your event stamp!

The Vital Spark is a little public office with parking lot, accessible on route 3.5 on Heterocera, which is intended to be a working spot and hangout place.

Alors on Sansara is a hangout with a beach, forest, and a waterfall that feeds a tranquil pond. It also has road and waterway access.

Valentine's in the Thermae CDS

Event: 11th February 2024 at 1pm SLT

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 22.51.08

The Vital Spark HE

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 10.05.38

Alors @ Sansara SN

BBB Stamp Locations 10 Feb 24.004 Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 02.49.01

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What a fun issue with sooo many news
Of upcoming events! Thank you Dave and team. Look forward to meeting everyone there!

So excited to hear that the BBB was invited to participate at the Welcome Hub! I can not wait to go and see that all set up once it's available to the public.

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