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The Convention for Modern Liberty

Why? :: Modern Liberty.

Across Britain, on 28th February 2009, a convention organised by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, openDemocracy, No2ID, Liberty and (implausibly, I know) the Guardian, will bring as many people together to see what common ground can be reached in defence of our freedoms. Finding common ground on liberty with Guardianistas will be interesting. It will ask three broad questions:
  • Are our freedoms and rights threatened by an over-powerful state and if so how do we defend ourselves from this?
  • Are dangers to our security from terrorism and other threats, from climate change to pandemics being used to attack our rights, and how can we best defend ourselves?
  • How can we arouse sustained public interest?
This is an excellent initiative, and well-timed. The government has had the field to itself for far too long. I plan to try to attend the event in London. I urge as many of you as possible to do likewise and hope to see you there.


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I think so, certainly. I guess they are the price of the Guardian's participation. B^)


Thanks for that. I look forward to hearing you speak. I am aware of the Tom Paine celebrations and I am hoping to go along.

Roger Thornhill

Just be careful not to get sucked into sitting down and talking with Statists. They will make you compromise while they give away nothing of value (for your compromises mean theirs are but trifles).

This is good, though.


It's not only Guardianistas Tom, I'm speaking.

While I'm here I'll draw your attention to this celebration in my home town


Thanks for the link Tom - you sum it up well. It's time for people from across the political spectrum to put differences aside and take a stand in defence of hard-won freedoms. I hope you can make the event in London. Cheers!

Guy Aitchison

Andrew Duffin

The first two are rhetorical questions, surely?

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