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Pot hole luck

Half of drivers crash or have a near miss swerving to avoid potholes, survey finds - Telegraph.

Vittoria1 ....and some of us have had a tyre so shredded by one as to be incapable of repair by the "gunk" kit provided instead of a spare tyre. I am happy to report that Vittoria still looks wonderful, even on the back of a recovery truck.

Fortunately, I was only a couple of miles from my destination after a long and exhilarating drive. I came to a safe stop just outside a pub, where I had a cheering pint of Guinness while waiting for the truck. And I was only 15 miles from a rare-as-hens-teeth Maserati dealership where she will be sorted in time for me to drive to London on Wednesday evening, as planned.

The loss of 45 minutes from my life and the cost of a new dancing pump (and "gunk" kit) for Vittoria is not too bad. All in all, a very lucky "failure to proceed." But what a sad indictment of a supposedly rich country that, after decade+ orgy of public spending, the roads of Surrey are now so tyre-shreddingly bad.