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Welshcakes Limoncello

Sadly, due to the education system as it now is, most of them probably don't know who Nelson was. I think all that has happened since their release is more telling about the state of all media now than it is about their characters, though.

Ben There

Now that those seamen and marines are safe, it is time to make some changes. Fire some admirals and the minister who made those moronic nonsmoking comments, institute and publicize "fire at will whenever seen fit" rules of engagement, wipe those damn smiles off the faces of the former abductees, and get them back into uniform ASAP. What military organization would allow a sailor to return to her country wearing a babushka? How utterly exasperating.

The Navy needs to show that they are not afraid to spoil the paint job on their cannon.


There were two or three of the men .... marines I think .... who looked very unhappy at the "press conference." They were frowning and turning their heads away.

I doubt they`ll be selling their story to the News Of The World.

Surreptitious Evil

Indeed. There are a couple of people hiding at the back too. Gray suit at our far left & guy just to right of centre looking hard to his right.




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