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One of the ways Linden Lab kindly supports the BBB is by allowing our stamp terminals to be placed at selected public places. Abnor Mole takes care of this. Over the years, he has placed seventy-two terminals at Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) locations.

In line with our Bellisserian roots, many scenic spots on the Linden Homes continent are featured in this category of the Gazette Online Travel Guide (and of course the StampFinder – StaFi – HUD in-world). However some of the locations are older than Bellisseria.  For instance the Meauxle Bureau, which is the headquarters of LDPW and where senior Moles are to be found at the bar of the local pub. 


Second Life® was conceived by founder Philip Linden as an enormous building playset where – unlike in MMOG's or MMO's where everything you see is made by the game developers – all content would be made by residents.  This ideal is most purely realised on the Mainland Continents of SL, where a delightful (to some) anarchy prevails. Residents with building skills and design sense can, and do, make wonderful places there – just as Phil must have hoped.

Humans are social beings so this works best when neighbours cooperate, such as in the delightful regions of Seogyeoshire. Fans of the wonderful Zany Zen Railway have built an environment based on the villages and landscapes of your editor's home country of Wales, through which ZZR trains can run. 

So who then, in this resident-made world, are the Moles? What exactly is the LDPW? Early in SL's history it became apparent that the original vision was a bit too anarchic for many. There was a clear need for professionally-made content, as evidenced by those clever residents who made fortunes building planned and landscaped environments on private estates for sale or rent.

To bring some professional landmarks to Mainland, Linden Lab hit on the idea – not of employing new Lindens as game world developers – but of hiring residents. They called their new recruits "Moles" and the LDPW was born. Bridges, ski-lifts and volcanoes appeared as landmarks to give a permanent shape and reliably-professional tone to the shifting landscapes. 

The Moles of the LDPW built not only isolated features like the Leviathan Skeleton in Nautilus, but major projects like the Pyri Funfair, Bay City and Horizons.

So, the Moles are residents just like us who've made a career in-world using their SL skills. As LDPW employees they build and take care of Linden Lab's own estates in Second Life®. If you're interested in their handiwork and want to explore the LDPW estate then collecting this category of passport stamps is a fun way to do it.

Article & Photos by Gazette staff


Stamp Rankings B5B
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It's official. The Bellisseria Hammies are more popular than Bellisserian diplomats, BBB Bureaucrats, Lindens or Moles! The most popular stamp collected at B5B was the main event stamp (194 collected) but the most popular personal stamps collected from residents carrying SSiD Tablets at the event were those for Varihammy (134) and Miss Hammie (124). Of course the rest of us stood no chance in the face of their 100hm cuteness factor1

The most popular Mole was Cornelius (122) and the most popular Linden was Patch (120). The most popular bureaucrat was Robert (113) and the most popular ambassador was HE Sandy, the honorary ambassador to CDS (83).

Of course, we're just having fun with this. It was not a popularity contest2. How many stamps were collected for each person depended on their availability and the time zones in which they live, quite as much as their hammiemeter points. 

The BBB would like to thank, officially, all of the residents who carried SSiD tablets so that our passport holders could have fun chasing them down. We hope new friendships arose in the process. 

You can read the full results here, thanks to "Mr Popular" Robert's sterling work in statistical analysis. 

If you're interested in who collected the most stamps, we can now tell you the final results of that too. In the end (partly thanks to the huge turnout of Moles and Lindens at the B5B closing event, hosted by the Hammies) nine people "got them all"; collecting all 49 B5B event stamps. They are Martina Voxel, radioactive.rosca, Chloe Roth (chloexs), Wren Woodrunner, Kensey McMillan, Elysiane Sapphire, Liekie Ivory, Opal Faith and Betth Ashbourne.

Honourable mentions go to Jezebel Bailey (our CEO, Bel), Webbi Jonson, Traci Quandry and Evelyn (Evelynna95). You guys almost got them all. Well done!

We hope everyone enjoyed hunting down SSiD stamps and meeting new people.


1Hammiemeters (hm) are Bellisseria's official measure of cuteness on a scale of 1 to 100hm.

2 Especially as your Editor didn't win!

Statistics by Robert Rhodan and article/photo by Gazette staff.


Navigating the virtual waters of Second Life®  just got a whole lot easier with the unveiling of a major upgrade to the Boat Rez Zones Map. Developed by Robert Rhodan of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy (BBB), this enhancement promises to revolutionise the way residents explore the seascapes of Bellisseria and beyond.

Just over a year ago, a rudimentary image map was released, marking the locations of Boat Rez Zones as listed by Jon Ree. While this initial effort provided a helpful starting point for sailors, it lacked the functionality and interactivity needed truly to streamline navigation. So here is the latest innovation: an interactive map powered by the Second Life Map API.

Gone are the static images of yesteryear; in their place, a dynamic, scrollable, and zoomable map graces the screens of eager seafarers. Boasting a sleek interface adorned with vibrant yellow dots, each representing a Boat Rez Zone, this digital cartography marvel is poised to become an indispensable tool for maritime enthusiasts.
One click on any of these yellow beacons reveals crucial information: the location's name along with a SLURL (Second Life URL), enabling users to teleport directly to the desired spot with unparalleled ease. Whether embarking on a solo voyage of discovery or charting a course for adventure with friends, the enhanced Boat Rez Zones Map promises to be a faithful companion on every nautical journey.
The brainchild of dedicated individuals committed to enhancing the SL experience, this invaluable tool is currently available for beta testing. With 57 Boat Rez Zones already integrated into the map, and plans underway to incorporate more locations across various continents, the future looks promising.
To access this groundbreaking resource, simply visit this website and embark on your  voyage of exploration! Whether a seasoned sailor or a newcomer to the high seas, this  is sure to become an indispensable companion on your adventures. So hoist the sails, set course for adventure, and let the waves of innovation carry you to new horizons!
Oh, and Robert has other Rez Zones maps in preparation. Watch this space. Please notify him in world if you find any other Rez Zones that should be added.
Tool and image by Robert Rhodan | Article by Liberty Fairelander (formerly Liberty Marques)


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

SL PoH OH welcomes

We have no new Parade of Homes open houses to announce this week. However we have received several application forms and Change Request forms that were empty. It may be that applicants simply  changed their minds and abandoned the application, but if you ran into any problems submitting a new location or a change to an existing listing, please IM Robert Rhodan in-world and let him know.
In the meantime don't miss Teresa Firelight's latest article over at our sister publication Parade of Homes Review. She writes about what Laurelrose Anthony did with her Tortuga stilt home and you'll find it – as always – inspirational.


A Woman's World at the Black Tulip Gallery: Opening Party

Black Tulip A Women's World (3)

Here's your taxi


Updating your old  Passports

1,091 V3.00 passports have been issued as of May 1st, 2024. However we have also received notice of some failed upgrade applications. This seems to have happened, to our surprise, because a few people have old SL-generic passports with a 10-digit identification.  V3.00  passports have 9-digit identifications.  

If you are affected by this issue, there is a simple procedure to migrate your stamps to a new V3.00 passport:

  1. If your "old" passport is Bellisserian with a 10-digit identification number, please do NOT select the "upgrade" option in the application form. Just apply for a new one. Then Please inform Dulcinea Andretti via IM that your application is actually an upgrade and that you need the Stamp Migration Reader HUDs as well as your new V3.00 Bellisserian Passport.
  2. If your "old" passport is non-Bellisserian with a 10-digit identification number, just obtain a new V3 passport from BBB HQ or any of the BBB embassies and IM Dulcinea to ask for the Stamp Migration Reader HUDs. Then migrate your stamps to the new passport.

Please note that the stamps on your old passport are associated with your avatar UUID, not with the passport identification number - so nothing will be lost.

The stamp migration procedure is simple: rez your old passport main page, the main Stamp Migration Reader HUD and your new V3 passport to ground (e.g. at a public sandbox). Sit on your "old" passport, click on the Stamp Migration Reader HUD, and wait until all transfer messages in local chat end.

Repeat the process with any extension Visa pages and the Extension Visa Reader HUD. Then take your V3.00 passport back into inventory, wear it, and click once each on the forward and backward navigation buttons. Please note it can take a moment until all the stamps appear, so please be patient.

Issued by Robert Rhodan for the BBB


B5B photos from Radioactive Rosca

Radioactive took many photos during the B5B celebrations and has put them all in a Flickr Album for us all to enjoy here. Thanks RR!



Mark your Calendar! – Advance notice for "Ink & Inclusion: Navigating Disability in Writing"


Discover how embracing your unique journey can supercharge your productivity and creativity as a writer! Whether you're navigating physical challenges, neurodiversity, or invisible disabilities, this session will offer practical tips and inspiring insights to help you thrive in your craft.

Don't let anything hold you back from pursuing your passion! Mark your calendars and let's unlock your full potential together!

May 16, 2024 at 2pm SLT

Here's your taxi.


Statistics about Passports and Stamps

Statistics and graphs by Robert Rhodan. Published by order of the BBB.


Calleta Union Station is a part of Calleta County and the main rail hub in southern Heterocera. The GSLR and SLRR rail lines are connected here and there's access to air and road transportation nearby.

Sanctuary of the soul is a location of natural beauty awaiting exploration. From the beach through the walking trails and rolling hills, with something to see around every corner and below. You will want to revisit often.

A Women's World is a new show at Zoey Rhodan's Black Tulip Gallery in the CDS, highlighting exciting SL women artists. The event stamp will be available at the opening party today, May 5th at 1-3pm SLT.

Mindful Cove is a Second Life Community Gateway with a focus on mental health. It offers fun, interactive resources for new residents and a tranquil space for all residents to visit and enjoy. It's a good place to draw a virtual breath and think quietly. There are two stamps to be found there; one for Mindful Cove itself and one for its café. 

Calleta Union Station HE BBB Stamp Locations 4 May 24.001 Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 13.43.32
Sanctuary of the Soul PE BBB Stamp Locations 4 May 24.002 Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 13.46.05

Black Tulip Gallery A Woman's World CDS

Event: May 5th from 1-3pm SLT

BBB Stamp Locations Black Tulip Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 14.11.16

Mindful Cove PE

BBB Stamp Locations 4 May 24.005 Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 14.23.46

Mindful Cove Café PE

BBB Stamp Locations 4 May 24.006 Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 14.25.08

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