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Kat Kaos

I love the idea of doing this as a blog, Pru. Sunbscribed!


Thank you, Kat. I'm very excited about the new online blog and hope Bellisserians and future residents will find it useful, fun, and refreshing.

Boo Rojyo

Good luck with the new blog Pru!

AnnaLise Peccable

It looks great Pru!

Prudence Anton

Thank you, Boo! I appreciate the cheers. :)

Prudence Anton

Thank you so much, AnnaLise. :)


Well done, thou good and faithful servant of Bellisseria.


To my mentor, Fenella, thank you!

Analisa Mounier

This looks wonderful! Now I can know which ones to check out before I get in-world.

Prudence Anton

I'm glad you like the layout. I hope it inspires more people to get out and tour these open house Bellisseria homes.

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