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It's clear from such initiatives as Second Life® University and the Welcome Hub that the Lindens are intent on addressing SL's oldest problem; the steep learning curve for new users. Too many potential residents have logged in to SL out of curiosity, failed to see the point of it and left; never to return. Unlike the massive multiplayer games it superficially resembles, our beloved virtual world has no simple, understandable objectives. It's a platform for pretty much any shared activity you can think of and – unless they  find "their people" fairly quickly and get involved, it can often make little sense to new arrivals.

Every newbie who shrugs and leaves is not just a lost commercial opportunity to Linden Lab. He or she is a lost friend, co-creator or community activist.

SLCE Image_001
Many of the Lindens' recent initiatives fall into the category of "onboarding"; helping new arrivals find their way and increasing the chance they decide to stick around. The latest idea is a new part of the Welcome Hub called The Second Life Community Exhibition. Under the banner;

Find your place. Find your people. Find your community!

it showcases various SL communities such as Drivers of SL and Caledon. Any SL community can apply to be represented there on a rotating basis. We think it will prove to be an excellent resource and recommend you visit. Even if you're a long-established resident, you might just find some more of "your people".

Article and Photo by Gazette Staff


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

SL PoH OH welcomes

...Radioactive Rosca's Radioactive Log Home
est. 11/2023
My new Log Home @ Bellisseria, near Moose Tracks Station, Reel Simple region.

exterior interior deco



New exhibition coming soon at Black Tulip Gallery

Black Tulip  Women about Women A (1)
The exhibition will feature artworks by Talullah Winterwolf,  AmandaT Tamatzui, Milena Carbone, Mareea Farrasco, Tani Thor, Hypatia Pickens, Kirle Adamski, maghda, Scylla Rhiadra and ilyra chardin. Watch New Locations in The Gazette for the event stamp closer to the time. Here is your taxi to the gallery. 


BBB Calendar 2024

Robert and calendarWe apologise that we're a bit late with this announcement but the 2024 BBB Calendar is now available.  It takes up just 1 LI in-world when you hang it in your home or office and is resizable. It uses Media on a Prim (MoaP) and automatically changes calendar page on the first of each month. You can also turn the pages manually using the Next Month / Previous Month buttons.

Any content updates during the year (e.g. new photos) will automatically appear on clicking SHIFT-REFRESH while hovering your cursor over the calendar.

Designed and made by our very own Robert Rhodan, the calendar features photos of the Bellisserian Embassies on Mainland continents, as well as our headquarters, The Gazette's editorial office and Bellihub.

Enable media illustration
You can pick you your copy from the dispensers at BBB HQ or any of the Bellisseria Embassies. All the SLURLs are in the sidebar to The Gazette. After touching the dispenser, you'll find a new folder BBB 2024 Calendar Giver in your inventory. You can Rez the BBB 2024 Calendar object from there, resizing it to taste. Be aware that you may need to walk around the object to find the side with the content on! Please be sure to have media enabled on your parcel.

Product development, article and photographs by Robert Rhodan


New BBBug Group Gift

Available from BBB HQ we have, thanks to our kind donor Jules Catlyn, owner of [SURPLUS MOTORS], a brand new group gift for BBB User Group members. We love it and we think you will too. Jules told The Gazette;

My two biggest passions are vehicles and making people smile. 

This gift involves both of those passions as her vehicle is making us all smile. We look forward to seeing  our users rez their new buggies outside our HQ and set off to explore. Thank you Jules!  [SURPLUS MOTORS] Maynx BBB

Happy motoring – and don't forget to get your driving licence before you venture onto public roads.


The BBB Thanks You

We had a wonderful time at the various parties for our fourth birthday. We'd like to thank all our users who partied with us. We saw more of some of you than we ever had before at the "lingerie, towel and thongs" party at the Zindra Embassy! We also got into a limerick fest at the CDS party. That may give rise to a competition in The Gazette in future - for limericks with an SL theme!

Here are some pictures (with our thanks to Moon Adamant) from the CDS event on the marketplace in Neufreistadt. You can see more of the CDS event at their Flickr feed. Our editor is keeping his promise (made so party-goers didn't feel too shy about the dress code) not to publish pictures of the Zindra party. If you weren't there and are curious, you can find Amanda's pictures of the event on her Flickr feed

BBB4B Party at CDS by Moon 2
BBB4B Party at CDS by Moon 2

The Nautilus event had a nautical dress code and was DJ'ed by His Excellency Freddie, the Hon Ambassador, in flawless Top Gun-style dress whites. The BBB's tech-genius, hard-working innovator Robert Rhodan, was super-smart in Naval uniform too. 

The Gaeta event was in the wonderful park donated by Her Excellency Dulci, the Hon Ambassador at the rear of the embassy. Dulci hosted for her robot DJ, who had excellent musical taste. A wonderful time was had and the guests' various takes on the "quirky" dress code were a delight. 

Our embassies are excellent party venues and it's always great to see them in active use. Please feel free to let us have ideas for events to stage at them. If the ambassador feels your suggestion promotes the relevant continent and/or its relations with Bellisseria s/he may just make it happen!


The Club is a newbie-friendly music venue, which has been going strong for thirteen years. It features live DJs between 0400 and 1000 SLT every day and is a proud sponsor of Relay For Life. It's on the positively-named region of Yes, so who can say "no" to that! Please note that this is an entirely new stamp design for an old  location.

The Dragon & Griffin Library Café describes itself modestly as "Just a quiet place to hang out". We always appreciate residents who give up their precious Linden Homes (in this case a splendid new one in the Mediterranean style) to provide a community resource. Go have a read, a coffee or a snack and don't miss the bar in the garden. It's a very relaxing place to meet with friends.

The Club PE BBB Stamp Locations 3 Feb 2024.001 Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 03.35.19
The Dragon and Griffin Library Cafe BE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 09.40.05

Please feel free to leave comments. We welcome feedback! The comment form asks for an email address but that's entirely optional. Just leave it blank if you prefer.

A new map of Bellisseria | Events & Announcements | New Locations


Claire M (primerib1) has produced a new map of Bellisseria, naming all the various areas. The Lindens and Moles officially name continents (e.g. Bellisseria, Gaeta) and regions (eg. Swordfish, Nanga) and private estate owners name their own regions (e.g. Nyunanga) but useful names to identify areas of Second Life® usually come (in true SL spirit) from the community. Claire has kindly allowed us to reproduce her map here.

What do you think? Does this reflect the way you think about Bellisseria? Many of the names are in general use already. For example your editor has long been able to answer the question "where do you live in Belli?" by saying "in a houseboat on the Squishy Pickle". Now all Bellisserians have a simple way to talk about their continent.

Map by Claire M. (primerib1) reproduced with permission


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.



Here's your taxi




Here's your taxi.


After the surge of new stamps last week, today we have just one. It's the first LDPW location for a while – and it's one for the Star Wars fans. Go see if you can find the droids you're looking for! If not, at least pick up the quaintly old-school space suit and coveralls made by Silent Mole. It's a real collectors item.
Mos Ainsley Space Base JE BBB Stamp Locations 27 Jan 24.001 Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 01.44.24

Please feel free to leave comments. We welcome feedback! The comment form asks for an email address but that's entirely optional. Just leave it blank if you prefer.

BBB4B | A brief history of the BBB | Events & Announcements | New Locations


The wonderfully daft institution known as the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy (the BBB to its friends) was founded four years ago this week by Boo Rojyo. You'll find his brief history of the BBB below.

Apparently it's not just Germans who believe that Ordnung muss sein! We'd have never expected so many Americans, for example, to form a line to be pointlessly regulated. You guys used to be such mavericks! The idea of virtual bureaucracy still makes us laugh though and we're glad you enjoy it too. 

BBB4B is on Wednesday, January 24. You can read about the celebrations in Events & Announcements below. There will – of course – be a ridiculous number of commemorative passport stamps to collect.

Thanks for your support over the years. Count on us to provide more administrative hurdles for you to jump in future – entirely for fun, of course. 

Article and Photo by Gazette Staff


BBB LogoPicture the scene. A cold January evening on a houseboat. The Light of Aurelia Lighthouse flashing across the cold water. Boo was pondering the opportunities created by the fresh little community of Bellisseria.

His previous exploit there, contraband, was a dismal failure. His inventory was full of unused 'House for Sale' signs. His 'illegal house paints', 'terraforming bulldozers', and 'Low Lying Skyboxes' all gathered dust. In a moment of epiphany he decided to leave the dark side. One day Bellisserians would leave their happy homes and travel. Why should they have all the fun and no hassle? Why should they escape bureaucracy?

So he produced the very first Bellisserian passport; number BE100000101! It was clunky, it was ugly and the paper was cheap but it was a green shoot of bureaucracy. The Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy was founded to oversee this new venture. Such a snappy name!

Soon Boo was joined by Bel, Sun, and North. North made the passport more than an ornament, you could actually collect stamps. Sun made terminals and designed stamps. Bel made passports, and told everyone about them – whether they were interested or not! Gingir let the madness into the Bellisseria Citizens group where it gained momentum. Driving licences and number plates were added to the offerings. Stamp terminals turned up everywhere. Even Patch and the Moles got in on the act.

Over the years, more talented folks joined this crazy venture and the BBB took on a life of its own.

A tiny embassy in Corsica turned into embassies on seven continents, manned by our talented Honorary Ambassadors. Then there were eight, when we opened an embassy to the CDS. And then nine, when we opened in Zindra & Horizons.

What we used to do manually is now largely automated. Our systems are now web-based. The Bureau now has a permanent home with The Gazette and Parade of Homes in the grounds.

After four years, what next? There's no shortage of ambition. We have exciting plans and the enthusiasm to carry them out.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our whole team, past and present, and the users who have taken us to their hearts.

Happy birthday BBB!

Article by HE Boo Rojyo, Ambassador to Heterocera and Founder, BBB.


If you have a stamp terminal and are having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send your information, posters and/or photos.



Here's your taxi




Here's your taxi




Here's your taxi



Embassy of Ross

Good news! The Embassy of Ross has re-opened at a new location in Fantasseria in the aptly-named region of Transformation. Come get Ross freebies and hidden Dragon New Year's gifts. Stop by the Hologram to glimpse our patron, Lt. Gov. Linden. Be sure to talk to the Inspector, powered by chatGPT!

Also available are refreshments, boating, games, and the speeches of Amb. Hopalong Kerensky, including to the UN Committee on the Convention on the Law of the Sea for Landlocked Countries, in support of Titania's membership and more!



BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001

I am pleased to announce that the Bellisseria Commissary has re-opened at a new location. The old stamp is in place in the dining room and there are the same good eats, music, games, fellowship and weird Mushroom Room, but with new freebies and gifts in the quest.

And now there is a new addition as well: the Break-Up Room upstairs, where you can seek respite from your SL relationship gone wrong. On hand is Marge, a new chatGPT character (we have 6 others throughout the SL Public Land Preserve), who can listen and give you advice.

Henry Hutchence


A Personal Note from The Editor

When asked in our annual survey how we might improve The Gazette, one of our esteemed readers responded;

Less about the glorious BBB and more about locations and users.  

I appreciate that s/he won't be happy with this BBB4B edition! I'd just like to assure her or him that I've heard (and agree with) that comment. I intend to encourage stamp-issuing locations to let me know about their events and activities so that I can write about them here.

So please, dear reader, thank you for your thoughtful comment and please know that you have been heard. This issue is not a thumb to our collective BBB nose. It's a one-off for a special occasion. Watch this space.


Prolific stamp-issuer Radioactive Rosca has another for you this week at his SLRR railway station in Heterocera. It's to the west of the main station that already issues a stamp at a train stop that's been in place for 13 years.

Studio59 in Locus Amoenus in the CDS is a place to appreciate art or hold your recital or poetry reading. As well as a permanent stamp for the gallery there's an event stamp to be collected on the evening of 25th January when it's staging a Bossa Nova Day. Bossa Nova developed in Brazil in the 1950s, mixing Jazz and Samba influences. It is celebrated on January  25th every year in Brazil, and now in SL as well!

Speaking of events, we have ten further new stamps this week - all of them for the same event! It's the 4th anniversary of the founding of the Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy on January 24th and there will be events at our headquarters and at some of our embassies. You can collect stamps at all of them but please note that the dispensers may not be in place until 24th January.

SLRR Plusia 2 Station HE BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.001 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.12.11
Studio59 ART Gallery CDS BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.002 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.21.16

Bossa Nova Day at Studio59 ART Gallery CDS

25th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.24.41


BBB4B Event from 24th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.004 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.46.08

Bellisserian Embassy Corsica CA

BBB4B Event from 24th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.005 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.39.53

Bellisserian Embassy Gaeta GA

BBB4B Event from 24th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.006 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.42.32

Bellisserian Embassy to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators CDS

BBB4B Event from 24th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.007 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.44.30

Bellisserian Embassy to Jeogeot JE

BBB4B Event from 24th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.008 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.48.09

Bellisserian Embassy to Heterocera HE

BBB4B Event from 24th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.009 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.49.47

Bellisserian Embassy to Nautilus NA

BBB4B Event from 24th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.010 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.52.41

Bellisserian Embassy to Horizons & Zindra ZI

BBB4B Event from 24th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.011 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.54.30

Bellisserian Embassy to Sansara ("the Old Continent") SN

BBB4B Event from 24th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.012 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.56.31

Bellisserian Embassy to Satori ST

BBB4B Event from 24th January (stamp not available until event starts)

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Jan 24.013 Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.58.12

Please feel free to leave comments. We welcome feedback! The comment form asks for an email address but that's entirely optional. Just leave it blank if you prefer.

Out & About: Natthimmel | Events & Announcements | New Locations


In 2007 (the year I arrived in Second Life®) in an interview in The Guardian, Philip Linden made an interesting comment about where technology was heading. The interviewer observed that – to that point in history – most media had been passive, delivered to people as a finished product. Philip responded; 

Because that is all that the technology has allowed. But look at gaming. Those are non-passive experiences and they are much more engaging. And then look at video responses to YouTube videos; these are signs that people want to create. Perhaps a more nuanced point is that most of us are not creative because the world doesn't make it easy for us to be creative. In this next phase of the web we are going to use technology to make creativity easier and I think we are going to see everybody wanting to be creative. This means that people better rethink the nature of media.

Looking back from the future he was predicting, it's disappointing so little of the online world is truly creative. Social media sometimes seems to have done little more than take lowbrow arguments in bar-rooms global or rescue mediocre academics from well-deserved obscurity. Does everyone want to be creative? Perhaps, but mostly what they create is confusion, conflict and misery. You are your own journalist, artist or film-maker now, for sure, but if you're not also your own (very strict) editor and critic, you'll end up wasting chunks of your life forming a dismal view of humanity!

Philip may have been suffering from the sort of bias I've detected in artists I've met in SL. I spent much of the last 17 years – as a collector  – on the fringes of SL's  art scene. Artists are often so consumed by their own creative impulses that they can't understand others aren't. This often comes over as a sort of naive evangelism. They deflect praise of their work with some version of "but you could do it too". I've taken to calling myself a muggle when that happens; jokily making them consider I can love art, just as I love music, without having the inclination (or ability) to make either.

Just like YouTube, however, while much of the content is a waste of the lives of both creator and consumer, Second Life® really does provide a platform for creativity. There are gems to be found in the creative mire. A small number of residents make and remake 3D environments in SL for the sheer creative joy of it. You get an opportunity to walk through their imaginations and inhabit some aspect of their world – real or purely imagined.

Nathimmel, for example, has been a number of places since it was founded early last year. You can read about its past forms at the owners' blog here. At the moment it is Isbjørn Forskningsstasjon, a rusty, old fashioned, abandoned arctic station. The kind of environment few of us will ever experience (or even think about) in RL. It's a cool (in both senses) place to explore and take photographs. It has a soundscape to match the landscape and there's a sci-fi backstory available on a notecard in-world to put the location in an imagined context.

It doesn't offer itself as art. Certainly it's not the kind you hang on a wall or listen to in a concert hall. It's a new kind of 3D creative project made (as Philip predicted) much easier by SL's tech platform. The RL equivalent might be the building of a film set, which is a massively expensive project if done on this scale with this detail. Not the kind of thing you can do just for fun or self-expression. Or rather not the kind of thing you could do, without modern tech.

I enjoyed visiting it and recommend you take a look. If the creator reads this, we'd be happy to make a stamp for your visitors to collect.

Article and Photo by Gazette Staff


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

SL PoH OH welcomes

...Maitimo Resident's The Pink Lobster
est. 01/2024
The Pink Lobster is a beach-bar/restaurant/hangout with a Boho feel, very casual. A place to relax with friends, sit at the bar with drinks or enjoy the music and dance out on the deck overlooking the sea.

exterior interior deco


Retired Stamp Locations
Locations come and go in SL. It's just part of the dynamic of our virtual world. So naturally some of the permanent passport stamps issued (not to mention temporary event stamps) fall out of use. As from this week, the Gazette Online Travel Guide (GOTG)  and the in-world StampFinder (StaFi) HUD will have sections listing retired locations that have come to our attention in the last week. We can thank Robert Rhodan for this useful innovation.
The list will be sorted by the former location's SL Continent and name. If you just want to check the list quickly you can now always find a link to it in the sidebar to The Gazette.
Please note that it can only reflect retired locations we know about. For a while BonnieBots provided us with an automated way to check which terminals were still in place. As that's no longer available to us, we're back to relying on our users to report – although our CEO has put a lot of work into conducting a grid-wide audit of terminals this month. She's worn out the pixels of her virtual hiking boots in the process, so well done Bel!
If you're picking up a stamp terminal on your land (or if you discover that one has disappeared),  please let us know. We will be grateful to you and you may spare fellow passport-holders a wasted journey.
Changes to Commenting Policy at The Gazette
We're still collating responses to our Annual Readers' Survey last week, but have already implemented one of the suggestions. A reader told us that s/he didn't comment because our comments  policy required an email address (never published). S/he doesn't have a dedicated SL email address and didn't care to share her RL one. So we've removed that requirement; replacing it with prior editorial approval for publication of each comment. So any spam created by removing the requirement will bother your Editor and not you! 
We hope this change will make it easier to join in the discussion and make The Gazette more interactive. Thank you to our anonymous reader for making the suggestion.
By the way, we also noted that many respondents to the questionnaire said they weren't interested in commenting. They tell us they regard The Gazette more as a newspaper than as an interactive blog and don't feel the need to write letters to the Editor. That's fine too!
Volunteering to join the BBB
The question of how to volunteer to help the BBB came up in Bellisseria Citizens chat recently. Our CEO, Bel, is in charge of recruitment, so the simple answer is to IM her in-world to tell her of of your laudable interest in SL bureaucracy!
Her legacy name is Jezebel Bailey. Feel free to let her know what skills and experience you have and what commitment you're able to make.


Our first new stemp location this week is a centre in the Vestal region of Heterocera for various equestrian activities. It provides stables, pens, and organises regular rides around the continent. 

Athiss Estates is set in a beautiful natural location so we weren't surprised to see an information board for the Nature Collective of which it is a member. You are free to explore a forest, hot springs, gardens, spa, meditation areas and a  beach. You can play games or go bowling with friends at the Community Centre. 

Heterocera Equestrian Center HE BBB Stamp Locations 13 Jan 24.001 Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 14.22.20
Athiss Estates PE BBB Stamp Locations 13 Jan 24.002 Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 14.26.43

BBB4B | Readers' Survey | Events & Announcements | New Locations


BBB LogoThe Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy (BBB) proudly marks its fourth anniversary this month. Founded by the visionary Boo Rojyo, this group of dedicated virtual bureaucrats issues passports, passport stamps,  car licences and number plates. We also  support Bellisseria's embassies to the rest of SL, license our tech to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS) – SL's oldest democracy – to issue its own passports and publish The Gazette every week.

We will be celebrating this milestone with an event at BBB HQ starting on 24th January and continuing for a week. As part of the festivities, unique event stamps will be issued at HQ as well as at Bellisseria's embassies on Mainland and Zindra. Keep your eye on The Gazette's Events & Announcements section for news of individual BBB4B events.

As the BBB enters its fifth year, with Bel Bailey as our CEO, we hope for continued administrative excellence, innovative community initiatives, and the timeless camaraderie that binds us SL residents together. Here's to another year of  bureaucratic achievement and community spirit!


First of all, happy new year to all our readers. We thank you for your support of The Gazette since our first edition in 2021 and wish you all the best for the year ahead.

The best evidence of success in online publishing is reader engagement. Readers are kind enough to tell us in-world that they enjoy The Gazette, but we receive few comments online and we'd like to understand why that is. It's easy enough to make a comment by clicking on the link at the end of every issue.

Image showing how to leave a comment

It may be that commenting online is just not a natural way to engage in Second Life®. Residents may be more used to communicating through SL's excellent built-in tools like group chats and notices. Even our BBB colleagues sometimes prefer to send out information via the BBBug or CPCB groups. In the end, rather than making assumptions, the best way to find out how you prefer to engage, is to ask you! 

So we'd like to begin 2024 by requesting some feedback. We would be really grateful if you'd take a few minutes to complete this survey. Thank you in advance for taking the trouble to help us. Please feel free to share the survey link with your friends. We'd like to hear from as many residents as possible. 


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

SL PoH OH welcomes

...SadieRose Beaumont's La Salida Del Sol
est. 11/2023
Belli Mediterranean Home - Provence Of Note

exterior interior deco



I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have supported me throughout my artistic journey in SL, especially since being honoured with a full SLEA (SL Endowment for the Arts) region last year. Transforming a flat landscape into the vibrant and lively Planet Tambalya was a joyous and challenging endeavour. Your support and enthusiasm made the venture a remarkable experience for me

I hope you enjoyed collecting the unique stamps and enjoyed the various events. Kudos to those who secured the limited Edition Tambalyan passport, a special item that is no longer available now the planet is closed. You can continue to use this exclusive passport for as long as you like, so it's not just a memento!

Here is a Trailer filmed on Planet Tambalya by filmmaker and scriptwriter Jordan Rizzo. You will get to see and hear me debuting as a voice actor!

There is a long list of people I feel very grateful to and wish I could name them all here. You know who you are and I thank you all!

AmandaT Tamatzui


The latest database sync on January 3rd showed 1,093 new stamps were collected in the last week and 23 new passports were issued. The special Christmas Stamps by each of our designers were collected 296 times. We're glad you had so much fun over the festive period. 
Stats provided by Robert Rhodan of the Stamps team
The name field can now contain extended ASCII characters which will be automatically mapped to standard ASCII. So for example señor will be mapped to senor, rather than the entry (to use our techies' description)  going wacko. This feature has been added to all application form sheets.
Upgrade and information courtesy of Robert Rhodan of the Stamps team


2024 gets off to a good start with three new stamp-issuing locations this week! Firstly, 60225 Reel Simple Forest in Bellisseria is Radioactive Rosca's Linden Home. It features interesting information and a teleport hub to various locations you might like to visit. We're happy and proud to see a replica of his passport on prominent display. In real life making an identity document so readily available is not recommended, but identity theft is harder in SL!

Radioactive Rosca is also the owner of our second location; Rosca's Coffee and Brewery Shop is on Kendrastrasse in Neufreistadt, the capital of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS). 

Shark County is a visitor centre for Northern Heterocera to be found in the region of Muslin. It is an elegant modern building just off Route 3, which has details of local attractions and info boards for Drivers of SL and the Nature Collective. 

60225 Reel Simple Forest BE  BBB Stamp Locations 6 Jan 24.001 Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 01.44.28
Rosca's Coffee and Brewery Shop CDS BBB Stamp Locations 6 Jan 24.002 Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 01.53.45
Shark County HE BBB Stamp Locations 6 Jan 24.003 Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 01.59.42

Year-end Report | Events & Announcements | New Locations


We hope you enjoyed using our services in 2023 as much as we have enjoyed providing them. We're happy to report that the take-up of the new V3.00 passports has been good. Not only do they remove the old problems of losing stamps during dodgy teleports and requiring multiple visa HUDs to collect the ever-growing number of stamps available, they also allow us to collect interesting statistics and to monitor how events such as each year's SL Birthday celebrations affect the number of people applying for new passports.

As you can see from the first graph, SL20B had a dramatic effect. We think that was largely attributable to the enthusiasm of the Moles and Lindens issuing personal stamps from the SSiD devices many of them carried at the event.

Stamps Collected
We can report that (as of 26th December 2023) 51,491 stamps had been collected on 752 current V3.00 passports. 711 unique stamps had been issued as of that date.

Our top stamp collectors were:

  1. Fuyuko Amano (Wintergeist), with 654 stamps
  2. Kittensusie Landar / Fenella Allen (joint second), with 581 stamps, and
  3. Shumani Aeon, with 570 stamps
The runners-up were your editor Dave (lord.junibalya), Martina Voxel, Yukiko Yeshto, Susannah Hayworth, Dulcinea Andretti, Gemma Cleanslate and Elphaba Broome. You can work out where you rank by referring to this anonymised graph
Of the twenty most popular stamps issued, all but three were at BBB or LDPW locations. The most-collected stamp is at BBB HQ. The stamps at the Bellisserian Embassies are also popular. This makes sense as these are the places where many people obtain their passports.  It's natural that the first stamp they collect is the one immediately at hand.
We're delighted that people are making good use of the locations kindly provided by the Lindens to support our programme of virtual bureaucracy.
V3 passports issued
The most-visited LDPW location is the Bellisseria Fairgrounds, which ranks in third place after BBB HQ and the Corsica Embassy. The three private-sector locations in the top 20 are Le Messire Airfield / White Star Airfield (SLWS) at number 14, Bellisseria Bike Drive & Scoot! at number 17 and Bellisseria Life at number 18. 
We can reveal for the first time how the passports issued break down between the various issuers.
  1. Bellisseria passports (541)
  2. Continental passports (69)
  3. Planet Tambalya passports (60)
  4. SL Generic passports (55)
  5. Confederation of Democratic Simulators passports (23)
These statistics are particularly interesting. When the passports were only available in Bellisseria, we had complaints from many other residents who wanted them too. Yet the take up of passports for Mainland, which is most of SL, is less than a quarter of that for Bellisseria. This is so even though it's easier to get a Mainland passport. They're automatically dispensed on demand and can be used immediately, with no need to go through a bureaucratic application process. We will need to consider why that is. Perhaps people actually enjoy the bureaucratic process of applying?
The CDS, on the other hand, is to be congratulated on the remarkably high take up of its passports. After all, it's much smaller than either the Mainland Continents or Bellisseria. Perhaps the sense of  community is even greater in SL's oldest democracy than in famously-sociable Bellisseria? Or perhaps the regular communications by its elected officials help?
The take-up of the special Planet Tambalya passport is also truly remarkable. This special one-off passport was issued from AmandaT Tamatzui's sci-fi art installation at the SL Endowment for the Arts (SLEA). We've had many time limited event stamps before, but this was the very first event passport. The high numbers for this single-region passport reflect Amanda's intensive programme of events at the location, the special stamps she made for each event and her relentless use of the Events & Announcements feature in The Gazette to promote them. Sometimes it felt like we should rename The Gazette as The Tambalyan Times!
Other stamp-issuers could easily emulate her. The Gazette always stands ready to provide free publicity for whatever is going on at any location where our passport stamps are issued; not just those offering special event stamps. Be like Amanda and take advantage of that service. Like all our offerings, it's entirely free. Our volunteers are just here to make your SL more fun!
New Stamps created
We hope you enjoyed reviewing these statistics and graphs and we look forward to welcoming you at more stamp-issuing locations in 2024. Happy New Year from to our users from all of us at the BBB, CPCB and CDS!
Article by BBB Staff | Statistics and graphs by Robert Rhodan


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.


The BBB wishes all its users a very happy new year. We wish you all the best for 2024. To celebrate, there's a special New Year stamp available at our HQ. 


Plusia Railway Station on the continent of Heterocera is an SLRR station, which seems to specialise in nuclear transport. Hence the very striking design of the stamp. It's based on the ISO 361 international warning sign for ionising radiation – a trefoil symbolising waves radiating from an atom. Do please be careful when visiting. Not because of the radioactivity, but because the SLURL provided by the owner drops you right on the tracks! 

At BBB HQ this month you'll also find a special stamp to celebrate the new year. 

Plusia Railway Station HE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Dec 23.001 Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 20.47.15
BBB Happy 2024 BE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Dec 23.002 Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 20.42.55

Happy Holidays | Events & Announcements | New Locations


Thank you for another year's support of the efforts of the BBB. It was great to see so many of you at our party at HQ last Wednesday. We had a great time in our backyard and we hope you did too. Thanks to Amanda for setting it all up and to DJ Stephanie for the fantastic playlist. Between them they put everyone right into the holiday spirit. Thank you ladies. 

BBB Party Pic 1
BBB Party Pic 1

However and Whomever you celebrate at this time of year, we bureaucrats-for-fun wish you all the very best. Merry Christmas everybody. May the spirit of joy and giving enrich all of your lives this year. 


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

Winter Wonderland Invitation

Please join us on the opening day of our Winter Wonderland Celebration! We will be throwing an early Christmas Party so that we can all get together before everyone gets busy in RL! We will also be having a Winter Wonderland New Years Eve Celebration. Details for the parties can be found below!

Attire for these two specific events: Anything that feels Crimussy/New Yearsy to you!

The Belli Hammies have created a Winter Wonderland over at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds that will run from December 23rd - January 15th. Come by to see the wildlife playing in the snow. Grab a hot chocolate at the ice rink to warm up after a bit of skating or sledding. You can even bring your family and enjoy a full holiday meal inside the warmth of our winter cabin in the woods. Gather with friends on the cabin porch by the outdoor fire while you enjoy the scenery! There may even be some winter games if the Hammies can figure out how to unfreeze their nubbehs from the ice, in order to get things ready in time! The event will also include a limited time event stamp for your passport, available from the morning of Saturday, December 23rd. A landmark will be provided on December 23rd. Keep an eye out for notices! Can't wait to see yew all!

The Pre-Christmas party on the 23rd will be from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm SLT. The NYE party on December 31st will also be from 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm SLT.

Happy Holidays from da Belli Hammies!


The first new passport stamp this week is for the Winter Wonderland at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds organised by our wonderful Hammies. Full details above in "Events & Announcements".

T&T Syndicate Milk Logistics is a GTFO! hub location that specialises in dairy. 

Finally, there are three special "season's greetings" stamps made by our designers, Robert, Sandy and Amanda. They were released for the BBB Backyard Party (see above) and are to be found on the porch at the rear of BBB HQ.

Winter Wonderland Celebration 2023 BE

Event: December 23rd - January 15th

BBB Stamp Locations 23 Dec 23.001 Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 23.49.09
T&T Syndicate Logistics ST BBB Stamp Locations 23 Dec 23.002 Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 07.34.48
Robert's Stamp BE BBB Stamp Locations 23 Dec 23.003 Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 23.58.11
Sandy's Stamp BE BBB Stamp Locations 23 Dec 23.003 Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 00.24.56
Amanda's Stamp BE BBB Stamp Locations 23 Dec 23.003 Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 00.26.21

Out & About: Toymaker's Isle | Events & Announcements | New Locations


Toymaker's Isle_001
One of your editor's oldest and best friends in SL is the prolific and highly-creative builder Raven Frostwych (ravenstarr). She recently scaled down her SL involvement for personal reasons. We respect her choices and wish her well but there's no denying that's a loss to all who enjoy her creations' glimpses into her rich imagination. In good news the Monarch Education Project is staying open, as is one of our favourite builds, the Mystic Moon Café – for which she's found a new owner. So the stamps are still collectable there. 

We were also delighted that she found time to make a special seasonal build called Toymaker's Isle.

Noel the Toymaker_001
Like Raven's other recent builds there's an AI element. The head toymaker, Noel, is an artificially intelligent elf, happy to explain the spirit of his place. He told our editor;

Ah, Dave, welcome! Toymaker's Isle is a place of magic, joy, and laughter. Nestled in the heart of the Arctic, veiled from the eyes of the mundane world, it’s a realm where time stands still and dreams come alive. Our Isle is a wonderland of glittering snow and twinkling lights, with the sweet scent of candy canes lingering in the air. The workshop, our heart, is a bustling hive of merry elves, each a master craftsman of their own right, shaping dreams into reality with nimble fingers and boundless enthusiasm. We work all year round, creating toys of all shapes and sizes, each imbued with a unique sprinkle of Christmas magic. 

All that without so much as a glass of sherry to loosen his elven tongue! He is prepared to chat on wider subjects too and – as always - our editor tested his AI by asking for a prediction as to where his favourite football team will finish in the Premier League this year. The reply was not useful from a gambling point of view but was full of Elven wisdom!

The build is more modest (and a lot less dark) that some of Raven's previous efforts, but it is richly-decorated, captures the spirit of Christmas and is a very pleasant surprise for her fans. She has not applied for a stamp terminal for this one; perhaps because it's seasonal and temporary. Still, if you've appreciated her creativity when collecting previous stamps, we wouldn't want you to miss out on this little gem. Your taxi is here

Article and Photographs by Gazette Staff


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

And the winner of the special stamp is...

TTR Stamp 50K

As we predicted in last week's issue, the 50,000th stamp on our V3.00 Passports was issued this week. The stamp was from the Tiny Teeglet Ranch and was collected at 11.54am SLT on December 10th by Bethh Ashbourne. Congratulations Bethh!

At that point, Bethh had collected 187 stamps, placing her 71st in our league table of collectors. Bethh, who has been in SL more than 15 years, will now receive a special stamp - unique to her - to commemorate this momentous event in BBB history. The rest of us collectors can only see – and envy – it here!

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 00.50.29

The award stamp was one of two special designs prepared by our talented colleagues Sandy Burgess and Robert Rhodan. For aficionados of our stamps, here's Robert's alternative design.

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 01.03.07
And no, you can't have that one either!


Jordan Rizzo at Planet Tambalya

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 22.14.28

Meet Jordan Rizzo, the Machinima rockstar and scriptwriting wizard! Head of the SL Video Creator's Group, he's the coolest captain in town for all things cinematic. Get ready for a cosmic journey as Jordan drops a mind-blowing trailer set in the enchanting Planet Tambalya, starring the incredible Tambalyans! Hold onto your socks for an interactive competition with a surprise from Jordan – trust us, you don't want to miss it. Did we mention the loot? Three winners score a L$2400 gift voucher for AmandaT Tamatzui's incredible works. And the grand prize? A custom graffiti wall by the artistic genius herself, AmandaT Tamatzui – a creative jackpot! Mark your calendars, (Dec 16 & 17 at 1 to 3 PM SLT ) rally your crew, and join Jordan Rizzo for this intergalactic adventure – a cinematic fiesta with prizes that'll make your artistic heart skip a beat!

Here's your taxi


Our colleague and stamp designer AmandaT Tamatzui has been generous with her fellow artists in sharing the resources allocated to her by the Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA). She's offered space at Planet Tambalya – her region-wide sci-fi themed art installation at SLEA – for other artists' own sci-fi builds and exhibitions. For example, she offered the enormous sci-fi build to  film-maker Rizzo as a location for his machinima. He will be talking about that and answering questions from the audience at two events on Dec 16th 17th from 1pm to 3pm SLT. The presentation will be interactive and involve a contest. Of course, there's a special event stamp to collect for your passport.

J&R's Gas n' Go is a cute retro petrol station on the Circuit la Corse in the region of Valarian on the continent of Corsica. Fuel up your truck and collect a passport stamp while it guzzles that gas into its capacious tank. In virtuality it's all net zero already so relax and enjoy!

Film-maker Rizzo: presentation and Q&A PE

Events: 16th/17th December at 1-3pm SLT

BBB Stamp Locations 16 Dec 23.001 Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 11.20.58
J&R's Gas'n'Go CA BBB Stamp Locations 16 Dec 23.002 Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 12.12.25

Time to Go Mediterranean | Milestone Stamp Imminent | 300+ Stamps in one week! | Events & Announcements | New Locations


1- Bella Vista

Crowds gathered at the Expo 1 region, awaiting the “reveal” of the new Bellisseria Premium Plus Home Theme. There was a great deal of excitement as people waited. The reveal was set for 7am SLT on Thursday Dec 7th. However, people started arriving two hours early and turnout was high. The region totally “filled up” by about 6:30am, with others trying to get in and unable to do so. Derrick Linden kindly increased the avatar limit to accommodate the crowd.

Several people asked for a speech. However, Patch Linden seemed to feel that a picture was worth a thousand words. Instead of saying anything about the release, he simply made the reveal region appear promptly at 7:00 AM SLT.

A lot of excited people began surging onto the region. So many people entered at once that it had to be restarted. The crowd was asked to curb their enthusiasm and try to enter about ten at a time.

Once people got in and began looking around, everything ran smoothly. They spread out to look at six homes that had been beautifully decorated for the holidays by the Moles. There were another six homes that were demo rezzers, allowing people to rez any of the styles and then go in and check them out.

So what was it people saw?

2- favola

A collection of “Mediterranean” style homes; large manor houses with Spanish tile roofs and stucco walls. The region was lined with cobblestone streets and concrete sidewalks. The vegetation was not plush; more dried grass mixed in with bare spots of earth. But was still quite attractive. There were several different types of trees: olive trees, palm trees and evergreens, etc.

The overall effect was quite pleasant. It reminded me of some of the sprawling mansions I have seen in well-to-do parts of Southern California.

The houses are grand and elegant. This theme offers four different styles of home, in each of two versions – an open model and one with interior walls. Three of the four styles are two-storey and one model was a single storey home.

The homes offer nine exterior colours, nine interior colours, nine colours of door, eight different types of windowpane woods, and four different exterior trims.

3- fireplace_002

Some, but not all, of the models come with working fireplaces! According to Linden Lab, you can control them.

The fireplace button along the side of the baseboard will allow you to light or put out the fire, clean the burnt logs, remove the fireplace grate or even hide the fireplace completely. All with no added land impact on your parcel.

Speaking of land impact, each of these homes offers a 703 LI allowance and the parcels are 2048 square metres. They will only be available to Premium Plus members.

Most of the comments I heard (both in person and on the forums) were positive. People seemed really to like the new designs. However, several people commented that, while it was very nice, it wasn’t quite what they think of when they hear the term “Mediterranean.”

4- Grand Palma

Please remember that this is a reveal and not a release. The homes are not yet available on the Land Page. They may not be available for some time; possibly not until the beginning of the year. So don't abandon your homes to get one yet. Please wait for the official release.

If you would like to visit the reveal region, please teleport here.

Article and Photographs by Teresa Firelight


2023-12-06_21h53_41As you can see from this chart, we are close to issuing the 50,000th stamp on our V3.00 Passports. It was the upgrade to V3.00 which first provided us with the technology to track such things.

This is a significant milestone and we want to mark it in some special way. We will be able to identify the user who collects the 50,000th stamp and we plan to issue them with an additional, unique commemorative stamp.

The design process for the one-off stamp is still continuing but here's one of the current drafts to give you an idea.

Stamp-No-50000_DraftSo, if you are that lucky person, you will have something in your passport that no-one else can have! It's the collector's item to end all collector's items!

So head out onto the grid, equipped with your StaFi HUD or guided by the Gazette Online Travel Guide and pick up any passport stamps you don't yet have. Any one of them – old or new – could turn out to be the 50,000th stamp issued.

Good hunting and good luck!

Photos by Robert Rhodan


Most current BBB bureaucrats joined our staff after becoming keen collectors of our passport stamps. Collecting them is is a fun, SLife-enhancing way to find places on the grid we might otherwise miss. We love it when people enjoy collecting them as much as we do.

A recent new enthusiast is Tor Karlsvalt, the Chancellor of SL's oldest democracy – the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS). He acquired a passport recently and really went for it. He collected over 300 stamps in his first week!

Here's a framed photo he made of his collection. 


Congratulations on your remarkable achievement, Chancellor. We hope you continue to enjoy travelling Second Life® with your new passport! 

Photo by Tor Karlsvalt


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

AR-235_Installation_Encore_SignYour taxi is here.


Your taxi is here.


Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 08.30.48

Applications open December 7-17th. Exhibition opens December 23rd. Celebration on December 27th 2-3:30pm slt at The Dickens Project - DJ Elrik Merlin, broadcasting live on Virtual Community Radio. Full details of how to apply are here


Advance Notice of the BBB Christmas Party

Get ready to join the BBB for our Christmas Party at BBB HQ. Please mark your diaries for December 20th at 1-3pm SLT. Music will be provided by DJ Dulci. There will be fireworks by Crito. Details to follow but we think you can safely bet on there being an event stamp. 


If you missed the first concert at Planet Tambalya by the SL tribute act for K-Pop sensations BlackPink, you will be happy to have a second chance. You will not hear a better pop concert in SL.

You have another chance also to see Ilyra Chardin's amazing art installation at her guest exhibit on Planet Tambalya. This time, there's an event stamp too!

Mieville Historical Hunts and Events is celebrating Christmas during the whole of December. All the information is available at their website

Founded in 2006, the Fishers Island Yacht Club on the Blake Sea is one of the oldest in Second Life. We're happy that you can now pick up a passport stamp when you visit. 

Also on the Blake Sea, the Sailors Cove Airfield and Seaplane Base has a small, dirt runway, adjacent seaplane docks and is also a GTFO! port.

The Dickens Project is an SL holiday tradition that invites you to walk in the steps of Ebenezer Scrooge. The 2023 edition is now in progress at Seanchai Library and runs until January 7th next year. Read all about it here. There will be not one, but two, beautiful special event stamps to collect. 

BlackPink in Planet Tambalya PE

Event on Dec 9th at 1-3pm SLT

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 23.34.58

Ilyra's AR-235 Encore Performance PE

Dec 13th @ 1PM SLT

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 00.48.09

Mieville Seaside Christmas Event PE

Dec 1-31st 2023


BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.003 Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 00.53.32

Fishers Island Yacht Club BS


BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.004 Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 21.02.13

Sailors Cove Airfield and Seaplane Base BS

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.005 Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 01.34.16

The Dickens Project I PE

The Dickens Project II PE

Dec 7th 2023 - Jan 7th 2024

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.006 Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 20.31.03
Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 20.31.03

Out & About: Corsica Tourist Center | Events & Announcements | New Locations


The CTC is one of the older stamp-issuing locations. Under previous ownership, it was once the secret location for a planned new vision of the BBB. We wanted to license our tech (free of charge) to people on other SL continents so they could issue their own passports. Disappointingly, our then partners pulled out. Happily, we found another way forward: the Continental Passport Control Board, issuing automated continental passports from our embassies. Sometimes you need to fail a time or two to succeed properly!

Corsica Tourist Center_001
These memories were revived by our recent visit. We are fans (who isn't?) of the Corsica South Coasters (CSC). Their vision for this part of Corsica is an ideal much of mainland could aspire to. Like-minded land owners have agreed a theme and brought together their regions and plots to create an arty and beautiful area of SL which is a delight to explore. It's a place for an SL landowner to be his or her best self in a supportive and friendly environment. Freely-chosen community and cooperation really can make for a better virtual world. Their Flickr feed gives a good idea of the range of activities.

The current version of the Corsica Tourist Center belongs to the CK's Corner group. CK is Ceakay Ballyhoo, an SL artist and one heck of a landscaper. Under her stewardship, the CTC is an excellent information hub, blending seamlessly into richly-landscaped surroundings. It's directly on the Circuit de la Corse, the main road that runs right around the continent. There's a teleport directory to all the CSC locations and posters advertising current events. It warmed our cold bureaucratic hearts to see our stamp terminal on walking through the front door. There are also information boards for locations around Corsica and beyond.

Outside there's a charming tea garden, which is one of SL's cuter music venues.  There's also a horse rezzer for equine tours of the area. If you'd like to get to know the CSC lands (and we recommend you do) we suggest you start right here and soak up all the information you could possibly need to make sure you enjoy it all. 

Article and photo by Gazette staff


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

SL PoH OH welcomes

...Jolie Jinglepaw's Embassy of Peace & Human Rights
est. 10/2023
A place to reflect and learn more about Human Rights. Coffee and free bicycles!

exterior interior deco


Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot! 5th Annual Winter Wonderland!

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 03.52.24

As the event stamp was announced last week, this is just a reminder that this event begins tomorrow. Here's your taxi.


Here are the upcoming parties on Planet Tambalya


Sandcastle_Beach_Party_1Here's your taxi


Indigosye Press hosts book reviews of award-winning science fiction novels and information about Indigo's personal books of science fiction poetry. Upstairs is the main branch of Gallery Indigoskye featuring Indigo's SL photography.

The next new stamp is for the New England style village of Sailor's Cove on the Blake Seas with its marina, café, gallery and more. 

The Oikoumeni Sea connects the communities of the CDS (Confederation of Democratic Simulators), the Etopia Sustainable Community and the LOCUS Amiais@SL Project. 

Finally there's a new event stamp for another music event at Planet Tambalya. 

Indigoskye Press & Art Gallery CDS BBB Stamp Locations 2 Dec 23.001 Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 23.36.51
Sailors Cove Township BS BBB Stamp Locations 2 Dec 23.002 Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 04.17.41
The Oikoumeni Sea II CDS BBB Stamp Locations 2 Dec 23.003 Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 23.18.40

DJ Frank @ Sandcastle Beach PE

Event on Dec 3rd at 12:30 to 2:30 PM

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 23.28.27