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Blogpower Common Room

Link: Blogpower: Blogpower Common Room.

BcrI have made available a meeting place in Second Life for members of Blogpower. Just click this link to be taken to a page which will (if you are a "resident" of Second Life) open your software and take you straight to the room. It's on one deck of a spaceship above my land. Please feel free to visit at any time and arrange to meet other members there. I look forward to seeing you.


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Tom Paine

I will "friend" you and deal with your group membership request when next I get to SL, JMB. To get to the BP Common Room (or BCR) in future, just make a landmark from the "World" menu in SL while you are standing there. There is a Star Trek type teleporter in the room which you can operate by clicking it. It will take you to various other places in my virtual domaains and you can get back from any of those places by selecting "BCR" from the teleport menu.

I ran into Ian Grey (Delicolor) last night when I popped in to build a trophy cabinet. I thought people who won Blogpower Awards last year but have nowhere to keep their virtual trophy might find that useful!


Hi Tom,

I did get to the BP Common Room after downloading the updated version of SL and changing to 32 bit colour. I tried to enroll in the BP group but it did not seem to be open to membership that I could see. I sent you a friend request. I am JMB Balogh. I certainly don't have much of a clue there. If I go to SL directly how do I get to the common room? I had to go to DTB and click from there. I'm afraid I am rather inexperienced in SL.

Tom Paine

Another thing that's changed in Second Life since last year's Blogpower Awards ceremony is that you can now communicate naturally by talking to each other, rather than by typing text. You just need a microphone/earphones. I find the built in microphone on my MacBook works just fine, provided that I put in earphones to stop the sound feeding back. If we have the awards ceremony again, this will add a whole new dimension!

Tom Paine

You are welcome JMB. If you haven't been to Second Life for a while, you probably need to download the latest software. Once you have it working on your computer,clicking on the "teleport now" link in the SLURL page (to which my post links) should offer you the teleport "in world". If you click it when Second Life is not running, it will open the software with the address of the Blogpower Common Room loaded so that you will go straight there when you connect. I have tested it several times and it works fine. Failing that, IM me and I will sent you a landmark.


Sorry, I forgot to say thank you for doing this for us, Tom. I hope it wasn't too much trouble and I do hope the members will use it, even though it is a bit intimidating for some, well I certainly found it so.


Well I can't seem to make it work. When I click on the link to take me there it demands that I do things in the control panel making change to the 32 bit colour thing, whatever that means. The message is confusing to say the least. I never had to worry about it before when going to SL although it's a long time since I've been there. I'll have to check on this a little more.

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