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Some things this authoritarian government did NOT make criminal
Depression, or forgiveness?

It ends here

For every promise broken, for every lie told, for every soldier sent to war ill-equipped, for every child's future blighted by Marxist educational dogma, for every pound seized and squandered and - most of all - for every freedom lost, Labour must pay tomorrow with its political life.

If we have self-respect as a nation, we must not dodge this choice. Voting for someone who will decide for us later whether David Cameron or Gordon Brown should be Head of Government is cowardice.

If you have a Libertarian candidate to vote for, go ahead with pride. Start us on the long path to a real change that can restore the nation. For the rest of you alas only the Conservatives - flawed as they are - can end this.


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And then the troubles really begin - Greece has started, Spain will be next.

Young Mr. Brown

Yes, it's a damning indictment of Labour.

But no mention of Habeas Corpus? No mention of detention without trial? No mention of the continuing erosion of freedom of speech and freedom of association?

Whoever (er, ahem) made this video clearly isn't worried about what are for me, the most worrying aspects of New Labour's legacy.

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