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Leben der Anderen, Das (2006).

I have not commented here (though I did at his blog) on the arrogance and ignorance of Glasgow South MP, Tom Harris. Please go to his site and read his post about the copy of 1984 he received a few days too soon. Further comment from me is superfluous. If you require commentary, there is plenty to be found already

If, by chance, the visitor who followed the link from my comment at his blog was Mr Harris himself, may I suggest he also follows this link to the IMDB entry for the superb film Mrs Paine and I have just watched? We have lived in the post-Communist East for 16 years. We have friends who grew up under regimes that I hope Mr Harris would not now deny were police states (though many in his Party denied it heartily at the time). I fear the time will come when Mr Harris's capacity for denial is tested in Britain. Watching the film may help him to prepare. It may also help him understand why the constituent he so derided on his blog felt he should re-read Orwell's masterpiece.


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