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The Devil's Kitchen: Falling at the first hurdle

Link: The Devil's Kitchen: Falling at the first hurdle.

"Councillor Terry falls at the first hurdle really, by proudly declaring "I'm a Socialist" which, as you may have gathered by now, equates—in the narrowed eyes of your humble Devil—to him announcing that, "I am a narrow-minded, vicious, jealousy-driven tosspot with all the critical faculties of a particularly moronic howler monkey".

The Devil's Kitchen; telling it like it is. God bless him.

Now I don't have DK's knack for le mot sauvage, but when someone says he's a Green and wants to "save the planet", that translates to me as:

"I am a puritanical killjoy with no concept of the scientific method and a burning desire to decimate my fellow-men so that the ugliest remnants of humanity can live the short, miserable, disease-ridden, brutal lives of medieval peasants in a spirit of smug self-satisfaction born of the sense that we have condemned billions of tediously aspirational humans to poverty or death"