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'Scotland exempt from flag plan'

Link: 'Scotland exempt from flag plan'.

GeorgHow, precisely, does Gordon Brown hope to perpetuate the Union by encouraging the flying of the Union Flag from English public buildings, while the Saltire flies from those in Scotland? Let us have some of the equality of which Gordon professes to be so fond. Let the Cross of St George fly from the drone-shops of England daily, reserving the Union Flag for the 18 special days when the Scots will condescend to fly it.


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Colin Campbell

Those bloody Scots. They just want to have it both ways. I think the previous commenters suggestion is reasonable.


Let the Union Jack fly from British departments - e.g. the Treasury - and St George from English ones - e.g. DoH. In Scotland, the Saltire could fly from Scottish departments and the Union Jack from British ones - e.g. the excisemen's offices.

P.S Don't bother to tell me that you prefer "Union Flag" to "Union Jack". P.P.S. I'm still wondering whether the MoD should just fly the Stars and Stripes. And spell itself "Defense".

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