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The car that started it all

As a teenager, I was taken for a hair-raising ride by the kind of relative every teenager should have; one with a Ferrari. Resting at home this bank holiday, it occurred to me that there was probably a film of a Dino "in flight" on the internet. Here it is. "Mine" was a restrained, beautiful blue but she looks good in red too. I shall never forget hurtling feet-first through the lanes of Berkshire. My whole adult life was ahead of me and there was so much to strive for.

Amid all the crusty, puritanical talk of what cars "cost" the planet, let's not forget their power as motivators. That long-ago day, I realised I was going to need to work harder than I had ever previously imagined. Thank you, Ferrari, for all my family's comforts.

PS: According to a certain logic, by posting this happy memory today I have approved every reported evil I have not condemned. I shall hang my head in guilt. Not.


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