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Give City's bonuses to the poor, urges Hain | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Link: Give City's bonuses to the poor, urges Hain | Uk News | News | Telegraph.

Who is this moron? I see he doesn't suggest that the peoples' heroes should give up their earnings. But he thinks the City's top flight, who generate much of the tax which feeds New Labour's wasteocracy, should hand over their bonuses.

The City of London is Britain's last centre of economic excellence. One square mile of the UK produces 2% of its GDP. Hain's proposal would (unless he intends to manacle these stars to their desks) move Europe's financial capital elsewhere. People with these talents can work in New York, Frankfurt or Tokyo as easily as in London.

If Hain is jealous, why doesn't he apply for a job? It's time he did something productive for his country. Prior to becoming a lifelong charge on the public purse, his only employment seems to have been "political research." So we can safely say that his personal contribution to the country's GDP is a large negative number. Perhaps he should donate his entirely unearned income to charity?


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I sincerely doubt that Peter Hain really believes this. I suspect that he looking to his future career in the Labour Party by appealing to the party's "class war" left. Once elected to Deputy Leader or whatever position he hopes to obtain he will moderate his views or at least not implement them. The surprise is not that he should utter such views but that each generation of young left wingers should keep falling for the same marketing trick.

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