Limoncello News – Edition 7

Limoncello News – Edition 6

As you see, we have brought the Limoncello News to the web! From now on we will send you a link to the latest edition, rather than an SL notecard. We can now include photos, graphics, web links and SLURLs that you don't need to cut and paste. You can comment here, bookmark the site and subscribe to its feed. We hope it will improve our communications with you – the gallery's patrons, artists and supporters. Please let us know what you think in the comments.

Dancing at the opening of "To infinity and beyond"
Dave, before the opening party started

The party for Cate Infinity's exhibition opening last Friday was excellent. Many of you came to see the show, meet the artist and dance to the music of DJ  Zoe Jimenez. Zoe made interesting comments about how art is displayed in Second Life. Hovering cursors over artworks to see the title and the artist's name is perhaps not an obvious thing to do – particularly for new SL'ers. So for Cate's exhibition, we tried the kind of signage used in RL galleries. Thanks, Zoe, for the thoughtful suggestions.

Even if you missed the party (shame on you!) it's not too late to see the art. We love both Cate's "old school" SL images and her new, more sophisticated work. We think you will too so please stop by the 3rd Floor of the LG Tower to take a look.

We are big fans of the Janus Gallery and were delighted to see that Jewell has started a gallery newsletter just like ours. With her kind permission, we've sent our subscribers a complimentary copy of the historic first issue. We recommend you head over there and subscribe to her mailing list to get future issues. Janus is a huge gallery with wonderful collections and is always staging great exhibitions and events.

One of our artists, libbberamente, told us of her difficulties navigating the gallery. She's quite new to SL and, for example, only discovered the LG Tower by falling out of one of our airships and landing on its roof! So we have installed classic SL teleporters at the arrival point of each gallery location. The first time you use them to move between regions you will need to accept the "experience". After that they will remember you and work immediately each time. We hope this makes it easier to find the hundreds of items in our collection.

We also installed directory boards like those you find in real life shopping malls. One of these will teleport you to the art on loan from SL collectors Sisi Biedermann, Owl Dragonash and JMB Balogh. The other will take you to our mainland Special Exhibitions. These directories don't yet work across regions, though the maker is working on that for us. To reach the special exhibition room in Bellisseria, please use the teleporter, an LM or the SLURL in the sidebar to this site  

libbberamente has also posted some excellent photos of our gallery on her blog. Finally, and this has nothing to do with art (though the Slenderman takes a mean photo) you may be amused to see this picture from "Slenderman Sightings" on the SL Community pages. It was posted after Dave joked that Slenderman looked just as he'd always imagined his tax inspector!

Bellisseria Slenderman has the ability to take on his victim's worst fears!!! Bellisseria Slenderman AUDITS Dave's taxes... It did not go very well for Dave!


Eylinea Seabird's amazing art installation "In my Mood"

Our current special exhibitions in progress are "Roni Revisited" at the Jishnu Room, "In my Mood" by Eylinea Seabird in our 3D installation space, "To infinity and beyond" by Cate Infinity and "Abstracts" by Kisma Reidling. The last two are on the 3rd and 5th floors respectively of the LG Tower.


"Wavelengths #1", by Johannes Huntsman of Kultivate Magazine fame and "Show Them", by Suzen JueL now hang on the 5th Floor of the LG Tower. "Riding into the Pandemic", a collage by Sandi Peterson now hangs on the 4th Floor. When you stop by, please click on them. Every piece of art in our mainland galleries will give a notecard with more information. Just click either on the artwork itself or on the nearby "click for info" sign. In the main gallery in Bellisseria, our catalogue (which you can get from the "Welcome" board near the arrival point) will guide you around the exhibits in order. The catalogue is worth having anyway as it lists ALL of our art – and is searchable. We update it every time we add to the collection, so remember to click on the "Welcome" boards regularly to get the latest edition. 

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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