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The Great Passport Stamp Adventure

Welcome, dear readers, to the wild and wacky world of SL bureaucracy. Today, we’re diving into the thrilling saga of getting your very own Second Life® place or event featured with an official passport stamp. Hold onto your hats and glasses, because this here’s the most bureaucratic ride in the metaverse!

Step 1: The Application Odyssey

Our journey begins with the application process. This is no ordinary form-filling exercise; it’s an epic quest of details, precision, and—let's face it—sheer perseverance. The application form is designed to weed out the faint of heart, ensuring only the truly dedicated make it to the end. Remember to be thorough in filling out every section. Double-check those coordinates, triple-check those dates, and for goodness' sake, make sure you spell everything correctly. We’re a bureaucracy, after all.

Stamp technician at work v2_001

But wait, there's more! You must also submit a 500-word essay on why your place or event deserves a stamp (Okay, it's really just a short description, but treat it like it's a thesis defence!), accompanied by a short interpretive dance video demonstrating your passion for passports. Just kidding about the dance—though it couldn't hurt to add a bit of flair!

Step 2: The Art of Communication

Once you’ve filed your application, the real fun begins. The official assigned to your case will be your lifeline in this bureaucratic maze. Maintain contact like your virtual life depends on it. Respond promptly to their messages, answer their questions with the diligence of a court stenographer, and for the love of Second Life®, don’t leave them hanging.

Imagine your bureaucrat as a rare and exotic creature—half wizard, half paperwork ninja. They have the mystical power to transform your chaotic scribbles (or your carefully-crafted personal artwork, if you have the skill) into a sleek, official passport stamp. Respect their craft, follow their instructions, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get your stamp on time.

Step 3: Deployment Drama

Your stamp is ready, and the moment of truth approaches. It’s time to coordinate with your representative to deploy your stamp terminal in-world. This is where many a hopeful applicant has stumbled. Here are a few tales of woe to serve as cautionary tales:

  • The Phantom Terminal: One enthusiastic event organiser placed their stamp terminal in a location so obscure even Indiana Jones couldn’t find it. Pro tip: if your terminal is in a hidden cave guarded by virtual boulders and dragons, no one will get their passport stamped.
  • The Time Traveler’s Terminal: Another well-meaning soul forgot to coordinate the deployment time with their bureaucrat minder. The result? A terminal that went live two weeks after the event ended. Oops.
  • The Great Grid Gremlin: And then there was the case of the individual who didn’t test their terminal before launch. On the big day, eager visitors clicked the terminal only to receive a message saying, “404 Stamp Not Found.” Always, always test your terminal! -Okay I totally made this last one up! We always test the terminals before we send them out! But even so, you should test them when you get them just to be sure because even bureaucrats can make mistakes.


Assuming you’ve navigated these treacherous waters, your reward awaits: publication in The Gazette and the StampFinder (StaFi) HUD in-world and a new yellow dot on the interactive stamp locations map. Your location will also be added to the slideshows at the Bellisserian Embassies around SL. This is your moment of glory, your time to shine, your fifteen minutes of Second Life fame. Bask in the adulation of your fellow residents as they flock to your newly minted stamp terminal.

The Moral of the Story

In conclusion, dear Second Lifers, getting a passport stamp is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to following instructions. But for those who persevere, the rewards are sweeter than a virtual cupcake.

So, fill out those forms, stay in touch with your stamp designer / terminal technician, and test those terminals. In the immortal words of every bureaucrat ever: when in doubt, fill it out - in triplicate! Happy stamping!

Article by Liberty Fairelander | Photo by Gazette staff photographer


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

SL PoH OH welcomes

...Fats Lardner's Unsinkable II
est. 05/2024
carefree and playfully decorated exterior but step inside and things take a spooky turn!

exterior interior deco


New edition available of the Bellisseria SLRR Map


You can pick up your copy from the kiosk at Radioactive Rosca's Linden Home. Enjoy!


Bellisseria Bike, Drive and Scoot! fourth annual Golf Around Event

2024-04 BDS 4TH ANN GOLF AROUND_002_invite 1024here's your taxi.


Review of Women's World: Art & Perspectives in Second Life®

Well-known blogger Inara Pay has visited Zoey Rhodan's Black Tulip Gallery in the CDS and reviewed the current exhibition there, which of course is currently offering an event stamp for your passport. You can read the review here. Inara concludes that; 

Women’s World brings together some extraordinary digital artists, presenting their work in a manner than both emphasises the rich diversity of art and expression available through and because of Second Life, and does so – thanks to the gallery’s size and general ambience – in a manner that encourages a level of intimacy with the art which might have been lost within a larger, more formal environment.

If you haven't already, why not stop by and check it out?


Liberty's article last week for the Gazette made into a song!

You seem to have enjoyed last week's article by Liberty Fairelander about her experience in joining the BBB. The BBB's resident bard, Robert Rhodan, has made it into a song so you can enjoy it again – and this time sing along!

Here's the link to the song. And if you're into karaoke, here's the link to the lyrics. 


Stamp Locations Map is now fully released

You can now find stamp locations via an interactive map created by our HTML guru, Robert. Hovering your mouse over a dot on the map pops up the location name. Just click on the dot TPs to teleport there. 

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 09.35.45

Here's the link, which will also be added permanently to the sidebar of The Gazette for future reference. 

Our thanks to Sandy Burgess who showed us how to convert SLURLs into grid coordinates; making these interactive maps possible. Thanks also, as always, to Robert "Kaizen" Rhodan, who works hard at continuously enhancing our services. Sandy and Robert, between them, have made stamp collection tour planning much easier and more fun. 

As our contributions to SL cartography grow, we'll be adding links to the maps to our new sidebar section in The Gazette called Useful Maps.


Bay City 16th Anniversary Celebration

Bay City 16th Anniversary Celebration
Bay City 16th Anniversary Celebration
Every May, Bay City has a big anniversary party, including a parade down our Route 66 to celebrate. We welcome all revelers to participate, regardless of being a Bay City resident. We want the grid to feel welcome in our city, and help us celebrate our anniversary! To that end, we would like to welcome you to take part in our anniversary parade.

To do so, join us on Sunday, 19th May, starting from the bandshell in Bay City - Harwich. We will then and travel down Route 66 and Park Place to the Bay City Fairgrounds at North Channel.

We welcome you to just show off along the route, bring your friends or inworld group to march, create a float or other conveyance, and have a silly time. Parade lineup begins at noon or so, with the parade itself kicking off promptly at 12:30. Also, we welcome people to come and cheer on our revelers as they march, and welcome you to come and just enjoy the show!


The Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA) is an important SL institution. Linden Lab contributed regions to be made available for ambitious art installations that might not otherwise find a home. Anyone can apply and over the years some of our favourite SL art shows have taken place there. There's also a permanent musical arts venue at SLEA1 called The Factory, where selected musicians can showcase their talent in performances advertised on the SLEA website and the SLEA Facebook page.

A now-traditional event at the fairgrounds is brought to us by one of the Linden Continent's most active groups – Bellisseria Bike, Drive and Scoot! It's their annual "golf-around". This year the theme is "Back to the 80s" so break out those shoulder-pads and Princess Diana hair-dos!

On 18th May at noon SLT is the opening party of the community exhibition, Elements at the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. DJ Anjoux Herbit will provide the tunes. The exhibition ties in with the theme of Second Life’s 21st Birthday celebrations. Come along and be captivated and inspired by the photos, images, and art of CDS citizens. Don’t forget to visit the other galleries in the museum and its sculpture garden.

Artsebarsky Gardens started as a personal challenge for BBB founder, Boo Rojyo,  to create a reasonably realistic and interesting garden on a small thin L-shaped plot comprising three tiny unwanted parcels joined together. The resulting lovely little build is a thoughtful example of "in-fill" mainland development sympathetic to its surroundings. Mainland doesn't have to be ugly and chaotic even when neighbours are not working together as long as they respond intelligently to what they see around them.

Green Harbour is the bigger twin of Artsebarsky Gardens. It's a GTFO! port and gardens. We were amused to see on the GTFO! notice board that Boo's been busy in his retirement delivering love letters! We hope some of them were to his wife, Fiona. We think we detect her delicate influence here. Fi had a big influence in the design of the BBB's own locations in our early years so we recognise her style. It's another lovely build so please enjoy it. 

Bay City is one of the oldest planned communities in Second Life® and was added to the continent of Sansara in 2008. Every May, it has a big anniversary party, including a parade down its Route 66 to celebrate. All revellers are welcome to participate, whether or not Bay City residents. The parade is on Sunday, 19th May and you may see a BBB float if you come along. 

The Factory (SLEA Musical Arts Venue) PE

BBB Stamp Locations 4 May 24.004 Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 14.15.23

BDS - 4th Annual Golf Around BE

Event: 16-22 May 2024

BBB Stamp Locations 18 May 24.003 Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 07.33.55

Elements Community Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art CDS

Event: 18 May 2024

BBB Stamp Locations 18 May 24.004 Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 09.40.08
Artsebarsky Gardens GV BBB Stamp Locations 18 May 24.005 Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 07.58.55
Green Harbour GV BBB Stamp Locations 18 May 24.006 Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 07.56.26

Bay City 16th Anniversary Parade BC

Event 19th May 2024

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 00.00.13

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PBR is here! | Navigating the Bureaucratic Bermuda Triangle | Events & Announcements | New Locations


What the heck is that? Physically-Based Rendering is the new-to-SL way that your viewer will render textures.

So what?

Without getting technical, let's just say for starters that everything in our world is going to look a little more realistic. Linden Lab is still tweaking, but over on the SL Beta Grid it's already easy to see the difference in things like grass and rocks (terrain textures in SL have always been pretty awful). The differences may be subtle, but you'll feel them even if you don't see them.

Me in a mirror on the Beta grid. You can see it's very imperfect, but the reflection is absolutely sharp.

What excites me most as a clothing creator who specialises in things that sparkle and shine, is that PBR gives us mirrored reflections. Mirrors are working (albeit quirkily) on the beta grid; in our active world they already exist (I've got some at home) but are fuzzy.

However on things like clothing, building parts and vehicles, mirror textures can look incredible! My motorcycles have bright chrome pipes and candy-apple red fenders; my dresses, boots and riding suits reflect everything I pass.

Some PBR rock on the Beta grid. It's hard to tell here, but those little bumps are all casting shadows.

PBR on clothing and vehicles is tricky, though. Because it is so reflective, it depends on the light and environment far more than regular textures. That means something bright chrome at Midday turns almost black at Midnight. I do my best to inform my customers about these changes, and make the surprises exciting and fun!

When can I get and use things made in PBR?

The identical suit under Midday and Midnight lighting, just to show what difference it makes.

You can buy, make and use PBR materials and objects right now. But you will only see the PBR material in a PBR-enabled viewer. These include the official SL viewer and beta versions of Firestorm, Alchemy and perhaps others I don't know about. This could change any day without warning.

Where can I learn more?

As the Sun moves, the shadows on the mortar (and on the bricks themselves) change, making them look much more realistic.

I have a big Flickr album where I put all my experiments and creations, along with a lot of informative graphics and videos. Full disclosure: the promotional material for the PBR clothes I make are there, but even those should give you a really good idea of what these are like to wear.

Finally, here's a split-screen video that gives you an idea of what to expect.

So there it is; PBR – coming Soon™ to a viewer near you!

Article and photographs by Dana Enyo


In the digital universe of Second Life, where avatars frolic and dreams take on pixelated forms, there exists a mystical realm known as the Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy (BBB). And lo and behold, dear reader, yours truly, Liberty Fairelander, stumbled headfirst into its bureaucratic Bermuda Triangle, armed with nothing but a pixelated smile and a healthy dose of bewilderment. Let's hit rewind for a moment, shall we? Picture me, Liberty, a wide-eyed dreamer with aspirations of dragon-slaying and adventure, suddenly thrust into a world of virtual paperwork and shenanigans. Becoming a bureaucrat was about as likely as finding a unicorn in a pixelated haystack. But fate, as it often does, had other ideas, and faster than you can type "Ctrl+Alt+Del," I was knee-deep.

Now, picture this: a bustling hive of activity where avatars flit about like caffeinated hummingbirds, and virtual paperwork flows like a never-ending stream of consciousness. It is a well-oiled machine and the members make it look effortless, but let me tell you, dear reader, beneath the surface the feet paddling could cause a tsunami. The movement is akin to herding cats on a sugar high. My journey into the world of bureaucracy began with a chance conversation with Jezebel (Bel) Bailey and then another with Sandy Burgess, two seasoned bureaucrats who offhandedly expressed a need for help. "I can help," I declared boldly as my words morphed into a commitment to assist. And just like that, I found myself hurtling down the rabbit hole of bureaucracy with Robert Rhodan as my mentor. My initial foray into the world of BBB? Crafting passport stamps for places and events of Second Life. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Armed with little more than my wits and a prayer, I dove headfirst into the task, seeking guidance from my fellow BBB'ers at every turn. Terrified I would let them down, I probably drove them crazy showing them every change I made with that first stamp. But they were very encouraging and helpful, and if any of them screamed profanities into a pillow about the "new girl" I am unaware, and gratefully so!
But here's the kicker: despite my initial fears, I found myself strangely drawn to the world of bureaucracy. There's something oddly satisfying about navigating the labyrinthine maze of virtual red tape; untangling the web of virtual paperwork and emerging victorious on the other side. Who knew bureaucracy could be so... exhilarating? And perhaps the greatest surprise of all? The sense of camaraderie that permeates every pixelated corner of the BBB. From the moment I set foot in this virtual office space, I was welcomed with open arms and a plethora of virtual high fives, my fellow bureaucrats guiding me through the intricacies of their world with patience and understanding. So there you have it, dear reader. My journey into the heart of Bellisseria's bureaucratic jungle may have been unexpected, but it's a journey I wouldn't trade for all the virtual stamps in Second Life. Because in the end, whether you're navigating paperwork or forging friendships, there's one thing that remains constant: the sweet satisfaction of a job well done. And maybe, just maybe, a healthy dose of humor to keep you sane along the way.


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

Ongoing at the Fairgrounds: Mental Health Awareness Weekend

BCMH_StampHere's your taxi


Ink & Inclusion: Navigating Disability in Writing


Discover how embracing your unique journey can supercharge your productivity and creativity as a writer! Whether you're navigating physical challenges, neurodiversity, or invisible disabilities, this session will offer practical tips and inspiring insights to help you thrive in your craft.

Don't let anything hold you back from pursuing your passion! Let's unlock your full potential together!

May 16, 2024 at 2pm SLT

Here's your taxi.


Radioactive Rosca is featured artist at the Firestorm Gateway Art Gallery this month

Radioactive Rosca Poster

Here's your taxi.


The SL representative of Burning ManBURN2 – is now represented at the Second Life Community Exhibition, where it's issuing a special passport stamp. 

The largest and most influential group in Bellisseria –Bellisseria Citizens – is staging a Mental Health Awareness Weekend event at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds this weekend. It's in progress already so do visit and check out the programme of speakers, as well as collecting your event stamp.

Our stamp designer, RL Artist AmandaT Tamatzui, has a number of personal gallery spaces in world as well as exhibiting regularly at the major art galleries of Second Life®. One of her personal galleries is in the CDS and it's now issuing its own passport stamp. 

Finally, and with your Editor's apologies for jumping the gun by publishing it some weeks ago – before it had actually been released, there's Surfer's Hangout, which is on a small island in the middle of the sea. It's a sailors' stop, you can surf nearby and there's a rez zone. We are very sorry if you visited fruitlessly before.

BURN2 Expo @ Second Life Community Exhibition BE    


BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 15.30.48

Bellisseria Citizens Mental Health Awareness Weekend BE

Event May 10-12 2024

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 15.36.33


BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.003 Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 15.38.00
Surfers' Hangout PE BBB Stamp Locations 27 Apr 24.004 Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 17.00.39

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Out & About: LDPW Locations | Final Results for Stamps Collected at B5B | Major Improvement of the Boat Rez Zones Map | Events & Announcements | New Locations


One of the ways Linden Lab kindly supports the BBB is by allowing our stamp terminals to be placed at selected public places. Abnor Mole takes care of this. Over the years, he has placed seventy-two terminals at Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) locations.

In line with our Bellisserian roots, many scenic spots on the Linden Homes continent are featured in this category of the Gazette Online Travel Guide (and of course the StampFinder – StaFi – HUD in-world). However some of the locations are older than Bellisseria.  For instance the Meauxle Bureau, which is the headquarters of LDPW and where senior Moles are to be found at the bar of the local pub. 


Second Life® was conceived by founder Philip Linden as an enormous building playset where – unlike in MMOG's or MMO's where everything you see is made by the game developers – all content would be made by residents.  This ideal is most purely realised on the Mainland Continents of SL, where a delightful (to some) anarchy prevails. Residents with building skills and design sense can, and do, make wonderful places there – just as Phil must have hoped.

Humans are social beings so this works best when neighbours cooperate, such as in the delightful regions of Seogyeoshire. Fans of the wonderful Zany Zen Railway have built an environment based on the villages and landscapes of your editor's home country of Wales, through which ZZR trains can run. 

So who then, in this resident-made world, are the Moles? What exactly is the LDPW? Early in SL's history it became apparent that the original vision was a bit too anarchic for many. There was a clear need for professionally-made content, as evidenced by those clever residents who made fortunes building planned and landscaped environments on private estates for sale or rent.

To bring some professional landmarks to Mainland, Linden Lab hit on the idea – not of employing new Lindens as game world developers – but of hiring residents. They called their new recruits "Moles" and the LDPW was born. Bridges, ski-lifts and volcanoes appeared as landmarks to give a permanent shape and reliably-professional tone to the shifting landscapes. 

The Moles of the LDPW built not only isolated features like the Leviathan Skeleton in Nautilus, but major projects like the Pyri Funfair, Bay City and Horizons.

So, the Moles are residents just like us who've made a career in-world using their SL skills. As LDPW employees they build and take care of Linden Lab's own estates in Second Life®. If you're interested in their handiwork and want to explore the LDPW estate then collecting this category of passport stamps is a fun way to do it.

Article & Photos by Gazette staff


Stamp Rankings B5B
click to enlarge

It's official. The Bellisseria Hammies are more popular than Bellisserian diplomats, BBB Bureaucrats, Lindens or Moles! The most popular stamp collected at B5B was the main event stamp (194 collected) but the most popular personal stamps collected from residents carrying SSiD Tablets at the event were those for Varihammy (134) and Miss Hammie (124). Of course the rest of us stood no chance in the face of their 100hm cuteness factor1

The most popular Mole was Cornelius (122) and the most popular Linden was Patch (120). The most popular bureaucrat was Robert (113) and the most popular ambassador was HE Sandy, the honorary ambassador to CDS (83).

Of course, we're just having fun with this. It was not a popularity contest2. How many stamps were collected for each person depended on their availability and the time zones in which they live, quite as much as their hammiemeter points. 

The BBB would like to thank, officially, all of the residents who carried SSiD tablets so that our passport holders could have fun chasing them down. We hope new friendships arose in the process. 

You can read the full results here, thanks to "Mr Popular" Robert's sterling work in statistical analysis. 

If you're interested in who collected the most stamps, we can now tell you the final results of that too. In the end (partly thanks to the huge turnout of Moles and Lindens at the B5B closing event, hosted by the Hammies) nine people "got them all"; collecting all 49 B5B event stamps. They are Martina Voxel, radioactive.rosca, Chloe Roth (chloexs), Wren Woodrunner, Kensey McMillan, Elysiane Sapphire, Liekie Ivory, Opal Faith and Betth Ashbourne.

Honourable mentions go to Jezebel Bailey (our CEO, Bel), Webbi Jonson, Traci Quandry and Evelyn (Evelynna95). You guys almost got them all. Well done!

We hope everyone enjoyed hunting down SSiD stamps and meeting new people.


1Hammiemeters (hm) are Bellisseria's official measure of cuteness on a scale of 1 to 100hm.

2 Especially as your Editor didn't win!

Statistics by Robert Rhodan and article/photo by Gazette staff.


Navigating the virtual waters of Second Life®  just got a whole lot easier with the unveiling of a major upgrade to the Boat Rez Zones Map. Developed by Robert Rhodan of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy (BBB), this enhancement promises to revolutionise the way residents explore the seascapes of Bellisseria and beyond.

Just over a year ago, a rudimentary image map was released, marking the locations of Boat Rez Zones as listed by Jon Ree. While this initial effort provided a helpful starting point for sailors, it lacked the functionality and interactivity needed truly to streamline navigation. So here is the latest innovation: an interactive map powered by the Second Life Map API.

Gone are the static images of yesteryear; in their place, a dynamic, scrollable, and zoomable map graces the screens of eager seafarers. Boasting a sleek interface adorned with vibrant yellow dots, each representing a Boat Rez Zone, this digital cartography marvel is poised to become an indispensable tool for maritime enthusiasts.
One click on any of these yellow beacons reveals crucial information: the location's name along with a SLURL (Second Life URL), enabling users to teleport directly to the desired spot with unparalleled ease. Whether embarking on a solo voyage of discovery or charting a course for adventure with friends, the enhanced Boat Rez Zones Map promises to be a faithful companion on every nautical journey.
The brainchild of dedicated individuals committed to enhancing the SL experience, this invaluable tool is currently available for beta testing. With 57 Boat Rez Zones already integrated into the map, and plans underway to incorporate more locations across various continents, the future looks promising.
To access this groundbreaking resource, simply visit this website and embark on your  voyage of exploration! Whether a seasoned sailor or a newcomer to the high seas, this  is sure to become an indispensable companion on your adventures. So hoist the sails, set course for adventure, and let the waves of innovation carry you to new horizons!
Oh, and Robert has other Rez Zones maps in preparation. Watch this space. Please notify him in world if you find any other Rez Zones that should be added.
Tool and image by Robert Rhodan | Article by Liberty Fairelander (formerly Liberty Marques)


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

SL PoH OH welcomes

We have no new Parade of Homes open houses to announce this week. However we have received several application forms and Change Request forms that were empty. It may be that applicants simply  changed their minds and abandoned the application, but if you ran into any problems submitting a new location or a change to an existing listing, please IM Robert Rhodan in-world and let him know.
In the meantime don't miss Teresa Firelight's latest article over at our sister publication Parade of Homes Review. She writes about what Laurelrose Anthony did with her Tortuga stilt home and you'll find it – as always – inspirational.


A Woman's World at the Black Tulip Gallery: Opening Party

Black Tulip A Women's World (3)

Here's your taxi


Updating your old  Passports

1,091 V3.00 passports have been issued as of May 1st, 2024. However we have also received notice of some failed upgrade applications. This seems to have happened, to our surprise, because a few people have old SL-generic passports with a 10-digit identification.  V3.00  passports have 9-digit identifications.  

If you are affected by this issue, there is a simple procedure to migrate your stamps to a new V3.00 passport:

  1. If your "old" passport is Bellisserian with a 10-digit identification number, please do NOT select the "upgrade" option in the application form. Just apply for a new one. Then Please inform Dulcinea Andretti via IM that your application is actually an upgrade and that you need the Stamp Migration Reader HUDs as well as your new V3.00 Bellisserian Passport.
  2. If your "old" passport is non-Bellisserian with a 10-digit identification number, just obtain a new V3 passport from BBB HQ or any of the BBB embassies and IM Dulcinea to ask for the Stamp Migration Reader HUDs. Then migrate your stamps to the new passport.

Please note that the stamps on your old passport are associated with your avatar UUID, not with the passport identification number - so nothing will be lost.

The stamp migration procedure is simple: rez your old passport main page, the main Stamp Migration Reader HUD and your new V3 passport to ground (e.g. at a public sandbox). Sit on your "old" passport, click on the Stamp Migration Reader HUD, and wait until all transfer messages in local chat end.

Repeat the process with any extension Visa pages and the Extension Visa Reader HUD. Then take your V3.00 passport back into inventory, wear it, and click once each on the forward and backward navigation buttons. Please note it can take a moment until all the stamps appear, so please be patient.

Issued by Robert Rhodan for the BBB


B5B photos from Radioactive Rosca

Radioactive took many photos during the B5B celebrations and has put them all in a Flickr Album for us all to enjoy here. Thanks RR!



Mark your Calendar! – Advance notice for "Ink & Inclusion: Navigating Disability in Writing"


Discover how embracing your unique journey can supercharge your productivity and creativity as a writer! Whether you're navigating physical challenges, neurodiversity, or invisible disabilities, this session will offer practical tips and inspiring insights to help you thrive in your craft.

Don't let anything hold you back from pursuing your passion! Mark your calendars and let's unlock your full potential together!

May 16, 2024 at 2pm SLT

Here's your taxi.


Statistics about Passports and Stamps

Statistics and graphs by Robert Rhodan. Published by order of the BBB.


Calleta Union Station is a part of Calleta County and the main rail hub in southern Heterocera. The GSLR and SLRR rail lines are connected here and there's access to air and road transportation nearby.

Sanctuary of the soul is a location of natural beauty awaiting exploration. From the beach through the walking trails and rolling hills, with something to see around every corner and below. You will want to revisit often.

A Women's World is a new show at Zoey Rhodan's Black Tulip Gallery in the CDS, highlighting exciting SL women artists. The event stamp will be available at the opening party today, May 5th at 1-3pm SLT.

Mindful Cove is a Second Life Community Gateway with a focus on mental health. It offers fun, interactive resources for new residents and a tranquil space for all residents to visit and enjoy. It's a good place to draw a virtual breath and think quietly. There are two stamps to be found there; one for Mindful Cove itself and one for its café. 

Calleta Union Station HE BBB Stamp Locations 4 May 24.001 Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 13.43.32
Sanctuary of the Soul PE BBB Stamp Locations 4 May 24.002 Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 13.46.05

Black Tulip Gallery A Woman's World CDS

Event: May 5th from 1-3pm SLT

BBB Stamp Locations Black Tulip Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 14.11.16

Mindful Cove PE

BBB Stamp Locations 4 May 24.005 Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 14.23.46

Mindful Cove Café PE

BBB Stamp Locations 4 May 24.006 Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 14.25.08

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One year of CDS passports | B5B Stamp Champions | Events & Announcements | New Locations


It's one year this week since the Bellisserian Embassy to SL's oldest democracy – the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS) – opened its doors and CDS began to issue its own passport to citizens. Should you decide to become a citizen, you'll find the CDS has improved on our standard model of passport. Whereas all passports come with a decor version you can leave on your bedside table or adjust to hold in your hand, the CDS hand-held version is actually a fully-working HUD. You can click the controls on its edge to show the latest stamps in world, as modelled here by our staff photographer. 

Fenella models the CDS Passport_001

The CDS is a lively and friendly community, which holds many fun events. It really is run by its citizens and if you have land there you can stand for public office. Whether you're a potential citizen or a tourist, however, it's well worth a visit.

See this week's Events & Announcements and New Locations sections below for details of the planned celebrations and the special commemorative stamp.

Article and photo by Gazette staff


B5B has been a real challenge for our stamp collectors. Quite a few holders of SSiD tablets were not much in-world – or not in-world for a range of times to give collectors in different time zones a chance.

There have been internal discussions about whether we went too far in issuing so many SSiDs and we plan to be more careful in future. We will confine them to bureaucrats, diplomats, Lindens and Moles. We won't just hand them out even to those categories without checking likely availability.

Despite this our collectors have done well. As of the last database update on the Gazette's copy deadline - April 25 - two collectors had 49 out of 49 B5B stamps! One had 48 and a further three had 47.

We think all seven of these enthusiasts deserve a shout out, so our congratulations to: Radioactive Rosca, Chloe Roth, Kensey McMillan, Elysiane Sapphire, Betth Ashbourne, Martina Voxel and our very own CEO Bel. 

For comparison, your Editor – usually near the top of these charts due to his privileged position – only has 35! So very well done.

The stamps are for fun. We don’t want to turn collecting into a struggle. We’re just happy that people enjoy it and hope they find new places and new friends in the process.

Statistical analysis by Robert Rhodan. Article by Gazette staff.


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

Harrrr! - Party at CDS - April 27th 1pm SLT



You are invited to the opening of the Tambalyan Embassy to SL


Here's your TP. Be tailed and scaled or wear scuba gear. The Embassy is underwater!


Welcome Liberty

We are delighted to welcome a new member of our bureaucratic cadre. Liberty Marques has joined the Stamps Team and her designs feature in this week’s New Locations below.

Welcome, Liberty. It’s good to have you on board. May your bureaucratic career be long and thoroughly enjoyable.


New Video about upgrading to V3.00 Passports

Alexxy has made a useful video showing the process at her YouTube channel Alexxy's Adventures. You may find it useful. Check out your Editor's explanatory comments underneath it. Thanks, Alexxy. Nice job!


Harmony Bay in Corsica is a place for good friends, blue skies, and blue seas. You can take party in Northern Operations Grid Wide Sport Fishing, live events, jetskiing, sailing, dolphin riding and scuba diving. If you're into getting wet, this may well be for you.

If you miss AmandaT Tamatzui's sci-fi creation for the Second Life Endowment for the Arts last year – Planet Tambalya – then you'll be glad to know the universe's cutest aliens have now opened an embassy to SL. You can collect the colourful event stamp for the grand opening on 2nd May. You can also acquire Tambalyan Citizenship and get the unique Planet Tambalya passport.

The event stamp will be available from May 2nd until 31st May. In due course there will be a permanent passport stamp.

See our lead article this week for details of the event being celebrated in the MarktPlatz at Neufreistadt. The stamp will be in place for the event party today (27th April) and will remain in place for one week.

Harmony Bay CA BBB Stamp Locations 27 Apr 24.001 Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 16.01.25

Tambalyan Embassy HE

Event: May 2nd until 31st May

BBB Stamp Locations 27 Apr 24.002 Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 08.03.05

First Anniversary of the Bellisserian Embassy CDS

Event: 27th April to 4th June

BBB Stamp Locations 27 Apr 24.003 Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 16.26.18

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Celebrations continue at B5B | Events & Announcements | New Locations


The BBB has no further events planned at B5B, but our bureaucrats and Bellisseria's ambassadors will be joining in with the other parties to give you more chances to collect our personal stamps. Look out for us as well as the members of the organising committee, Lindens and Moles also carrying SSiD tablets at B5B.

SSiD tablets at B5B
Wear your passport HUD and click on their tablets to collect the stamps. Please note that not all SSiD-holders carry their tablets in such conventional ways as your editor and stamp designer in the picture above. We've seen them on peoples' heads or even swinging from a feline avatar's tail! 

Five of them have not been successfully collected at all "in the wild", so we're showing mercy to our most enthusiastic stamp collectors by placing the SSiD tablets of those people inworld. They are available now inside the Bellisseria Lindens & Mole Building at B5B. They're on the wall under the Building Bellisseria slide show.

As at the date of writing, the stamps most issued at B5B are as shown below. The most collected stamp is – as you would expect – the event stamp itself. Huge kudos to those avis carrying SSiD Tablets issuing personal stamps who've made themselves maximally available to our collectors.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 19.23.40
Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 19.23.40
Finally the BBB's very own Robert Rhodan (#3 most popular stamp) has been busy writing more songs for B5B with his AI assistants. In addition to the one we published last week he's written another – in at least two different "cuts" – that was played to general acclaim by DJ Fu at the BBB's final B5B dance party last Thursday.

When it comes to role-playing bureaucrats, our staff are sometimes just too creative, fun and helpful to be realistic! But then the point of Second Life® is not to be a mere copy of Real Life, but to improve upon it! After all, SL bureaucrats can fly and teleport too – not to mention that (very much unlike their RL counterparts) they get prettier with the passing of the years as SL's graphics improve!

Photograph © AmandaT Tamatzui 2024


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.


Ansegeln: First Sail Earth Day


Ansegeln means the First Sail of the year, when boats return to sea after winter. The Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS) is doing just that today –April 20 – joining with the neighbouring Etopia Sustainable Communities to celebrate Earth Day 2024, which takes place on April 22nd.

Come sail with us on the Oikoumeni Sea connecting our two communities, starting from Locus Amoenus Harbour at 1:30pm SLT!

Join us when we return for the awesome beats of DJ Calli at the Magazzino, LA!


This week's calendar of B5B Events


Yuki's Bus Tour

Bellisseria 5th Anniversary Retro Bus Tour with Yukiko


Be sure to check the latest updates at Robert Rhodan's handy checklist page for personal stamps at B5B. The goalposts keep moving so you'll need to refresh that page if you want to "get them all". 

Kana's Hilltop Café is a small garage, shipping depot and café chill spot, which is home to DJ Kanalicious and friends. All are welcome to take a break, relax and catch up with friends or play some games. It's on Satori's Route 8 road and has a Novum Stargate.

Mindscape is another place to relax; this time among the log cabins of Bellisseria. You can have a meal, dance in the flower garden or just meditate. Inside the house there is a photo collection. There is a rez point for small boats on the nearby island and the Randelsham Forest community center is only a short voyage through beautiful scenery to the north from there. 

St. Aubrey Sud (GrandeSoeur Isle) is an independent part of the St. Aubrey (Du Sud Isle) airfield. It offers hangars for your aircraft in a detailed, impressive environment. We at The Gazette are always happy to see a nice café with our newsstand where customers can get our latest edition.

See above in Events & Announcements for details of the First Sail celebration in CDS for Earth Day. Earth day is on April 22nd but this event is today, April 20th. Take part in the sailing and collect your commemorative stamp.

Blogging Outpost, an existing permanent stamp location, has a new location in Sakurasseria and is celebrating 花見 (Hanami, which literally means flower viewing but usually refers only to the traditional cherry blossom viewing). Come celebrate Spring, view the blossoms and collect the special event stamp available from April 20th to May 31st. If you don't have the permanent stamp already, you'll find that one indoors. 

Kana's Hilltop Cafe ST BBB Stamp Locations 20 Apr 24.001 Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 08.07.57
Mindscape (Lakeside Landing) BE BBB Stamp Locations 20 Apr 24.002 Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 19.31.35
St. Aubrey Sud CA BBB Stamp Locations 20 Apr 24.003 Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 08.00.27

First Sail -- Earth Day 2024 CDS

Event April 20th

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Apr 24.004 Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 08.07.58

Hanami Festival (Spring) BE

Event from April 20th to May 31st

BBB Stamp Locations 20 Apr 24.005 Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 08.09.45

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A song for B5B | New BBB Promo Video | Events & Announcements | New Locations


Our BBB colleague Robert Rhodan loves to experiment with the latest technologies. He's created a techno-pop-electronic song devoted to Bellisseria's 5th birthday. He generated the lyrics using ChatGTP (a chatbot developed by OpenAI). After running various iterations and some personal input, he fed his lyrics into the Suno AI tool by Anthropic, which generates music.

Based on Robert's instructions about musical style, instruments to be used, the voice of the singer, the rhythm, etc., Suno generated a music clip of just over a minute. Robert reran, refined, cut and mixed clips to achieve the full five minute Bellisseria 5th Birthday song. Then he put together image clips to create this YouTube video. The lyrics are at the end.

The music has a happy uplifting techno beat and the AI-generated singer is female. For an experiment, the result is pretty stunning!

So, please enjoy it all you Bellisserians, Lindens, Moles, Hammies, bureaucrats and other residents featured in the clip! Let us know what you think. Let's all dance to our own song at the next B5B dance party!

The official release date of the song is 15th April – Bellisseria's actual birthday. Robert owns the copyright but is happy to license it free of charge for DJ's to play in Second Life® after that date. Here is the audio-only link to use.

Article, song and video by Robert Rhodan


We're happy to release our new promotional video, produced professionally by SL film-maker Jordan Rizzo. It's intended to show the full range of our activities, not just in Bellisseria where we were founded, but across the grid. We love it and we hope you do too. 

Special thanks to Jordan of course, and to all our BBBug members who answered the call to appear as extras in the Headquarters scenes.

Video © The Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy 2024


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.

The next BBB-sponsored party at B5B


BelliHeli Stamp Tour Ad Poster Full Perm
The second B5B Belli Heli tour is tomorrow. Here's your taxi to the helipad.


Reader submitted photo @ 100hm of cuteness


An anonymous reader sent in this photo taken at the BDS Party on April 9th at 2:30 PM SLT with the question "Who cloned the Hammies?"


Updated map of Bellisseria

ClaireM has sent in an updated version of her annotated map of Bellisseria. Enjoy!



Firstly, we have issued some new personal stamps on SSiD Tablets at B5B, so if you are trying to "get them all" be sure to check the latest updates at Robert Rhodan's handy checklist page

Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot! has issued a B5B stamp. This is now available in addition to the memorabilia stamps the group is offering at B5B from its past events.

SL Coast Guard Dive Training Center is Second Life's leading dive training facility. It boasts many instructors from around the world and uses a dive system that was created by an RL diver and the centre's current Commanding Officer, Lanny Elderberry. There is both a stamp terminal on land and one under the sea. They're both issuing the same stamp though, so you're just choosing whether to get it the easy way or the hard way!

Come enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of non-caloric cake in the Mad Hatter's Tea Room, and explore the whimsical Alice in Wonderland region. Be sure to visit the bar under the dock, through the boring brown door and take the teleporter pad up to the maze to try your luck.

Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot! @B5B BE

Event - B5B to 30th April

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 00.02.11
SL Coast Guard Dive Training Center SN BBB Stamp Locations 13 Apr 24.002 Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 08.04.42

Mad Hatter's Tea Room PE

BBB Stamp Locations 13 Apr 24.003 Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 08.08.53

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Belli Heli @ B5B | The Expanded Fairgrounds | Having more Stuff | Events & Announcements | New Locations


Would you like to have fun and collect five new/exclusive passport stamps at the same time? In that case, Belli Heli has the perfect trip for you!!! Belli Heli is celebrating Bellisseria’s Fifth Anniversary with a Helicopter Ride to collect Anniversary Passport Stamps. The tour will be offered twice: Sat April 6 (at 10 AM SLT) and Sunday April 14 (at 1 PM SLT).
BelliHeli Stamp Tour Ad Poster Full Perm
The first tour will leave today (April 6) at 10 AM SLT. Meet at the HeliPad and please try to be a few minutes early if possible.
Please be sure to click the sign next to the helipad before you board the helicopter. There is a slight chance that SL could bounce you from the helicopter at one of the region crossings. If this happens, the notecard gives you a LM to each destination, so you can TP there to rejoin the tour and collect the next stamp.
About the Tour:
The tour will visit five Bellisseria locations. Three of them have regular BBB Passport stamps, plus all five of them have a unique limited-edition Fifth Anniversary Belli Heli Tour stamp. The helicopters will fly low enough to see scenery over multiple themes. You may want to have your cameras ready, as some of the scenery will be particularly picture-worthy.
The tour should take somewhere between 75 and 90 minutes, depending on how prompt your tour mates are at getting their stamp and getting back on the helicopter.
About the Stamps:
There are total of eight stamps on this tour, but three of them are not new (and you could possibly already have them). Five of the stamps are brand new, and exclusive to the Bellisseria Fifth Anniversary celebration. These stamps will ONLY be available during the month of April 2024.
Self-Guided Tours:
Hopefully you can make one of the two tours, because the helicopter rides are a LOT of fun. But if your RL schedule prevents that, you can still collect all 5 exclusive stamps by going to the Helipad and clicking the sign for the tour information notecard. That notcard will give you the location where each helicopter lands so you can find/collect each stamp. The stamps will only be out through the end of April, so be sure to collect them before it is too late.
Tour organisation, article and photograph by Teresa Firelight.

We think that the temporary expansion of the Bellisseria Fairgrounds is a first for Second Life®. Normally, they're two regions. At the moment, they're four. Here's what they look like from the air - and on the world map. 
Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 07.09.11
Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 07.09.11

Am I the only person surprised that Linden Lab has not made more fuss about a significant recent upgrade? As announced on the SL community forums, as of 2nd April, the Lab has lowered mesh "Download Weight" by 15% for all of Second Life®! Since much of our content is made of mesh these days, anyone who owns or rents land will now have more Land Impact (LI) available.
Check out the land menu at your home and you may well find you have more space for furniture or landscaping than before. At your Editor's Bellisseria houseboat, it's enough for him to have a bigger boat rezzed out at his dock (or a second small one). At his homestead region art gallery, he has more than 300 extra prims available for new exhibits! Not many companies would make such a big improvement so quietly. The Lab said in the forums; 

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind residents that this allowance is being given for no charge and is intended to help offset any additional Land Impact spent on manually rezzed reflection probes and lights, and of course in anticipation of the upcoming Mirrors release.

How can you check if your objects have been affected by the change? Right-click on the object you want to inspect, then click Edit, then click the More info link to see the current Download Weight.

Article by Gazette Staff


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.


New Record High for Stamps Collected / 1000th v3.00 passport issued!

We at the BBB are so happy that you enjoy what we do. We're not a real bureaucracy and have no power or even influence in our virtual world. We're all volunteers, putting in time to entertain you. Our passports, drivers licences, vehicle registration plates etc. are entirely for your amusement.

On the 2nd April we passed the 60,000 mark for stamps collected on V3.00 passports. We'll never know the true total because for years we ran with a passport HUD that only recorded the stamps locally. This remarkable milestone was passed in an enormous rush, with 1,675 stamps being collected in one week, bringing us to a total of 61,659!


To top all this, we've just issued V3.00 passport #1000. The resident carrying this milestone document is Melany Morningstar Danelle. Congratulations Melany!


The BBB at B5B

The Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy (BBB), Parade of Homes and The Gazette are all represented at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds for B5B. Stop by, say hi and pick up the personal stamps of our staff! Watch out for others carrying SSiD tablets at the fairgrounds to collect their stamps too. Your editor is busy in RL at the moment, but will leave his avi in-world at the B5B Gazette office as much as he can so you can get his stamp. 

The Gazette office @ B5B

Here's your taxi


BBB Event @B5B

The party has hardly started yet! As we move into the second week of celebrations for Bellisseria's 5th Birthday, the BBB is happy to present two more great events at the B5B Bellisseria Fairgrounds. First DJ Jisoo will play Kpop for us. Secondly Belli's beloved Hamsters (so cute that the continent's official measure of cuteness is a scale of 1-100hm (hammiemetres) will be DJ'ing for us, followed by even more musical wonderment from DJ Dulcinea.

Come along and dance with us! We're more fun than real bureaucrats, honest!!



More personal stamps available at B5B

Some new personal stamps are available from SSiD (Single Stamp issuing Device) Tablets carried by Moles, Lindens, Bellisserian ambassadors and bureaucrats at B5B. They'll only be available this month so get collecting. The checklist of such stamps is here and will be updated if more are issued. If you don't know what SSiD Tablets look like, here's your editor and stamp designer Amanda in The Gazette office at B5B carrying theirs. 

Dave and Ameanda with B5B SSiD Tablets_001


How to check which B5B SSiD stamps you still haven't collected

Robert Rhodan of the BBB has made a special HUD for B5B that will show you, via a secure webpage available only to you, which personal B5B stamps you haven't collected yet.

Here's how to get and use it. 

Tool and video by Robert Rhodan


CDS Galleries Egg Hunt


The starting point for the hunt is the CDS Museum of Contemporary Art. Just touch the poster to the right of the reception desk there to get a notecard containing all the landmarks. At the same location, you'll find an event stamp for your Bellisseria, CDS, Tambalya, Mainland or SL Global Passports.
Enjoy the hunt!


Gianfar Peaks of Pern (a role play sim based on the Dragonriders of Pern series of books by Anne McCaffrey) are having their Spring Gather (party) tomorrow (7th April). All are welcome to join in. There will be dragons.

The nice folks at Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot! – a fun group  -  have come up with an interesting idea. As well as issuing a B5B event stamp (in preparation and to be released next week) they're also offering a second chance to collect their old event stamps you may have missed. They're calling them "Memorabilia Stamps". You don't often get chance to collect stamps from before you even got your passport! Thanks to Robert Rhodan for making the multi-stamp texture below, showing the five that are available. Click on it to enlarge so you can see what's available.

Teresa Firelight has organised a super "Belli Heli" tour during B5B. To collect the five new event stamps on the route you'll need to take part in the helicopter tour or (if the times don't suit you) do the self-guided version using the notecard available at the start point – the helipad at the B5B Fairgrounds. All the new stamps available are shown below, but the only location shown is the helipad. There are three other existing stamps to collect on the route, but you may of course already have those. These helicopter tours are great fun and very professionally organised. Take one if you can.

Next there's a new event stamp for the ongoing Galleries Egg Hunt Event in the CDS. Tour the CDS art galleries and collect eggs containing gifts at each location – as well as a stamp at the start. Also in the CDS, there will be a viewing of the Eclipse at the Monastery on April 8th. The event stamp for this may not be in place until the day but will remain available until 20th April.

Gianfar Spring Gather (Anne's Gather) PE

Event - 7th April

BBB Stamp Location Gianfar Spring Gather 2024 Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 09.46.41

Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot Memorabilia BE

Event - B5B to 30th April

BBB Stamp Location Bellisseria Bike  Drive and Scoot Memorablia B5B BBDS-Memorabilia

Heli Belli Tour Stamps BE

Tours during B5B (see article above for details)

BBB Stamp Location Heli Belli Tour B5B Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 10.16.24
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 10.16.24
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 10.16.24
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 10.16.24
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 10.16.24

CDS Galleries Egg Hunt CDS

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 19.54.12

Eclipse at CDS CDS

BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 23.21.59

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Bellisseria’s 5th Anniversary Celebration | Events & Announcements | New Locations


Bellisseria is turning five on 15th April 2024. It is a huge milestone and Bellisserians will be celebrating  in a big way. Celebrations start on Tuesday 2nd April at 10 AM SLT and will last for the rest of the month. The Bellisseria Fairgrounds/airport area is doubling in size from two regions to four; all packed with fun and interesting things. There is a carnival area with rides you can enjoy. There is also a small zoo, a game room, hot air balloon rides, bumper cars, bumper boats and even a bucking bull you can try to ride.

1- Bellisseria Carnival Rides
If you would like to learn more about Bellisseria community and entertainment, no problem, that is covered. There are exhibits from several Bellisseria groups -- such as our own BBB, Bellisseria Citizens, Belli Radio station, Bellisseria Events, Bellisseria Boat Parade and the “Bike Drive Scoot” group. In addition there are info-boards about thirty-six community groups and about sixteen Bellisseria entertainers.
If you want to see how it all started, there is a video about Bellisseria’s first Birthday Celebration. There is also a large collection of photos taken in Bellisseria by residents over the past five years, depicting many aspects of life here.
Gifts? Did I mention that there will be a LOT of gifts? They come from Second Life’s top creators, from Bellisseria residents and from exclusive guests. There are a few event-specific gifts on the centre tables with the anniversary logo, including a male and a female shirt, a unisex baseball cap, balloons, a Belli shorts & top set (female only).  In addition, there are some really nice gifts from about eighty creators, many of whom are very well known. Oh yeah, did I mention the Kittycats? They will be there too, with a special exclusive coat for the event.
2 - Bellisseria Party Area
If you like entertainment and fun activities, the celebration has you covered. There will be many dance parties with live singers and fabulous DJs. There will also be many amazing activities. In the first week there will be a bus tour, a ferry shuttle, a passport stamp collecting helicopter tour, a Crab Crawl Run (it’s a race). These are only the events for the first week!
There are many other activities scheduled for the month; most days have at least one event scheduled. Some days are packed with events. The busiest day is the actual birthday date of 15th April. On this day the schedule is full from 10 AM until 7 PM SLT.
If you are part of a family with children, there is a special event you wont want to miss. It is the “Family Day Out In The Park.” This is a play event for families with kids… both child avatars AND “prim” children (zooby, funsie, pixel baby). There are two play areas... one is for avatars and the other is loaded with zooby playsets. Rezzing will be open for the event at the park, but there are limits to how much each family can rez. This family event is on Tuesday 23rd April from 11 AM until 1 PM SLT.
3- Home Decorating Exhibition
Of course, Bellisseria is also about the Linden Homes. So, the celebration showcases twenty-eight resident-decorated homes. All twelve Bellisseria themes are represented, from the original Traditional Homes and Houseboats to the most recent Mediterraneans. These homes were decorated by eleven different residents, each of whom is known for landscaping and interior design skills. You can go inside, walk around the yards and hopefully pick up some ideas, tips or tricks to apply to your own home.
The fun part is that each designer has revealed their secrets. They've prepared a notecard for every home. It details everything they used  – furniture, décor, landscaping items, etc. They share what the item is and where they obtained it from. In some cases, they detail how they re-textured or otherwise modified an item to fit perfectly into their home.
I hope this article has tempted you to come to the celebration.
I would like to close with some thoughts from the event’s Planning Committee:
As residents, it has been a pleasure to not only participate in Bellisseria but live as part of the community. It is hard to believe that five years has already come and gone. We all remember when on April 15th a post showed up on the forums of Second Life announcing the release of the new linden homes. This unassuming announcement led to the largest home grab SL has ever seen. Thousands of residents went premium and in a night thousands of parcels on the new continent of Bellisseria were claimed. Almost immediately a vibrant community sprung from these Linden Homes and is still going strong, ever growing. This milestone event in April is a huge anniversary that we, the Bellisseria 5th Anniversary Planning Community, are working with Lindens & Moles, Bellisseria Residents, Groups, Entertainers, and Creators to give to all of SL an unforgettable four region, month-long event to celebrate. It has been our pleasure to do so and we look forward to seeing you all there.
The planning committee comprises Prudence Anton, Cian Wycliffe, Riot Hax, Kalia Anatine-Hax, Stephanie Gardner, Krys Calamity and Varistentia Varriale. We would like to thank everyone for all the hard work they have put in to stage this very special event.
Article and photographs by Teresa Firelight


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.



Here's your taxi to the main entrance. We can't give you SLURLs to specific locations now because the SL5B regions will be moved into place at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds for the event, so they would all change. There are schedules of activities and events available for each week. You can find them in the main events spaces.

Just click on the information board in-world to choose the week you want displayed.

And here's the official launch movie. Enjoy! 


Party with the BBB @ B5B

Please note, this is this week's BBB event at B5B. There will be more so watch this space in the coming weeks for details.



Ferry Service for B5B

Logo DRFS 01 ColorDR Ferry Services (DRFS) will offer a ferry shuttle service for Bellisseria's 5th birthday. It will operate on The Bellisseria Community Route (DRFS Route No. 33) every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from April 3-27, 2024.

DRFS Ferry Office - Snug Harbor_001
On these days, the ferry will depart from Campwich Forest ferry dock at 11:00 a.m. SLT, making stops in Puffin Head, Fairgrounds, BelliHub, Swordfish, Merrymount (Victorian Community Center), Rigamarole and Eyrie (Fantasy Regions). The total journey time is 60 minutes. The boats will depart from Eyrie back to Campwich Forest at 12:15 p.m. SLT.

Special tickets are available on board. Each passenger can also collect unique passport stamps at the docks along the route.

Dariah Raynier, CEO of DRFS told The Gazette;

We are happy to celebrate the 5th birthday of Bellisseria by contributing to the community. This will be our second large event contribution in SL after our ferry service during NatureCon 2022.

Cutie McPie, Chief Operation Officer, told us;

We love to “sail the grid” which is our operation slogan and will give our best service for all passengers

DRFS Ferry Office - Snug Harbor_001DRFS offers ferry services on 37 routes on all SL continents. Various tickets are issued on all routes and are popular collector items for travel enthusiasts. More than 600 passengers have been carried on 530 sailings since 2022. Information about DRFS and departures can be found on its website or at its offices in Millers Pond (BE)  and Lighthouse Point, Snug Harbor (BS). All ferry departures are announced in the SL groups Bellisseria Events, Geographic Explorer Group, Passengers of SL, Second Life Travelers prior to sailings.

Bellisseria 5th Birthday Ferry Service
All departures are subject to changes due to lag and weather conditions in the grid.

DR Ferry Services DRFS
48081 West Road | Millers Pond
BE Bellisseria


New vehicle for The Gazette

Watch out for our new press van, which can be seen out on journalistic assignments or newspaper deliveries around Bellisseria. Say hi if you see us! 

53615836525_8ce7922783_oOur thanks to our friend and sponsor Jules (jules.catlyn) of Surplus Motors for making this for us. 


Virtual Community Radio (VCR) is a music and feature internet radio station, aimed at communities in virtual worlds, notably Second Life®, as well as listeners on the wider internet. Many of us at the BBB are listeners and fans and we've been happy to feature on their "Where have you been?" show, which features places they've visited in Second Life®. 

Seanchai Library is an SL institution. It's among the oldest spoken word venues on the SL Grid, presenting stories, poetry, and music live since 2008.

Rollerz Entertainment Center features everything from Bowling, Roller Skating, Mini-Golf, Laser Tag, Go-Karts, Bingo, 24/7 Karaoke Bar and a huge 2-level game room featuring 40+ different table and group games. 

Morgantown is in Shark County, Heterocera and exudes the charm of a rural-suburban haven. Here, amidst rolling hills and verdant meadows, residents find solace in the tranquility of countryside living.

That brings us to the B5B-related stamps. As the entire event space has been built for relocation to the fairgrounds no SLURLs to them we publish today would work after the transfer. So please note that the SLURL for all stamp terminals at the event itself is to the landing spot at Whiskey Bay. You'll just have to hunt them down yourselves. Sorry! The pictures may give you a clue though. [Update: The SLURLs for the event stamp and the Bellisseria Citizens stamp have now been updated to the actual locations].

In addition to the stamps below, you'll be able to collect personal stamps at B5B from staff and others carrying SSiD (Single Stamp Issuing Devices) tablets. We're not going to list them all here but if you want a checklist of what's out there to collect, you can find it here. When you meet someone carrying an SSiD Tablet, just click on it and your stamp will be applied. Don't just click and run though! B5B is a party and it's always nice to chat.

Firstly, as it's Bellisseria's and the Bellisseria Citizens Group's 5th anniversary, we have a stamp to commemorate both. Then we have the main event stamp for B5B itself. 

DR Ferry Services are running a special service to the fairgrounds on a custom "birthday ferry" for the duration of B5B. You can collect event stamps at each place they dock (see below) as well as getting the ferry's own stamp by clicking on the captain's SSiD Tablet. We should warn you that - in keeping with its nautical mission - DRFS has supplied SLURLs for its dock locations that could involve you getting a bit wet. You might like to wear swimwear!

There will be more B5B event stamps than this so please watch this space for announcements as the event progresses. 

Virtual Community Radio PE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.001 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 20.07.21
Seanchai Library PE  BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.002 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 12.29.54
Rollerz Entertainment Center PE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.001 Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 09.25.39
Morgantown HE BBB Stamp Locations 1 v2.00.002 Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 09.27.34
Bellisseria and Bellisseria Citizens Group 5th Anniversary BE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.004 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 13.14.31
Bellisseria 5th Anniversary Event Stamp BE BBB Stamp Location Event Stamp @ B5B.001 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 14.05.57
DR Ferry Services Campwich BE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.005 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 14.54.00

DR Ferry Services Puffin Head BE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.006 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 15.03.41
DR Ferry Services Bellisseria Fairgrounds BE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.007 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 15.07.58
DR Ferry Services Bellihub BE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.008 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 15.09.34
DR Ferry Services Swordfish BE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.009 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 15.12.31
DR Ferry Services Victorian Community Centre BE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.010 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 15.20.27
DR Ferry Services Rigamarole BE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.011 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 15.28.02
DR Ferry Services Eyrie Fantasy Regions BE BBB Stamp Locations 30 Mar 24.012 Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 15.32.32

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"Let's Play!" was a Huge Success | Events & Announcements | New Locations


Let's Play! was a Relay for Life event held at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds from February 29th to March 10th. The theme was immediately evident in the build as there was a 30 metre Rubik's Cube, an equally tall Minecraft Castle and a humongous cardboard box with a stage made of legos, tinker toys and erector set girders on top. The Fairgrounds were filled with games of all kinds, from bowling to laser tag to card games and pictionary.

BelliHood Squares
BelliHood Squares
The build and design were done by Becca Ordinary who created all of the event's unique signature pieces herself in Blender. Becca told The Gazette;

The best part for me was when I would go over to the Fairgrounds between events and find a dozen people hanging out and playing games, that always made me really happy. People would bring their friends over to play Red Light, Green Light or go bowling, it was so much fun to see that.

The event had several large gatherings as well- The Lindens and Moles came out to play a fun game of BelliHood Squares and several performers such as Rapa Tone, Barbs, Liam Wakeman, Jenna Dirval and Maximillion Kleene brought droves of fans to the Fairgrounds.

As a fund raiser for Relay for Life, the event was very successful, raising over a million lindens in just ten days. Becca told us;

Between real life donations from team members and over $950,000 in-world lindens donated we made it to a million during Max Kleene's performance. It was really a special moment. The team has raised over $4,000 dollars for the American Cancer Society.

The Relay Team BelliforLife isn't done yet, we plan to keep working and raising money through small events and fun things we can do to get people involved. Our current goal is to get to a million lindens donated in-world, and we're really close to that now so we'll need another goal soon. We'd love to get more people involved, search for the group BelliforLife and help us help a great cause!

Congratulations to Becca and her team. What a fantastic outcome. You can see more photos on Flickr

Photos by Becca Ordinary


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.


Havna Harbor has a motel, biker bar and a small (display-only) "shopping plaza." MacRobi's is a welcoming hangout and blossoming community with shops, homes, games, a kids playground, a beach and more. Always wanted to visit Faerie? Bring your family to Awenia Faerie and visit a FaeryLand built for tourists, just like you! Please read all signs carefully and enjoy your visit to the wonderful world of Faerie. Studio59 in CDS is hosting a World Poetry Day event. The event stamp will be in place until 31 March. 

The Lure on Havna - Havna Harbor BS BBB Stamp Locations 23 Mar 24.001 Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 21.45.44
MacRobi's PE BBB Stamp Locations 23 Mar 24.002 Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 21.54.31
Awenia Faerie PE BBB Stamp Locations 23 Mar 24.003 Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 22.03.35

World Poetry Day CDS

21-31 Mar 2024

BBB Stamp Locations 23 Mar 24 Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 21.44.18

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Doctor Who in Second Life® | Events & Announcements | New Locations


Tardis Blue Box_001 2Doctor Who is a TV show, originally intended for children, which has been running on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)  in the UK since 1963 and internationally since 1964.  It's one of the longest-running sci fi shows in the world.

Since the early days of SL, its fans have been making the most wonderfully complicated 3D "fan art" in SL. The highest forms of this are the various versions of the show's iconic time-craft - the Tardis.

TARDIS stands for "Time and Relative Dimension(s) in Space" and is a vehicle built by the time lords of Planet Gallifrey, capable of traveling to anywhere in our universe's space and time. The show's hero – The Doctor - is a renegade time lord on the run from Gallifrey in a stolen, battered old Tardis. 

The original show's small budget prevented the building of an elaborate craft so the writers had to save money. They decided a TARDIS would be "dimensionally transcendent" – bigger on the inside than the outside. This meant it could land in a small form that didn't take up much space on set. That small form is controlled by a "chameleon circuit" so it can be disguised to fit into its surroundings. If it lands in Ancient Rome, it can take the form of a stone pillar for example. A door opens, and out steps the time lord.

To save even more money, the writers decided the chameleon circuit of the Doctor's own Tardis was broken. So it mostly continues to appear – as it first did in 1963 when that was a common object on the streets of Britain –  in the form of a blue police telephone box. That first box itself was a prop taken over from a long-running police show that ended around the time Doctor Who began. The name and design of the TARDIS is now so connected with the show that it's a registered trademark of the BBC, even though the box was originally designed by London's Metropolitan Police!

In SL, the various Tardis-makers have found clever ways to simulate dimensional transcendence. Typically, the "inside" of an SL Tardis is a sky box hidden somewhere on the time lord's land (or even temporarily in a sandbox). The scripting of the navigation system connects it to "exteriors" in rezzers around the grid. Time lords can set their rezzers to be public so that others can land their Tardis there. Two of the makers - Hands of Omega and Novatech - share a common database which allows their users to land in many locations created by users of both systems. There's a Tardis rezzer right outside The Gazette's office in Bellisseria, for example, where any of you who own an HOO or Novatech Tardis can land. There are many other locations in the Tardis navigation database – including all of Bellisseria's embassies – that offer stamps for your passport.

We have built a custom Tardis shape for the BBB, which you can use when landing at our locations. Watch out for that also at the forthcoming celebrations of Bellisseria's 5th birthday as the Moles have kindly allowed a rezzer to be placed in a public park there. 

It's so easy to flip from place to place in SL using teleports but we much prefer to travel by horse, bike, car, train, plane - or TARDIS.  It's not as quick, but it's much more fun – and you get to know SL's interesting geography. Why not give it a try?

Article & Photos by Gazette staff


If you have one of our stamp terminals and you're having an event or would like to make an announcement, just let us know and we'll be happy to feature it here. Please drop a notecard on the Editor, Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world or use the Email the Editor link in the sidebar to send us your information, posters and/or photos.


Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 23.08.53

In our 24th February edition we announced a new self-service tool for our Version 3 passports to allow easy modification of your name, address, sex, species and photo. We're pleased to announce that Robert Rhodan has now deployed a dispenser for the tool at BBB HQ and most embassies. Enjoy!



In this new video, AmandaT (Amanda Tomasoa in RL) talks about her life as an artist in RL and SL, and her future goals.


Everybody loves Ireland, so celebrate its national day at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds with Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot! It's strictly a one-day event so don't miss out on your (very green) souvenir stamp. 

BURN2 is the first sanctioned Burning Man regional in the virtual world. Burning Man is a celebration of fire, art and community and has had a presence in Second Life since its beginning. We've had stamps for Burn2 events before but now there's a stamp at its permanent home in the Deep Hole region. Unusually, the Burn2 people plan to replace the permanent stamp with event stamps so it will only be available when there's no event. 

Speaking of Burn2 events, here's the next one – also at Deep Hole – Burn2 Burnal Equinox: Hope Springs Eternal. It runs from March 22-24, so in the course of the next week you should be able to collect both the stamps.

Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot! St. Paddy's Day Event BE

Event: March 17th only

Event stamp will not be available until the day

BBB Stamp Locations 16 Mar 24.001 Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 08.07.49
Burn2 PE BBB Stamp Locations 16 Mar 24.003 Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 08.39.15

Burn2 Burnal Equinox: Hope Springs Eternal PE

Event: March 22-24

BBB Stamp Locations 16 Mar 24.004 Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 08.56.54

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