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The Devil's Kitchen: A Second Life

A visit from the Devil we know

Today we were honoured with a visit in Second Life from DK of the Devil's Kitchen. Despite claiming to have teleported directly to us on first arrival, he had - as you can see - done a pretty good job of setting up a suitably demonic avatar. What a stark contrast to the "boy next door" looks chosen by the ThunderDragon.

Dkatvenue2ThunderdragonDk_atvenueHe spent some time with Theo Spark, ThunderDragonIan Grey (Delicolor) and myself. After taking the tour of my estate, visiting the Awards Ceremony venue and crashing one of my airships (note my captain's hat in the picture with DK), we adjourned to the local pub in SL to pass some time with my neighbours.

Today, I got the good news that Welshcakes is coming, my psychological ploy having paid off. Now we await the news about Ellee (you have to see the airship named after you, surely Ellee?) and, of course, Liz.

My nervousness that too many would see this as a silly idea is now abating. I am wondering whether to build a bigger venue - or just park an airship next door to serve as the bar...