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Link: Outrage at 500,000 DNA database mistakes - Telegraph.

"Outrage" is one of those headline words rarely used in ordinary life. I can't say I am "outraged" by yet another example of the incompetence of the British State. To be outraged, or even disappointed, I would have to have some expectation of quality. Nothing in my experience of dealing with it (which is as limited as I could possibly contrive) has given me any such expectation.

I do not understand why, faced with any problem, the British knee-jerk reaction is to call on the State to fix it. The State's solution is almost always worse than the problem itself.

To look on the positive side, given that our countrymen seem determined to give all their freedoms away, the heroic incompetence of the State is our best hope of a life undisturbed. Like so many of the older people in the former Communist countries I have lived in for the past 15 years, we shall have to learn the art of living a free life in the cracks of a totalitarian society.