Welcome to our New Headquarters and please welcome Sceneris to our staff.

BBB WE Garden_Pru
Our benefactor, Pru, in the garden of our new HQ

Thanks to the generosity of our colleague and benefactor, Pru (Prudence Anton, pictured above), we have a beautiful new HQ. We have vacated the stilt home we formerly occupied and have moved to a property at Winters Elm. The location will be familiar to many BBBug members, who collected the passport stamp formerly issued when it was known as The River House.

Dave arrives by Tardis
click to enlarge

Everyone so enjoyed our secret garden at the SL18B celebrations that our Chief Designer Sun (Dark Sunflower) has created a version of it at our new location. It's absolutely beautiful and a perfect place to de-stress after going through the bureaucratic mill indoors!

If, like Dave in the photograph, you are an SL Time Lord  you will be able to set the time-space co-ordinates of your Tardis time-ship to Belli BB (in the navigation database for Hands of Omega and Novatech Tardises under the "social" category) and land in the corner of that new garden.

We hope that you will all pay us a visit soon and bring your BBB-curious friends. When you've finished exploring our elegant new offices, please remember to help your friend through the processes of obtaining a Bellisserian passport, drivers licence, house address and motor vehicle registration number! The location photo and co-ordinates have been updated in the Online Travel Guide and in the sidebar to the Gazette so you can find your way to us even if you have lost the LM that was sent to all BBBug members in-world. If you need another LM, just IM one of the BBB Staff (also listed in the sidebar).

Speaking of our beautiful SL18B garden, our editor – Fenella – enjoyed her time there so much that she has rented a dacha (she used to live in Russia) on the Campbell Coast just so she can also recreate it. She will be organising a garden-warming party there soon (also to coincide with her 14th Rez Day) and all readers of the Gazette will be welcome. Watch this space for details!

image from www.flickr.com
At last Thursday's meeting of BBB officials, Pru had us pose for this new staff photo for display in our new office. If there were three more of us, we could make it into a clock! The photo will soon need to be updated as our staff is growing. It needs to, because there are exciting new services in the pipeline. Keep reading the Gazette to hear about them here first!

Speaking of growth, please welcome a talented new member of the BBB staff. Sceneris (Pru's partner in Pring Productions, the company that made all your favourite videos about Bellisseria – including the BBB Movie) joins our team of all the talents as Videography/PR Consultant. In addition, Fiona is taking on an additional role as Executive Assistant to our CEO, Boo.

Please check out the updated staff directory under BBB Information in the sidebar for details of everyone's roles. You will find it helpful in identifying the right person to help you with any bureaucratic queries you may have. 

Rosie Helendale featured the Bellisseria Passport at her Second Life Vlog here. Do take a look, enjoy and don't forget to share it with all your BBB-curious friends. We at the BBB enjoyed the video very much. We send our thanks to Rosie, both for a job well done and for her commendable enthusiasm for our work! Rosie, on application in-world to Fenella, we will be happy to issue an "approved publication" licence you can feature on your channel. 

Rosie issued a supplemental update video clarifying who is entitled to a Bellisserian Passport (see next item). Thanks again Rosie.


At our meeting this week we discussed the continuing confusion among SL residents as to who qualifies for a Bellisserian Passport. There were many questions and discussions about it on our stand at SL18B. Our passports are popular and we receive applications from many non-Bellisserians. Some cleverly get into the spirit of our virtual bureaucracy  by trying to claim political asylum for example! We admire their creativity but – in the same spirit – our bureaucratic response is this. Under international law refugees must seek asylum in the first safe place they arrive. That is to say, they must come directly from a place where they are in danger. All of Second Life® is politically a safe place so no arrivals in Bellisseria from SL's islands or its other continents qualify as refugees.

The rules are simple. You can have a passport from us if the avi in whose name you are applying owns a Linden Home on the continent of Bellisseria. We don't recognise alts. If your alt has the Premium account, then that alt – not you – is entitled to the passport. If you opted to use your land allowance on mainland SL instead of in Bellisseria, you do not qualify. Someone sharing your Bellisserian home with you may qualify (even if they don't have a Premium Account) but only if officially partnered in-world.

Locations anywhere in Second Life® can apply for a terminal to issue passport stamps. However the location must be non-commercial. Shops or land rental businesses don't qualify, for example (although a rented home, gallery or other non-commercial venue in such a region might). Again, we have many applicants trying to by-pass this rule. The BBB is a Bellisserian institution run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. We abide by Bellisseria's rules, which forbid commerce, so we can't and won't issue stamps to residents who wish to use them to promote their business. 

Zoe has final discretion in these matters, so if you are asking her to consider an application that does not fit squarely within the rules, be sure to be extra-specially nice to her! We have also introduced a formal appeal procedure. If your passport or stamp terminal application has been rejected, you may appeal to Ghost. Trust us, not many people "appeal" to Ghost in any sense of the word, so expect a prompt, terse and impersonal rejection response.


We are volunteers and we know from all your kind remarks at SL18B that you are reluctant to bother us with issues. However we are keen to make sure you are happy with our services so would be grateful if you could complete this survey. We are particularly keen to know how you first found out about the BBB so that we can reach more customers in future. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

There are no new locations to report this week. We have approved some applications but the location-holders have not yet placed their terminals in-world so we don't want to send you on a wild goose chase. There are also many new locations in the pipeline on LDPW land in Bellisseria. That's in the hands of our friends and beloved benefactors, the Moles. So, when you ask us when that will happen, we can only give Patch's standard response to such questions – Soon™

SL18B draws to a close. Bel Leaves the BBB

Sl18b billboard
SL18B ends in three days so don't miss your final opportunities to collect both the special commemorative passport stamp for the event and the ten personal stamps from our SSiD-carrying staff on the BBB stand. 

We make announcements in the BBBug chat when members of staff come onto the stand so be sure to monitor it when you're in-world. We enjoy meeting you all and look forward to you stopping by. Even if you don't have a Bellisseria Passport (shame on you, pick up a form while you're here) come visit us anyway. Our Chief Designer Sun and her team have made one of the event's most beautiful builds.

We are going to miss our secret garden when SL18B ends.

IMG_1435We are sorry to report the sad news that Bel (jezebel.bailey) is leaving the BBB. She's been with us almost since the beginning. She has been a great colleague and a cheerful, teasing, uplifting leader to us more recent recruits.

She's planning to revive her old SL clothing brand and is busy acquiring the mesh skills necessary to do so. Knowing her determination and application as we do, we are sure she will succeed and look forward to wearing her creations! On that subject, our colleague Ghost said; 

I would wish Bel luck but I know she won't need it if she approaches her new venture with the same passion, skill and eye for detail that she dedicated to the BBB for so long. I know she will do so well, and keep making SL an even more beautiful place every day.

Our CEO Boo said

Bel has been with us pretty much since the BBB poked its bureaucratic head into the world. In part the BBB owes its continued existence to Bel. She has always been generous and enthusiastic and I think her optimistic outlook is what I'll miss most. I wish Bel well in her SL future!

Our headquarters were in Bel's Linden stilt home but our very own Pru (prudence.anton) kindly offered us a new – and very elegant – home.  The details are in the new locations below and we'll also be sending out a new LM to BBBug members.


Something magical is going on at Invoke – our new location this week. We're not too sure what it is but if you fly in to check it out, bear in mind that broom parking is 25c per hour. Our new HQ also appears below, but technically it's not a new location as it's handing out the same stamp as before.

By the way, for those of you who were disappointed last week, Fenella spoke to Jexxan, the owner of The Beehive.  It opened and closed in the space of a week because, sadly, there was a family emergency in RL. When things have settled down, perhaps next year, Jexxan plans to reopen and the stamp will become available again. In the meantime, best wishes to her from all of us at the BBB. It was a lovely build while it lasted and we look forward to seeing it back on the grid in due course.

Three other stamps were discontinued this week: Time Lost Art, Time Lost Cafe and The Platy Beach House. So, if you have collected them already, congratulations. For everyone else, sadly it's too late.

Invoke :: Cast your own spell BBB Stamp Locations Invoke Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 22.16.21
BBB HQ BBB Stamp Locations.001 Screenshot 2021-07-03 at 09.26.59

SL18B continues / Three new stamp-issuing locations in Bellisseria

image from www.flickr.comWe are enjoying meeting BBBug members (and potential members) on our beautiful stand at SL's 18th Birthday Party (SL18B). People really seemed to enjoy our new movie premiered at the event and it was delightful to hear from so many of you in person what fun you have with the passport. Several people said it takes them places in SL they wouldn't otherwise find. We put a lot of work into our virtual bureaucracy and – while we enjoy doing it – it's a joy to know it's entertaining you.

Fenella's morale was much raised by those of you who kindly told her you enjoy reading the Gazette. Until SL18B, she wasn't sure anyone was reading it at all! 

As well as the BBB Movie, we launched a short instructional video at SL18B, also made by our talented colleague Pru. It's called Adwyn Applies for her Bellisseria Passport and takes you through the process, step by step. If you have a friend thinking of applying, save yourself the trouble of long explanations by sending them a link, which can also be found (with other helpful stuff) under BBB Information in the sidebar. 
image from www.flickr.com

It has also been great for BBB colleagues to spend serious time together building our esprit de corps. It's really time we organised a staff party. Perhaps when SL18B is over, we can take over a venue in Bellisseria and let our hair down.

Sl18b billboard

If you haven't visited the stand already, please do. It's the location for the terminal issuing the official SL18B commemorative stamp and you can pick up the special personal stamps of the BBB staff you meet there by clicking on their SSID tablets – like the one Fenella, our editor, is carrying in the picture above.

One visitor to the stand had had trouble at the Initiation Office. His group application had failed with an "Inviter not online" message. We tested it and it's working perfectly now. Everything is set up correctly and we can only assume that the bot who issues the invitations had briefly gone offline. If you have a problem of this kind, you can find which BBB official is online by checking the indicator board at the back of the main BBB office. IM any of us and we can issue an invitation immediately.

Several of you said when chatting on our stand that you don't like to bother us with "complaints" as you know we're volunteers. That's considerate of you, but we do want all the systems to work though. Please don't be shy to let us know so that we can help you and/or fix any issues. If not for that conversation at SL18B, we wouldn't have known there had been any problem. 

You may like to visit the Initiation Office, which only the more recent members of BBBug will have seen. We BBB officials are all too pleasant, friendly and efficient to be realistic bureaucrats but we do like to create an intimidating procedure or two!

Screenshot 2021-06-20 at 09.55.41This week there are three new locations where you can get a passport stamp and, of course, the limited edition SL18B stamp is still available on our stand. As are the ten personal stamps from staff members carrying SSiD tablet computers. Like gachas, there are "common" ones – from those of us junior staff who spend hours on the stand – and "rares" from the senior staff and consultants, who are more elusive! We make announcements in the BBBug Group Chat when a staff member comes on duty or stops by, so watch out for those.

All three new locations this week are on our home continent of Bellisseria. The Beehive Museum, Gallery and Hangout is a space for people to learn more about the awesomeness of bees and how important they are to our world. [Sadly, since publication, the Beehive has been abandoned. We've removed it from the Online Travel Guide]. The Neural Networks Art Gallery and Cafe and the Bellisseria Commissary are both locations in the SL Public Land Preserve Group set up "to preserve SL wilderness and beautiful builds for the enjoyment of the general public."

Neural Networks - Art Gallery and Cafe BBB Stamp Loc- Neural Networks_001 Screenshot 2021-06-23 at 23.56.17
The Beehive - Museum, Gallery & Hangout BBB Stamp Loc- The Beehive_001 Screenshot 2021-06-23 at 23.59.37
Bellisseria Commissary BBB Stamp Loc- Belli Commissary_001 Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 00.00.24

Interim Bulletin: SL18B Edition

The BBB Gazette is usually published at 00.01 SLT every Saturday. This ties in with Sun's weekly notecard to BBBug members about locations issuing passport stamps. We received information about HopeFest and SL18B so late however, that waiting until Saturday for the last two editions would have meant the events were already in progress. So we published early.

We now want to get back to our usual schedule and are publishing this interim bulletin just so you won't have to wait ten days between issues! It consists only of useful links to use during SL18B. The permanent ones will later be available in the sidebar to the BBB Gazette for your reference.

The BBB Stand at SL18B - Follow the dirt path from the Landing Spot

The BBB Movie (Premiered at SL18B, this is a great guide to our services featuring our lovely staff with guest appearances by BBBug members).

Adwyn Applies for her Bellisseria Passport (a "how to" tutorial video to share with your BBB-curious friends).

The Online Travel Guide (where to find all the available stamps for your Bellisseria Passport).

The Meet the Lindens talks, hosted by Saffia Widdershins, are a traditional part of the SLB celebrations. We feature this one here because – once again – Patch gave what he called "a shameless plug” to the BBB. The whole talk is interesting and you’ll find the plug at 34 minutes in. Thank you, Patch. We love you too!

Some of you have already collected all ten of the personal stamps available from BBB Staff at the SL18B stand. Many of you have picked up one or two. You are welcome to visit as often as you like to get more and/or just to chat with us. We are really enjoying meeting so many of you and our "manor garden" style stand is a calm and peaceful spot to take a break from the bustle of the event. Enjoy SL18B! Enjoy your travels around our grown-up grid. Happy Birthday Second Life®. 

Second Life is an Adult!

Fenella with SSiD_001It's hard to believe but SL is 18. Our very own little (actually, not so little) virtual world has finally reached adulthood!

The 18th annual Second Life birthday celebrations (SL18B) begin tomorrow, June 17th, and continue until July 1st. There will be opportunities to shop until your avi drops. There will be live music, performances and many exciting exhibits.

One of those exhibits will be that of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy. We'll be showing the premiere of our new movie and revealing exciting new plans for the future. 

The BBB officials on the stand will carry their own SSID's – Staff Stamp Issuing Devices. Be nice to us and we will perform a personal passport control for you on request – a service only available on the BBB stand.

The picture above shows our Editor Fenella holding her SSID. Below is a picture of the stamp she will be issuing; signed in her own handwriting and featuring an ink-well and pen to symbolise her role at the BBB.

There are ten staff stamps to collect in total so be sure to stop by and say hello to as many of us as you can. Check the sidebar for the staff directory so you know who we are. Of course there's also the SL18B stamp itself to collect – see below for details of that.

Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 22.47.24This year’s theme for SL18B is Hidden Worlds. In truth Second Life® contains many worlds. There are role-playing regions set far in the past or future. There are sci-fi regions, fantasy regions teeming with magical folk and creatures. Until Fenella became a mermaid herself, for example, she'd been in SL for 14 years without ever visiting the many beautiful undersea builds. In some cases, she'd sailed right over them, without knowing they were there!

Our passports encourage residents to venture to places they might not otherwise find. Some may only stop to pick up the stamp and that's fine as long as they're having fun, but we hope they'll often stick around and explore.

Our passport stamp locations aren't hidden worlds exactly, but they're not usually as prominent as the places merchants and event organisers work so hard to promote.

Our terminals are only at non-commercial locations. They're not used to advertise goods, services or land rentals. We issue the passports, licence plates and driving licences for free. We design the stamps, make the terminals and our other equipment for free. We organise rallies and tours to stamp-issuing locations for free. All our staff are volunteers.

Don't get us wrong. We love to SL shop as much as the next avi and there's nothing at all wrong with commerce. It's just not what we are about. We are very much in SL's tradition of content generated by enthusiastic amateur users.

Collecting stamps for your Bellisseria Passport (and soon perhaps other passports as our systems and scripts can now be licensed for use elsewhere in SL) will take you to builds lovingly-made by your fellow-residents. We hope it helps you get to know our now all-grown-up virtual world even better.

Happy exploring and see you on the stand at SL18B!

Our only new stamp location this week – not live until the big event opens tomorrow, when the SLURL below will work – is the terminal for the special commemorative SL18B stamp itself. Enjoy the event!

SL18B Sl18b billboard Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 14.04.26

Hopefest 2021

HOPEFEST - June 9 - 13 - A Multi Community EventIt's time for Hopefest 2021 – a charity event in support of the American Cancer Society/Relay For Life. Fenella of the Gazette spoke to Nuala Maracas – Coordinator of Hopefest – this week, who said;

I am very excited about the Hope Fest Belliseria Community region at the 1st Annual Hope Fest in support of the American Cancer Society. Hopefest Bellisseria has 5 days of events planned June 9 - 13. Everything from live music, DJ's and tribute bands to shopping on the boardwalk, including a special Slenderman Bear and of course our Linden Block Party Day.

The Lindens and Moles have a special Neighborhood Block Party on Friday, June 11 from 12pm - 3pm SLT. Chef Patch will be cooking up the burgers and, for a donation at the American Cancer Society Hope Fest kiosk, he will be taking pictures with the neighbors while he cooks ! We also have over a dozen Moles who will be in the neighborhood for the Hug-A-Mole pictures in front of each house, again for a donation to the kiosk. 

We also have the 2nd ever Animesh Linden Bear available in the Hope Fest vendors. The special Hope Fest Linden Bear and Linden Hope Fest coffee mugs are only available during Hope Fest.

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 17.24.42Of course the special Bellisseria Passport stamp is available as well. 

Hope Fest Bellisseria is part of the Relay For Life of Second Life. 100% of all donations and sales support the American Cancer Society.

This week's new locations are HopeFest and the Haunted House. Details are below and are already featured in the online travel guide (see sidebar). 

RFL Hopefest Bellisseria BBB Stamp Locations.002 Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 17.24.42
Haunted House BBB Stamp Locations.001 Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 17.32.02

SL18B and new locations

image from gyazo.comThe celebrations for Second Life’s 18th Birthday (SL18B) are scheduled to run from 17th June  to 1st July and the Gazette can now officially confirm that the BBB will be taking part! BBB CEO Boo says

I know many hours have gone into the creation of this exhibit, it will feature projects which have been long in the making and so far not shared beyond the BBB and the Moles.

Of course, you'll be able to apply for a Bellisseria Passport on our stand. The premiere of our movie will also take place there and it will offer the first glimpse of our our newest innovations; including new sub-offices that — thanks to the Lindens and Moles — will be appearing around Bellisseria. They will be styled to fit in with the local housing and will play an important role in our services as well as offering an ever-changing range of collectible postcards.  

Our staff on the stand at SL18B will be conducting passport controls in person; issuing unique passport stamps to visitors. We hope to see many Gazette readers there.

This week's new locations are the mysterious home of a witch (visit with caution), an airfield (also to be visited with caution, judging by the smoking wreckage of a badly-landed plane) and a club. All the details are here and will eventually find their way into the online travel guide. Enjoy!

Kiamo Ko BBB Stamp Locations 5 June 2021.001 Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 17.23.26
Oniakaloha Airfield BBB Stamp Locations.001 Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 09.15.30
The Club BBB Stamp Locations 24 May 2021.003 Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 09.17.05

Rally report and New Locations

BBB Stamp Locations Slenderman_002Almost 200 people took part on the day of our joint rally with the Drivers of SL. The HUD remains available and people are continuing to do the course, but it was fun to be part of a group. After a false start in her Ferrari 599, our editor, Fenella, decided to experience at least part of the rally as a newbie might, using the golf cart provided for anyone who didn't have a vehicle of their own. That was quite a relaxed drive, shall we say, and she was more overtaken than she's used to.

BBB Stamp Locations Slenderman_010She did eventually make it to Lower Barensmouth where she rezzed her Boss Bandit classic-style wooden motor launch to get to the Pugwash rail rez zone. As far as SL railways are concerned, she is a newbie and had no locomotives in inventory. She used the train provided to travel to Campwich. Her lack of railway experience cost dearly on arrival there as she failed to calculate the braking distance of her loco and managed to flatten her dear colleague Zoe. No long term harm was done but grudges are being held. It may take a little while yet for Zoe once more to view her as a colleague should!

BBB Stamp Locations Slenderman_007From Campwich, the rally took again to the water and, looking to put some safe distance between herself and Zoe's wrath, Fenella once more rezzed her fast motor launch, which allowed her to progress both in style and at speed. She was lagging behind the pack by this stage because stops for photography were slowing her down.BBB Stamp Locations Slenderman_011

She'd already picked up all but one of the stamps when she first joined the BBB as a route-tester for  the original BBB Rally but used the special hud for non-passport holders to collect them all again! From the Panamole Canal she rode her horse to Millbank and on to Millers Pond, using the motor boat again to head on under the low bridges and out to sea.

Picking up her penultimate stamp at the Bellisseria Fairgounds, she rezzed her Bandit 170 for the final leg to Mermaids Grotto where, transformed into a mermaid and mission completed, the amazing DSL HUD teleported her – tailed, scaled and dripping on the carpets – back to the BBB offices and a severe shunning from Zoe. 

Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 17.23.05A succession of happy travelers came by and much positive feedback was gratefully received. We are delighted that so many of our BBBug members enjoyed the drive and suspect that many will now join Drivers of SL. The official thanks of all at the BBB go out to Christi and Xarabethe of DSL. They have been doing this a long time and are so practised and accomplished that they make the feats of organisation involved seem easy. We are now well aware that they are not! The Drivers of SL HUD is really a marvel – both efficient and (thanks to Xarabethe's carefully-researched commentary on places en route) entertaining and informative.

This week's new stamp locations are an airport and a sailing club. Details are featured below and will be added to the Travel Guide in due course. 

Location  Photo Stamp
Mala Regional Airport Nautilus BBB Stamp Locations 24 May 2021.001 Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 17.46.15
Yorkshire Belle BBB Stamp Locations 24 May 2021.002 Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 17.48.00

BBB: The Movie – a trailer – and this week's news

As we at the BBB continue our preparations for SL18B (Second Life's 18th Birthday), our very own Prudence Anton and her team at Pring Productions have been working on a movie about us. It is not due for release until its premiere on June 17th but here is the most teaserish of short trailers. Enjoy!

The movie features the BBB staff in action at our headquarters and other locations. It explains what we do and how to apply for your Bellisseria Passport, driving licence or licence plate. It breaks yet more news of technical innovations, including a clever (and bureaucratic!) solution to the SL problem of BBBug group invitations going astray when users are offline.

That's not the only news coming down the BBB turnpike. We are always being asked by non-Bellisserians if they can have passports too. We have even had asylum-seekers asking to be taken into Belli as refugees, so they can get in on the fun of collecting passport stamps. We can't tell you how, but for at least some residents of mainland SL, there is hope. Watch the Gazette for further details as this top secret project progresses.

Don't forget that our joint stamp rally with Drivers of SL is today – May 22nd. It will run twice. Firstly at 11-30am and then at midnight SLT. If you are a member of DSL you'll have received your information and navigation HUD in the usual way by group notice. Anyone else who wants to take part should stop by the BBB head office to pick up the pack with everything you need. 

Becca Ordinary was kind enough to send this note to all BBB officials:

I just started with the Passport and the Travel Advice List and LOVE them. I'm a huge fan of Bellisseria and love that people are exploring. So... A while ago I made a series of travel posters and want you to have them as my thanks for this wonderful thing you've made.

That's sweet and we appreciate it, Becca! We're all volunteers but put a lot of time and effort into the BBB's work, so your "thank you" means a lot. You're welcome! Becca's writing about her adventures with her passport at her blog. Her latest post is here, in which she complains about the difficulty of finding the stamp terminal at SL SciFi Con; 

message to the BBB- it's a passport not a hunt. Don't hide the thing please or rename it. I've traveled all around the real world and never had to hunt down someone to look at my passport, they are usually right there when you land.

We're glad to have this chance to clarify. We don't dictate where landowners place their terminal. We do ask they don't modify, rename or locate it outside the published parcel. Those rules ensure it's not too hard to find.

Of course some landowners encourage visitors to look around by placing the terminal out of the way and that's fine. We don't allow terminals at commercial locations (SciFi Con is a charity event) so every parcel you visit is made for love at somebody's (often considerable) expense. Owners just want you to enjoy their builds. As long as they've observed our basic rules, they run the risk that if they frustrate visitors by being a little too tricky with terminal placement, they'll resort to an area search. We don't recommend that but, landowner or visitor, it's your Second Life. Unlike RL bureaucracies, we don't try to tell you how to live it. We are unique among bureaucracies in that we only exist for fun – yours and ours!

BBB Stamp Locations – Slenderman.001
click to enlarge

Meanwhile back in Bellisseria, a new passport stamp is offered by our continent's most terrifying resident; the Slenderman. It's available at his very scary gallery so collecting it is a badge of valour! It's also a badge of persistence and ingenuity. Fenella met some very frustrated visitors trying to find the stamp terminal, who were beginning to think it wasn't there at all. As the picture shows – it really is.

It complies with applicable regulations. It's on the parcel. It is not renamed and (though it's in a special form designed by our very own ever-creative Sun) it is not disguised. We won't spoil it for those of you who enjoy solving a mystery, but if you IM our Fenella, she'll give you a clue. She couldn't find it herself without one. 


Also briefly available this week is a new recurring event stamp from a Pickle Party. For a while these were a regular event at the original Squishy Pickle itself. They became so popular they affected local residents' ability to get to their houseboats so were discontinued. The new idea is to hold them in different places around Bellisseria. The Moles have agreed to place the iconic Squishy Pickle build at each party location.

The first will be at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds on May 23rd (i.e tomorrow!) as a celebration of the second anniversary of the first Pickle Party (the one in the video). For those of us who live on its atoll this also gives hope that the original Squishy Pickle will see action again. Music this time will be provided by DJ's Doc, Far, Miss Hammy, Bela and Usagi. The stamp terminal will be set out on Saturday (today!) as soon as the Moles have placed the Squishy Pickle itself and will remain until the party is over. If you can't make this first party, which will be at 10 am - 3pm SLT, don't despair as the same stamp will be available at future ones.

Finally, just to prove they're out there – here's Fenella's passport with a stamp each from Patch and Abnor. No BBB strings were pulled in obtaining them. She acted on a tip in BBBug chat, as any member could. Congratulations to BBBug member, Becca Ordinary, who succeeded in getting all three stamps from each of them! Don't ask us how (no-one from the BBB has achieved it yet) but it obviously can be done in a single session!

This week's new stamp locations and some exciting news

Members of BBBug should by now have received Sun's usual notecard with LMs to new locations with passport stamp terminals. There are six this week. We reported last Tuesday on the terminal at Second Life Sci-Fi Con 2021. Many of you will already have found it there, floating in the vacuum of space. The others are

Ascension Park Nature
WONDERPARK Theme Park Leisure / Activities
Little Kenya Restaurant Bars / Cafes 
CK's Smuggler's Cove Leisure / Activities
Eschen Rest Area Leisure / Activities

CK (ceakay.ballyhoo) is well known on the SL art scene. She has built a delightful little seafood shack at her Smugglers Cove, conveniently located for merfolk and leggers alike.

Mer World
Mer World / click to enlarge

We Bellisserian Bureaucrats are nothing if not thorough in researching new locations, so when Fenella saw the Mer World sign at Smugglers Cove she magically transformed (or as she puts it, "tailed and scaled") to investigate. It's very pretty down there! If you're a legger, don't despair. You can always wear scuba gear to check it out.

Ascension Park is on SL Route 6 (the High Mountain Road) in Heterocera and near to a rez zone. The "ascension" seems to refer to the enormous hot air balloon moored there. There are also bike rezzers to allow you to explore on wheels. You might like to check behind the pretty waterfall for a cute little spot to watch the virtual world go by. The final three new locations this week are all on the SL continent of Corsica and all on its Boulevard Périphérique, the Circuit La Corse. 

Wonderpark is a family theme park. Who doesn't like those – especially if you have children to tire out? Enjoy the rides! A giraffe greets you on arrival at the Little Kenya restaurant – a delightful taste of Africa in SL. Finally this week, Eschen Rest Area  is a travellers' refreshment stop on the Circuit La Corse –featuring a Visitor Centre for Corsican tourists where you can book accommodation if it's time to rest from your travels.

Pick up your passport, citizens of Bellisseria. Pop it in a waterproof bag, pack your camera and your swimwear, put on your hiking boots or driving shoes and get exploring!

The exciting news of our headline has been under secret discussion for some time since it was first suggested by our own Ghost. It has finally come to fruition by dint of a lot of hard work by our tech team. In addition to our fixed passport stamp terminals, we have now created portable devices called RSIDs (Random Stamp Issuing Devices) – and the first two have been issued to Patch Linden and Abnor Mole

Don't even think about stalking them around the Grid though. They'll only be carrying the RSIDs at Relay for Life (RfL) charity events. The new devices will make their debut at SL HopeFest, which runs from June 9-13. HopeFest is:

5 days of SL communities building hope to support the Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.

So it's an excellent cause. If you are are lucky enough to encounter Patch or Abnor there, you will be able to collect a passport stamp memento by clicking on their RSIDs, which look like tablet computers. Each has three stamps and the one you receive (only one!) will be chosen at random. To get all 3 stamps from Patch or Abnor could take many attempts because you can't click on them repeatedly. You have to collect a stamp from another terminal before clicking again on an RSID. We are sure the Blues are way too smart to stand near any terminals!

Abnor © Bel 2021
Abnor with RSID / click to enlarge

The picture shows Abnor carrying his RSID. Just click on it when you see him!

Portable SSIDs (Single Stamp Issuing Devices) will be carried by BBB staff on our stand at the SL18B celebrations. This will allow our officials to perform a personal passport control and apply their unique stamp.

Unlike the Blues, who must be impartial, our  officials have discretion in the issuing of stamps so be sure to be nice to us! It's not like we're corrupt bureaucrats or anything, but Fenella is very fond of fine Belgian chocolate. Just saying!

We think this is a great concept and are thinking of other ways to use it. Suggestions in the comments please, BBBug-ers!