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This man should be fired. Immediately. And then he should be barred from any public employment of any kind in this country. How dare he speak to a free man in the way that he did? Are there any policemen reading this who are prepared to justify his conduct? I would be fascinated to hear their point of view. Sadly, his attitude is all too typical of public servants in Britain today.

h/t Old Holborn


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Old Holborn

You could always join me for a walk

Obnoxio The Clown

@SDH: Are you sure that the police are better? I'm not. Click here for more thought provocation.


Police Officers swear an oath of allegiance to The Queen. These bastards swear an oath of allegiance to the government. Now that is fucking frightening.

Bendy Girl

That's deeply disturbing. However like others have mentioned they are PCSO's not police officers an important distinction.
Ooop north our PCSO's are far too busy engaged in the art of doing nothing but removing alcohol from over 18's to ban picture taking.


He's not a policeman, he's a PCSO and it's an important distinction. Not to excuse his bullying or ignorance, but PCSOs are given 6 weeks training and then sent out on the streets to do a job that the police used to do, which is why muppets like this are out there.

I would agree though that many police do not know the law regarding people's right to film in a public place. That said, the public are also unaware that if they film crimes being committed or the police making an arrest etc, the police are entitled to seize their phone as evidence. Bizarre.

James Halifax

Blimey! They're recruiting Community Support Officers from North Korea now, are they?

All over YouTube and similar sites you can find videos of people in Britain being harassed by police for filming in a public place, always with the implicit threat of arrest if they do not comply.

Either the police officers don't know the law themselves or they are hoping that ordinary citizens don't know their rights and will be intimidated by menacing questions. I don't know which one frightens me more.

Obnoxio The Clown

The guy making the video is bearded and Asian.

Enough said.

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