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Get ready to dance.

Preparations still continue for July 1st...

Limoncello_001Several Blogpower members are now regular visitors to our awards venue in Second Life. I am missing a lot of sleep chatting to them because of time differences, but it's fun. Welshcakes has run into technical difficulties, but we are hoping that Ian Appleby at Imagined Community will be able to help her out.

Continuing the tradition of naming my collection of boats, planes and airships in Second Life after the women of the Blogpower cooperative, here is the latest vessel, a 124 metre long airship cruise liner, the Limoncello. She currently floats majestically above my land at an altitude of 700 metres.

Bar_001Let's hope Ian can help Welshcakes see her namesake. I have built a bar in her ballroom for after the ceremony and hope to see you all there for a beer. Here's a picture of that, with me wearing one of the tuxedos I have distributed to our male Blogpowerers so that they can try to live up the the efforts being made by the women.

I must remember to lock the controls of the airship first though. Blogpower members have already crashed the SS Ruthie and the Lady Ellee, and sunk the Lovely Liz in their enthusiasm to "have a go" in this virtual world.