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Preparations still continue for July 1st...
I am confused....

Get ready to dance.

Disco_002Disco_001_2The dance floor is now set up by the bar in the ballroom of the Air Liner "Limoncello". Blogpower members are welcome to join me here in the half hour before the ceremony on July 1st for a bracer or two before the big day. All guests are welcome to head back to the bar when the presentations are over. A teleport link will be provided direct from the Awards venue.

I don't dance in RL, but in Second Life you use dance balls like the one in the picture to animate your avatar. So I can dance as well as anyone else.

Look forward to seeing you all there.


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Welshcakes Limoncello

Well, I was in despair but "Limoncello" airline has cheered me up! Tom, I just can't do it! I don't even know how to send an IM, I can't get into "Orientation Island" and I can't even begin to make my avatar look like a woman, not a girl! I think Katherine Hepburn said in a film she was "one holy mess of a girl" - well, that's me, in SL!

john miller

umm just to point out the obvious - not many people give a toss about about how my level 70 paladin is performing in WoW...

Ian Grey

"as well as everyone else"

I've seen you doing it. I think the word you were grasping for was "badly"!

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