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Aberfan is remembered 40 years on

Link: BBC NEWS | Wales | Aberfan is remembered 40 years on.

A tribunal found the National Coal Board was responsible for the disaster, but nobody was sacked or prosecuted.

Villagers campaigned vigorously for the tip to be removed, spurred on by findings from the tribunal of inquiry which said an underground stream beneath the tip had probably contributed to the tip moving.

The government eventually agreed, but the National Coal Board and the Treasury forced the villagers to contribute £150,000 from the disaster fund towards the removal costs.

The money was eventually repaid 30 years later at the instigation of the then Welsh Secretary Ron Davies, but without any interest payments.

Odd how there were no fiery attacks on the wicked employer who created this danger in the interests of "profit." No demands for corporate homicide charges. No heads to roll. No compensation to pay. Not when a Socialist State Enterprise was responsible.

Socialists. "Caring, but only in theory."