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How we left the Church behind… « Birmingham University Conservative Forum

Link: How we left the Church behind… « Birmingham University Conservative Forum.

Out of curiosity I had a look at the Birmingham University Conservative Forum blog. BUCF is the successor to the University's Conservative Association of which, many moons ago, I was first secretary and then chairman.

I have found myself in an interesting debate with the BUCF's members which began with the "gay adoption" issue and is broadening into an interesting discussion of the role of law in dealing with discrimination and, indeed, as to what it means to be a Conservative today. It is clear that Labour has redrawn the boundaries of acceptable political thought and I am in danger of being served up as dinosaur stew.

Students have the advantage of more time on their hands to engage in such debate than chaps like me. If anyone wants to weigh in and lend a hand, I would appreciate it. I have foregone lunch several days in succession to engage in this interesting discussion. I fear it may have done more for my weight problem than the defence of classical liberalism.


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