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Limoncello News – Edition 7

The Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy consists of nice people who role-play being bureaucrats. They'll issue a driving licence you don't need or a passport no-one will ever ask to see. It takes all sorts, right? If you have a collector's mindset though (and we do, duh) the passports are fun. You can tour the grid to collect stamps for them. Places don't have to be in Bellisseria to issue stamps, but only Bellisserians can hold the passports to collect them.

The BBB Passport Stamp terminal aboard the Airship "Amaretto"

You can collect four stamps around our galleries. The first is from the Main Gallery in Bellisseria and we like it so much that (with the BBB's permission) we use it as our logo. The second is from our old Airship "Limoncello", where the gallery first began in 2007 and from which it takes its name. The third is from her sister ship the "Amaretto" and the newest is from the LG Tower. 

Gallery Stamps Image

If you live in Bellisseria, head over to the BBB to apply for a passport and collect them.


SLURLs to our current special exhibitions by Ronda Saunders, Eylinea Seabird, Cate Infinity and Kisma Reidling are in the sidebar or you can TP to them from any of our directory boards. 

Roni Revisited - A Ronda Saunders Retrospective from the collection of Jo Balogh
Eylinea Seabird Poster
Poster for Eylinea's exhibition


Following last week's report on the teleports to move around our exhibits, we now have new inter-sim versions of our directory boards. They make it even easier. Accept the "experience" once and you can move to an exhibition, whichever region it's in. Click the name of where you want to be and whoosh you are there! The new boards will replace all previous teleports, leaving more prims to exhibit art. We hope you like them.

Click, whoosh, you're there

For now, we have kept the door-style teleports in the Main Gallery and between the two airships, but they are primmy so will likely be sacrificed to make way for more art in future. Speaking of which...


This week, we've added "Circles and birds", by Jaz (jessamine2108) to our collection.

New acquisitions 25 Feb 2021

At the excellent exhibition at the Janus I Gallery reviewed here by Inara Pey, Dave also bought two pieces by Kraven Klees. They are "Acoustic" and "Lady in Hat". All three now hang on the Fifth Floor of the LG Tower. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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